Apex Legends Mobile APK 1.3.672.556

Apex Legends Mobile APK 1.3.672.556


Follow the success of Titanfall 1 and 2, it surprises many fans that they wouldn’t release the third installment of the franchise. Instead, EA has launched a battle royale version of the game which continues their stories at the same universe.

Although some of the fans are not happy about this, the majority of them immediately fall in love with this game as it becomes their favorite battle royale game apart from PUBG. However, up until recent days, the game is only available on PC and consoles which makes smartphone users a little bit disappointed.

But don’t worry if you’re looking to play this game on your smartphone as EA has just released their first version of Apex Legends for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. You are now total able to play your favorite game on your smartphone devices for an enhanced portable gaming experience. Find out all about the game with our review.


After the events happened in the previous games, the battlefield between the IMC and the resistant army become a wasted land. Hence, no one would want to gain control of those lands, thus the war goes to an end. However, those who survive must find another destination for their kin to settle.

And fate has brought our legends to the Frontier worlds where they meet again at the Outlands. Both sides send their squads of scouts to investigate and explore the areas to look for valuable goods. Thus, conflict is inevitable.

Form your squad of 3 legends to fight with others in this strategic Battle Royale game to see who’re the final team standing.


Although the game is based on the world-famous game of PUBG, Apex Legend has its own elements of excitement. Here are the awesome features that you would definitely love:

Different legends with unique sets of skills

It’s not like with PUBG where all you can rely on is yourself, in Apex legend, players must play in groups since the mechanics don’t allow for solo games. That being said, you’ll have 3 different players in every team, each with their own traits and roles in the battle.

You’ll have the medic to heal and resurrect your teammates, the trapper that lure the enemies into their dead, the tanker for taking damages, the scout for gathering information as well as vision, and there are also many more legends with different roles.

Since each legend has a unique set of skills and ability, you and your teammates must make a good use of their combined power to gain the advantages. Explore the different meta and strategies to come up with the best team composition for you and your friends.

Strategic Battle Royale gameplay

In Apex Legends, you’re required to make quick thinking to gain the initial advantages and seize important capture points for your team. In additions, you must learn to master to skills and abilities of certain legends to be able to execute different strategies in different situations.

And most importantly, players must learn to work with their teammates and stay connected during a fight. With up to 60 players in a single map, things could get pretty wild, pretty quick.

Innovative battle system

With an innovated battle system, Apex Legends brings us many new features that are not available in any other battle royale game. This changes the gameplay drastically, making every match a lot more challenging and entertaining at the same time.

That being said, you’ll be able to resurrect your dead partner using certain equipment and items. This makes a huge difference as you can immediate balance the odds with your approaching enemy teams. On top of that, the communication has always been improved with the Smart Comms that help you communicate with your teammates without having to say a word

For those who’re eager to join the battle or wanting to support their teammates from a distance, you can use the Jumpmaster deployments to sent you to the battle immediately. Moreover, you can make use of your large collection of different items and weapons to bring changes to the battlefield.

Regular season updates

With regular seasons updates, gamers are guaranteed with consistent support from the developer to enhance their overall experiences. That being said, the gameplay and mechanics would be improved in the future. You’ll also gain access to new features and legends every once in a while to make the game remains exciting. And most importantly, new maps with new elements will be available for you to discover.

Free to play

And the best thing with Apex Legends mobile is that the game would be completely free of charge. Hence, players from all around the world would have access to the game as long as they have a capable Android device.


The game features realistic graphics with incredible visual effects. The weapons, characters, and costumes are carefully designed with great levels of detail. On top of that, you’ll also have access to massive maps with a lot of realistic interactions. General speaking, you won’t likely to find a game with better graphics than this one.

However, this also makes the game a little more demanding on old devices. You would probably have to reduce the images quality to be able to play the game smoothly.


The gunfights, weapon crashes, and explosions are greatly depicted with dynamic sound effects. You’ll immediately feel like you’re surrounded in the intense battlefield of Apex Legends within seconds in the game. Make sure you’re well prepared to not become overwhelmed.

In additions, the voiced characters make each and every dialogue in the game extremely realistic and captivating. It’s like you’re a true part of their story.

Final thoughts

With incredible gameplay, realistic physics and mechanics, you are guaranteed to have valuable experiences on Apex Legends. Let’s take up arms and join your teammates in this awesome Battle Royale game.

Download Apex Legends Mobile latest 1.3.672.546 Android APK

You can install Apex Legends Mobile on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and Apkdone.com, respectively. Just download Apex Legends Mobile APK on Apkdone and install it. The game does come with optional in-app purchases and some usual ads, but they wouldn’t have too many effects on your gaming experiences. Plus, you can purchase other items later in the game too.

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Thank you for not scamming me, and the game is so fun on mobile, good work guys.

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Verification not working wont let me play on my j7star

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