Arcade Hunter MOD APK 1.15.4 (Without Advertising)

Arcade Hunter MOD APK 1.15.4 (Without Advertising)

September 9, 2021


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Arcade Hunter is an RPG game based on the bounty hunting and running concept. The players need to move to various spaces to combat different types of creatures. Getting published by ONESOFT, the Mod version here allows you to be immortal so that the foes can’t strike you. Better than thought, there are tons of things awaiting you to explore, from unique weapons to epic battles with bosses.

Most arcade games are quite popular for mobile gamers not only due to its enticing but also easy gameplay mechanics. In such games, you get to own special weapons and skill combinations to survive in any fight. If you’re passionate about arcade games, then this one is the right option for you!

General information

As its name suggests, Arcade Hunter enables the players to control one character that can assault through several stages. You encounter a great abundance of monsters and powerful bosses, so be careful and smart enough to keep your character alive. No doubt, the difficulty level rises with the number of monsters at each stage, and the gamers must upgrade their skills at the same time.

Arcade Hunter is developed by ONESOFT that has more than 500 thousand downloads in Google Play. In the epic game, it’s compulsory to hunt through a bunch of dungeons where many creatures are living and then gain your rewards for each challenge. Can you do it well? Go and try it yourself.

Would you choose to play alone or with your friends in multiplayer mode? You can experience badass battles with terrible monsters and tough bosses in different places. Let’s take control of your bravest heroes to win against the enemies by utilizing your accumulated weapons, armors, and many handy items gained during the adventure.

Bear in mind that to get a good result in every fight, it’s necessary to enable a set of skills before combining them to inflict heavy damage on the rivals. Start your bounty hunting professional from now on and exploring the greatest treasure of humanity hidden in the game, especially in the world of chaos. You have to learn how to use your sword, gun, and magic altogether to be the master hunter.

Arcade Hunter is free to download and play, so don’t hesitate to be a part of the forces with millions of hunters out there and raid through the hideous demons in an action-packed world. Don’t miss discovering the gorgeous environments surrounding you through various chapters. You’ll face challenging bosses with the most devastating powers than ever.

With addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and archery game style, the game deserves high attention from every generation. What you’ll love it are certainly the couple of heroes available in the game to purchase with gems. Don’t worry since these gems can get obtained easily on the way, so it doesn’t take too long for gamers to accumulate.

After a few times playing Arcade Hunter, it’s facile to spot a great improvement in the game, particularly with the cards. Besides, reaching Hero level is probably a welcome gesture if you’re curious about it. Some players would be happier if the Mythic weapons are easier to make or the availability of legendary weapons of the Treasure chests increases.

Overall assessments

It’s super fun to play Arcade Hunter among several games of the genre, and we’re sure that you can’t resist but spend hours for it. The gameplay feels fluid and the graphics look nice, so you can look forward to at least weeks of enjoyment. It probably reminds you of the old school arcade games. But be careful because the bosses are so tough that you have to combine epic skills and equipment to knock them down.

However, some players complain about the way to get ahead in game. You’re obliged to spend money if you want the game to get easier, especially when you level up. Besides, good items will be a bit hard to collect by only watching ads, or simply waiting for any free treasure box. They even get stuck on level 14 for a few weeks.

In other words, it’s bad if you can’t gain better equipment for tougher stages coming up. Not everyone can afford to purchase valuable items later on. In case you choose to go full free-to-play mode, you still can enjoy a big part of the game, so it’s up to you. Also, a few gamers find it a bit costly to gain ATK and HP at the same time, and it will be great if they’ve got a way to fuse items for power-up.

Apart from those difficulties, the overall game is smooth and worth a try. Most upgrades are satisfying; and sure enough, the hitboxes are amazing. Everything about Arcade Hunter is outstanding, particularly when you have fewer bugs and can experience cards, a brand new addition of the game.


Trust me or not, what you love the most about Arcade Hunter is its addictive gameplay. It requires gamers to raid through dungeons so that they can find and assault monsters for hunting gold. Like other role-playing games, the gameplay here is pretty simple because you only need to go to different places to do your hunting job.

Try to utilize unique skills and special weapons during the battles. Don’t forget to evade the enemies when it’s necessary so that you can get away from Shinigami. Most boss battles own the increasing difficulty once you move to the next levels. Therefore, it’s recommended to have skills upgraded before you face stronger enemies.

Let’s combine all skills so that you get to fight more powerful foes in various dungeons. With these abilities, the players will kill their opponents with ease. Besides, remember to unlock more badass weapons to overcome the strongest rivals. Better than that, in Arcade Hunter, you have a chance to unlock heroes with incredible superpower and epic fighting styles. Just go and find out more by yourself!

Not surprisingly, the more levels you tackle, the more gold you’ll gain and the more heroes you can have. Keep assaulting through dungeons to meet your target! Before every battle, it’s compulsory to explore more crazy weapons, armors, and rings – then your hunting job has never been boring.

In an arcade game, the controls are very easy. You just need to move your character by using the virtual pad right at the core of the game display. After that, the character will strike the enemies automatically once you pause. To preserve your HP bar, evade the shots of your rivals.


At first sight, it’s easy to see how the entire graphic content is created on a standing level. Though Arcade Hunter might only enable the players to view the whole game from the top, it owns undeniably gorgeous graphics. From the animation, special effects to other related elements, they’re all well-designed.

The game will drive users into the world of chaos and combats, where you must determine what you want to do. Kick-off your own way and fight to become the strongest warrior. Don’t hesitate to pass the tests the developers prepared for you, and keep fighting for the pleasure of each battle.

Final words

Begin your journey through the extraordinary world in Arcard Hunter right away! Let’s engage in different combats against tons of monsters, and discover mining resources as well as invaluable artifacts. Don’t miss learning new skills for your heroes and pump up their skills to create the strongest characters in all fights.

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