Eclipse Isle

Eclipse Isle

September 15, 2021


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Find yourself tired with the endless FPS gameplay with the recent Battle Royale games? Expecting something new rather than just another PUBG Mobile game on your Android devices? With Eclipse Isle, gamers will have their chances to experience a completely refreshing and unique Battle Royale game like never before.

Fight for your own survival in a deserted island that’s facing a constant erosion due to the extended solar eclipse. The only way out is to become the last one standing in this massive multiplayer battle with up to 60 gamers.

Experience the unique anime and RPG gameplay as you roam the island, looking for resources. Collect ores, craft your weapons, upgrade your belongings, and defeat anyone that stand on your way. With multiple weapons and characters, you can pick up varied fighting styles and approaches to the game.

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The game takes place on a small isle which is getting erosion due to the solar eclipse. You’ll choose between different characters, each having their own unique powers and abilities. Explore the isle and collect the grand ores to have yourself new weapons, gears, and accessories.

Fight against the enemies and win against them to keep on your journey as well as collecting incredible loots. Level up your characters to improve their stats and unlock new abilities. Make uses of the strategic elements to strike your opponents at the right time and get the best result.

In addition, you’ll find the world in Eclipse Isle extremely responsive with many interactive elements. This allows for multiple tactics and approaches that you could select. Hide inside a box or crate and wait for a chance to strike. Or set up your own traps and lure your opponents inside. You’ll find the combats in Eclipse Isle extremely addictive.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Beautifully designed characters with unique powers and abilities

To start with Eclipse Isle introduces gamers to a whole different world with anime-style characters and environments. Here, you’ll participate in completely unique Battle Royale games that you’ve never experience before.

Master your heroes, make good uses of their unique and powerful abilities to survive through the Trial. The game features dozens of different heroes, each having their own fight styles that you could approach. Choose the ones that fit you the most and lead them to victories.

With a dynamic environment that comes with four different seasons, Eclipse Isle looks like a forgotten paradise.

Immerse yourself into the addictive and thrilling combats

The game comes with a relatively new combat system which was inspired by the traditional third-person RPG games. Find yourself fighting against your opponents in thrilling and exciting combats. Unleash your unique and powerful skills toward the enemies to take them down.

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You’ll find yourself moving relatively easy during combats. The game also features multiple skills and attacks that you could use while combating. The key is to time your attacks and skill perfectly in order to get the best result. With clever decisions, you can easily turn the tide of a battle and earn yourself a deserved victory.

Make uses of the strategic aspects to win the game

Unlike other games, gamers in Eclipse Isle will find their surrounding environments extremely interactive. To the point that you can even make uses of the objects to create awesome tactics. Exploit the Isle to have yourself significant advantages over the enemies.

That being said, you’ll find yourself completely free to do anything in this Battle Royale game. Collect items and equipment, create camouflages to disguise yourself into the environment. Explore the stealth fighting style, wait for the perfect time to strike your opponents.

In addition, you can even make uses of the tracking and cooking skills to hunt down enemies, make uses of their raw ingredients, and so on.

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Equip yourself with multiple items

And to give your characters advantages over the other, like any other Battle Royale games, it’s important that you equip them with powerful items and buffs. That being said, Eclipse Isle features hundreds of different types of supplies that you could collect along your journey.

Fight the enemies using different types of weapons and equipment. Choose between a variety of choices and come up with the most suitable fighting styles for your own. Challenge your opponents in melee combat using your swords and shields. Take them down from afar with your ranged weapons.

The game even allows you hop on your favorite mount and ride out to look for your fortune.

Different game modes to enjoy

The game currently features different game modes that Android gamers could spend time to enjoy. That being said, if you prefer to spend your time alone, you can participate in the solo battles where you’ll fight for your own survival. However, you can also enjoy the game in team battles where you’ll lead your squad to the victory.

Make uses of each member’s abilities to help the team gain advantages over the others. And finally, those who wish to have their skills tested could join the online ranked battles and compete with the world best Eclipse Isle players in a true survival contest.

Dress up your heroes in awesome costumes

Gamers in Eclipse Isle can also dress up their characters with awesome skins and costumes that would surely make them look better in front of other online gamers. Pick your favorite clothes, gears, accessories and feel free to customize your characters to how you want.

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Dozens of bountiful rewards for the active gamers

To make the game even more interesting, players in Eclipse Isle will find themselves being rewarded with bountiful loots and prizes without having to spend your money on the in-app purchases. That being said, you just need to be relatively active and complete the challenges that are given to you to collect awesome prizes.

Free to play

That’s right, Eclipse Isle is currently free to play for Android users to enjoy whenever you want. Just download and install the game from Google Play Store to start immersing yourself into this amazing world. Participate in epic and exciting Battle Royale gameplay with online gamers from all over the world.

Visual and sound quality


As mentioned, Eclipse Isle features the beautiful and unique anime-style 3D graphics that would bewitch any anime fans. Find yourself completely lost in this immersive world and play as beautiful anime characters.

Enjoy epic battles with powerful and impactful visual effects, unleash epic skills and spells toward your enemies. Explore the interactive environment where every single grass has its own spirit.


The game features peaceful soundtracks that you’ll definitely find relaxing and soothing. On top of that, as the battle emerges, you’ll find yourself experiencing a completely different tempo, which is more straightforward and powerful. All in all, the immersive sound effects will make you feel like you’re actually caught in the game.

How To Install Eclipse Isle APK with OBB Data File

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.netease.eclipseisle. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.netease.eclipseisle folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Eclipse Isle latest Android APK

Those who’re looking for a refreshing Battle Royale experience will definitely find themselves enjoying this game. With addictive battles and rewarding gameplay, Eclipse Isle is undoubtedly a promising title.

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