Avocation Habit Tracker MOD APK 1.5.6 (Unlocked)

Avocation Habit Tracker MOD APK 1.5.6 (Unlocked)

Mindvoll Unlocked

For those of you who’re struggling with your habit-building journey, it’s going to be a lot easier if you get some help from a few interesting habit tracker apps. But if that’s still not enough, how about some unique and interesting habit tracking experiences from Avocation Habit Tracker? Surely, you won’t want to miss your opportunities to really dive into the experiences and make the most out of your efforts. And at the same time, also find yourself having fun with your habit-building journey.

With the cheerful visual impression and many interesting features for you to make uses of, Avocation Habit Tracker will allow Android users in Avocation Habit Tracker to fully immerse themselves in their habit-building experiences. Feel free to create yourself a to-do list with those habits that you wish to include in your habit builder, and attempt to strive for perfection with those exciting in-app experiences.

Find out more about the exciting mobile app with our complete reviews of Avocation Habit Tracker.

What does it do?

Like many other habit building applications, Avocation Habit Tracker is created to assist you in your journey to perfection. As a result, you’ll find the interesting mobile app having multiple features, which should come in handy whenever you need to form a new habit. Here, you can find yourself completely relaxed and encouraged to take on your next challenges and improve your habit-building journeys with healthy and beneficial habits.

Have fun engaging yourself in the stress-free, progressive, and extremely effective experiences with any of your selected habits. And to do that, Avocation Habit Tracker has introduced its unique habit-building concept with the habits being displayed as visualized circles with interesting icons, while the overall journey will take the role of a baby plant.

Here, you’ll need to complete your habits to fill up the water bottles. This will be used to water the baby plant and guarantee that it can grow into a strong and independent tree. So make sure that you spend time working on your habit and fill up the water bottle each day. As a result, the visualized experiences certainly make Avocation Habit Tracker a lot more engaging and exciting.


For those of you who’re interested in the exciting mobile app of Avocation Habit Tracker, you can easily have it installed and running on your mobile devices for free. Here on the Google Play Store, it’s quite easy for you to pick it up and enjoy the majority of Avocation Habit Tracker’s features with ease. However, since there are still ads and in-app purchases, you can’t enjoy the fully-featured application of Avocation Habit Tracker without paying for it.

Also, to make sure that the app can function properly on your mobile devices, you should update it to the latest firmware version, preferably Android 5.0 and up. And at the same time, to make sure that you can enjoy the fully-featured application of Avocation Habit Tracker on your mobile devices, you’ll need to provide it with all the required features and functions.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Enjoy planning your day ahead with Avocation

To start with, for those of you who’re in need of a proper plan to tackle your habit-building challenges, Avocation Habit Tracker will introduce its interesting feature of visualized habit circles. Here, you can easily set up your habits with intuitive and interesting circles, which are a lot more intuitive and interesting than the boring text headlines.

Feel free to customize your habits with various icons, colors, routines, and reminders. And also, if you happen to forget to put in your icons or title, the automated warnings in Avocation Habit Tracker will make sure that you are reminded. And lastly, the app also offers its religious habits for any of you who’re a follower or any religious beliefs.

All of which should be enough to improve your in-app experiences and making it a lot easier for you to build your habits.

Keep a complete tracking of your progress

And to make sure that you’re totally engaged in your habit-building experiences, Avocation Habit Tracker does offer its intuitive tracking and statistic option, which can be used to see your complete progression and intuitive statistic on your weekly or monthly experiences.

Feel free to complete your simple and intuitive habit-building challenge as you progress by filling up the water bottle every day. And even if you forget to access the app to finish your reports, it’s totally possible for Android users in Avocation Habit Tracker to go back and make their certain marks on finished habits of the yesterday.

Just make sure that you’re being completely honest and your habit tracker should feature accurate statistic and truthful assessments on your progression.

Grow your baby plant and advance in your journeys

Also, to keep you engaged in their habit-building journeys in Avocation Habit Tracker, the exciting mobile app also offer its intuitive plant growing experiences. Here, you can enjoy growing your baby avocado plant into a massive one. However, the plants will need water if it’s to grow, and your collected water bottle each day will be crucial in the process. So make sure that you don’t let your baby plant down by failing to complete certain tasks. This overall setting should make the interesting mobile app of Avocation Habit Tracker a lot more fun and engaging.

Learn many valuable and enjoyable lessons

Along with the habit-building challenges, Avocation Habit Tracker now offers Android users a complete collection of short and enjoyable lessons, which they can enjoy to the fullest. Here, the awesome mobile app does have its approachable knowledge, which surrounds the sciences behind habit building experiences. Here, you can learn to analyze and prioritize your goals, get on your right mindset, and effectively change yourself. The awesome mobile application of Avocation Habit Tracker will certainly be helpful during the process.

Enjoy the added language option for Spanish users

Also, for our Spanish users, you can now enjoy the exciting mobile application of Avocation Habit Tracker with added Spanish translation. Now, you can further enjoy your exciting habit-building challenges in your own preferred languages, which is absolutely amazing. And for other users from different language backgrounds, you should be ready for new localizations from Avocation Habit Tracker as it won’t stop in just two languages.

Use it without having the Internet available

For those of you who’re interested in the exciting mobile application of Avocation Habit Tracker, you can now enjoy the app without having to connect to the Internet. Here, you can make uses of all the available features in the app whenever and wherever you want. Your offline assistant should be able to easily guide you through the process.

Enjoy the modified app on our website

Also, to make the interesting mobile application of Avocation Habit Tracker more interesting, we also offer the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, which you can pick up for free. All it takes is for you to download and install the Avocation Habit Tracker Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Final verdicts

To make sure that you’re confident in your habit-building experiences, Android users can now enjoy their excellent tracker app of Avocation Habit Tracker, which offers a variety of different features and functions for you to enjoy. With the unique and interesting experiences of visualized habits with an engaging storyline, you will find the habit-building journeys a lot more fun and exciting.

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