American Dad! Apocalypse Soon 1.18.0 APK

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon 1.18.0 APK

April 27, 2021

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Fans of the famous cartoon series American Dad will find themselves having a lot of fun in the latest adventure of the Smith family. Join Stan, his family, and friends in their exciting journey in Apocalypse Soon. Discover the fun and addictive gameplay as well as stories from the original writers of the series. Experience a lot of refreshing features as we take a look at the game with our reviews.


In this adventure, gamers will be playing as our favorite Stan the CIA agent. The game begins as the world was suddenly attacked by the alien forces whose technologies and powers have overwhelmed us. Langley’s Fall is now under the control of the alien and your family has been held hostage along with many of your friends.

It’s your job as the main character to survive the alien’s hunt and try to survive the hardship. Start by turning the Smith resident into a hidden shelter where all the survivors gather. Complete missions to bring back your beloved family and friends.

Construct your underground shelters and research new technologies to deal with that of the enemies. Build up new facilities and create a whole army of cloned Rogers to have them battle against the aliens. Produce all the essential resources that’re required for your survival and development. Upgrade your defense to protect your base from enemies’ attacks.

It’s time to construct the greatest underground shelter in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls

To introduces gamers to their new game, American Dad! Apocalypse Soon features intuitive tutorials that you’ll find quite easy to understand. Plus, the simple and optimized touch controls will save you a lot of hassles.

Discover a whole new journey

For the first time, fans of American Dad will have the chances to discover the whole new world with a lot of refreshing gameplay. Immerse yourself into the American Dad universe and discover a whole new story. Find yourself playing through the vast level systems, travel to different locations, and engage in exciting combats with the aliens. It’s about time that you “Stan” up and be the hero.

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Enjoy the exciting stories written by the original cast

In addition, with American Dad! Apocalypse Soon players will also be introduced to humorous writings that come from the original writers of the famous TV show. Find yourself enjoying the exhilarating narratives that can only be found on this series. Laugh your heart out with the amazing jokes and oddly satisfying dialogues.

Discover multiple customizing options

For the first time, gamers can have the entire game under their controls. That being said, you can do anything you want with your characters in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. Dress them up in new clothes, give them new accessories, and even equip modern weapons on them.

In addition, you’re also free to perform any customizations on your shelters. Customize the rooms in varied themes and give your whole base a new feeling with new decorations. Change the purposes of every room by setting up new furniture and so on. The choices are always yours to make.

Fight the aliens in exciting turn-based battles

And to deal with the nasty aliens who invaded your town, you must also build up an army of your own. Using the stolen technologies from the aliens, you’re now able to create your own Roger armies. Equip them with ridiculous weapons and equipment. Participate in exciting and epic turn-based battles to sent the evil aliens back to their home.

Customize your team compositions with different units and characters from all classes. Choose the right gears and accessories to equip them. Vary your tactics in order to achieve victory against the stupid aliens.

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Create your ultimate base

With American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, you’ll have the chance to create your own underground shelters with epic technologies. Create an ultimate base with all kinds of different rooms that serve multiple purposes. Have your characters entertained in the play room, sleep in their bedroom, and even dump their wastes. Research new technologies and produce new resources so that you can turn the Smith resident to the utopia for the people of Langley’s Fall.

Explore the vast and addictive offline campaign

Gamers in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon can find themselves discovering the vast world that surround Langley’s Fall. Take on varied missions and challenges that would take you across the town. Enjoy an exciting and in-depth PvE campaign where you’ll become the hero that save the world and free your people from the oppressive aliens.

Take the competition online

For those who’re confident in their skills and abilities, the game also features the online gameplay where you can compete with online gamers from all over the world. Challenge the toughest opponents in exciting PvP battles. Join the Arena or compete in the leaderboard and show them who’s the best in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. Plus, you’ll also receive awesome prizes for winning. So what’re you waiting for.

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Free to play

And last but not least, gamers of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon can have their favorite game installed on their mobile devices without having to pay anything, which is quite tempting. And even though it still has some in-app purchases, you won’t find those bothering thanks to the rewarding prizes that the game offer. Hence, if you stay active enough, you can totally win against the paid gamers.

Visual and sound quality


By featuring the familiar art styles compared to the cartoon series, American Dad! Apocalypse Soon can easily attracts fans of the series to play this new game. In addition, the simple graphics requirements also make the game a lot more accessible for mobile gamers. In other words, you can easily have the game playable on your devices even when you’re using a low-end Android phone.


Fans of the American Dad series will find themselves listening to the famous tunes from the original series, listen to the voiced dialogues from the original casts, and so on. It’s like your favorite characters in American Dad have just stepped out of their cartoon.

Download American Dad! Apocalypse Soon latest 1.18.0 Android APK

The game is definitely a relaxing and fun title to have on your mobile phone. Plus, it’s completely free to play, so we don’t see any reason to refuse having it installed on your devices.

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