WarCom Genesis MOD APK 1.1.3 (Unlimited Money)

WarCom Genesis MOD APK 1.1.3 (Unlimited Money)

Triniti Interactive Studios Limited Unlimited Money

WarCom Genesis is a recent FPS game with excellent graphics and gameplay. The theme of firearms is always glamorous and noble. The square characters and warm-toned desert street fighting environment are very humane. Because the operation of the game is a headache, we are sharing a changed version of unlimited gold coins and diamonds on the site as the MOD APK Version. Let us illustrate why WarCom Genesis is one of the most adventurous games of the war theme.

Although the operation method has some flaws, it is still a shooting game that is worth playing. Triniti Interactive has produced boutique games such as the Mini Heroes series and Little Legend-Berserker. Their games are more anime style. Although the new shooting game WarCom Genesis still follows the Q version, there is a certain gap with the super shooting masterpiece produced by Glu. The overall effect is also remarkable.

In the game, resources all over the world are in short supply. And the demand for resources from all countries is unprecedented. Therefore, wars in various places are also constant, and local skirmishes are endless. WarCom Genesis has such a team that is always performing various dangerous tasks called Team HellHawks.

The game has a refreshing shooting feel and a dazzling screen of special effects. The game offers realistic scenes, rich enemy numbers and AI mode, super-rich collection elements, and a gorgeous UI interface.

General Information

WarCom Genesis is a third-person shooter game newly developed by the developer, Triniti Interactive. When you see this developer, you know that the characters in the game must be a cartoon. And the game is free. There will be in-app purchases. The quality of the game is also very secure. The game will not have too much plot to pursue a pure sense of refreshment. And it is also very popular in the App Store.

WarCom: Genesis is one of the strongest works of Triniti Interactive by just looking at the gameplay. Although the game is no longer a tofu blockhead, it still has a very obvious remark. The character polygons are tiny, but it will not feel rough. The professional expression of the characters is also in place. Although the pictures are not stunning, they are just right and not shoddy.

The main gameplay of the game is to keep killing enemies like shooting from the main perspective just like a counter-strike hitting a BOT robot. There will be no plot. They brush the enemies up in waves. The performance of the battle is not bad. Gameloft’s similar games are incomparable, but the control is good. This game is not a game that gives you a movie version.

There is nothing special about the operation. It is still the usual shooting game control. In the beginning, we only had one profession. All other professions need to be purchased. The money given in the game is only enough to buy a sniper. By spending money to play Triniti Interactive’s games, you must have a consumer concept or it will be painful to play. Although this game has a novel game format, it consumes too much content and has no plot.

How to Play WarCom Genesis?

WarCom Genesis is the story of the global bloody melee caused by the lack of global resources. It divides the entire world into three factions. The protagonist of the player belongs to the elite war corps called WarCom. This shooting game will not have too many breakthroughs in the story. It always focuses on a few types. We should be thankful that this is not for everyone to come and fight zombies again.

Judging from Triniti’s past works, they often choose 3D visual effects, but they bias the characters and painting style towards the Q version. The character modeling effect in the game is not ideal. And we can distinguish the rough production at a glance. Fortunately, the background picture has regained a city. Whether it is the light or the delicate texture, it reflects a good production level, making the battle scene look like that. The music is dominated by mysterious music, which sets off the atmosphere of the game. The shooting sound effects are also beyond the standard.

WarCom Genesis is a standard first-person shooter game that uses the more popular dual joystick operation. The virtual joystick on the left controls the character’s position and the virtual key on the right controls the shooting. Swipe left and right to switch the angle of view. Then slide to change weapons. The common location map and scope of shooting games are all available. Judging from these configurations, the developers are trying to make this game closer to hardcore shooting styles.

From the experience, whether it is the joystick operation of the position or the practicality of the scope, these details have made the quality higher than the other products. Also, it includes the standard features of shooting games such as headshots and close combat. Although it is decent in the standard equipment of shooting games, the expressiveness of the characters is not genuine enough. For example, the characters always appear awkward when running.

And when many characters appear in the close-range fierce battle, the position of the characters looks very unpleasant. The enemy’s head will pass through your body. Therefore, the long-range shooting makes the game appear more realistic, and the close-range shooting scene is not very flattering. If your operation is still bad, it will be more uncomfortable to play.

Overall Assessments

Triniti’s game picture quality has always been not the point, and this game is no exception. The 3D picture and the TPS over-the-shoulder viewpoint make the shooting field wider. Besides, there seem to be only a few scenes in the game, and they are not open. The route is relatively fixed, which seems to be a lack of sincerity.

The operation of the game is a typical TPS. They present many current popular shooting games from this perspective. The operation feels relatively good. The character movement and perspective conversion are relatively smooth, at least more reliable than the previous similar work of Preemptive Strike. The shooting feel and sound of different weapons in the game have subtle differences. However, after playing in-depth, you find that the shooting damage judgment is not very reasonable. And sometimes, the enemy is still alive with headshots.

The enemy’s AI is also chaotic. When we are smart, we will attack in a roundabout way. When we are stupid, we walked in front of him but could not shoot. The operation is straightforward. And the lack of popularity is slightly mediocre.

Final Words

The game provides a variety of combat missions, including survival in a limited time, plundering materials, limiting the number of kills, and so on. This setting makes the content of the game more fully. Also, the game props are abundant, and there are over 100 kinds of weapons and equipment for players to choose from in the game store.

As a Q version of the shooting game, WarCom Genesis MOD APK has done a wonderful job in the standardization of genre works, smooth shooting feel, and rich combat tasks. Although there are also problems with screen flaws and the smoothness of characters’ movements, this game is still a mobile shooting game worth playing.

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