SWAT and Zombies MOD APK 2.2.2 (Free Shopping)

SWAT and Zombies MOD APK 2.2.2 (Free Shopping)

November 3, 2020


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Zombie is a character that has inspired many directors to create famous movies. SWAT and Zombies were also inspired by the zombies. There are a lot of zombies that are invading your base. You need to have many right strategies to destroyed them. The game has authentic defense elements. Experience SWAT and Zombies and prevent the horde of zombies.

Your S.W.A.T team

SWAT and Zombies is one of the game that was published and developed by Manodio Co., Ltd – a company is based in Republic of Korean and has been active in the developing mobile game field for 18 years. The game is just supported on Android Operating System. You can download free on Google Play. The game just supports for single player. But you can meet and fight with the different S.W.A.T teams in Arena mode. This mode allows you to choose both the weapons and zombies for a match.

The S.W.A.T team with the nice and petite soldiers will take you to the anime world of the tiny people. Although the soldiers are petite, they have a detailed design with many equipment. Form helmet, breast plate to gloves, shoes, belt and the weapons. Graphic of the game is pretty. Animation designs make zombies be cuter. In addition, soundtrack is exciting with real shots and explosions. Besides, sound of the zombies brings a feeling of fear when a battle start. The things will help the game to attract the player more.

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Fierce battles with different places

In SWAT and Zombies, you will face the fierce battles. You will be killed or kill the zombies. It’s the battles for your survival and mankind’s survival. The players have to command the S.W.A.T team (Special Weapons and Tactics) and arrange the position of SWAT soldiers. In a level, you’ll choose the weapons that are used the battle. The result of the battle depends on your choice. You will lose if you choose the wrong weapons, and vice versa. In addition, the second half of the battle is more stressful when the number of zombies increases. The player has to destroy all zombies by shooting all guns, using baton, bomb and many different ways. The quantity of zombies also increases in the battle through each small level of stage mode. But the quantity of soldiers is also increased, you shouldn’t worry. When you destroy a zombie,
you will receive money. This amount of money is used to buy more the SWAT soldiers.

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After each level, you will receive coins and stars. The player can use the stars to exchange the coins. But the coins are used to upgrade the weapons. You can also increase the defense and attack index for the soldiers thank to those coins. In the battle, you can receive boxes that contain the coins or the new weapons. They help you to earn the coins without using the stars. And you also can buy the boxes in box storage. Besides, to level up, the player need to collect a certain quantity of stars. You will give the reward, if you overcome the level.

Stage Mode is the first mode that you play. This mode has 3 small modes: Day, Night, Nightmare. And there are many different places in each small mode. These places can be hometown, street, mart, factory, … Let’s find out them.

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Game features

In the new version, the publisher provided a big and diverse weapon system for the player. There are 50 different types of weapon so that you collect. Revolver, rifle, electric gun, baton, bomb, mine and so on. They need you to discover. You can also improve your FPS skills with them. But there are still the different weapons that are much stronger in ultimate weapon system. The player just needs to drag their finger on the screen to target the zombies. FPS sniper mechanics will take you to the battles that you can kill the zombies yourself.

The zombies game can’t lack the bizarre zombies such as skateboarding, bowling, spear – wielding, fat, pink – wearing and even dog zombies. Each character has the own strong points and weak points. For example, pretty zombies (pink –wearing) are quick and attack twice per hit, but they are weak against melee weapons. Worker zombies are different, they has a lot of health. For this zombie, you should use shields. The dog zombies can run and jump over a SWAT member. You have to face them.

Besides, the different modes in the game will be challenge to the players and have specific requirements to unlock. Arena Mode requires Iron Box. But Infinite Mode needs Wooden Box. Hell Mode is the difficult mode. But Hell Mode Stages will stimulate your fight will. To overcome the level, you need to upgrade your weapons. And you also have to own good skill and strategies. But with Infinite Mode, you will eliminate endless zombies. This is an opportunity of challenging the world ranking table. A chase for the lead position is always fascinating and dramatic.

Moreover, SWAT and Zombies has supported a few languages for the player. These are English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, French, Russian, German. You can change them in Setting of the game.

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The strategy and entertainment

A topic is no longer new, but SWAT and Zombies MOD APK still attracts over 11 million players in the world. Join and command the S.W.A.T team. Kill all the zombies and protect your base. The game is both tactical and entertaining element. SWAT and Zombies not only improve your thinking skill and agility but also bring relaxing movements for you. Furthermore, the diverse weapon system with many upgrade levels help the game to become interesting and satisfy the players that are looking for the diversity of the game. With nice graphic and vivid sound, SWAT and Zombies is very suitable for people with different ages. The character was designed small from the soldiers to the zombies. Moreover, you can play anywhere because the game doesn’t need to connect the Internet. SWAT and Zombies will make you enjoy fighting
and building a combat formation.

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