FLIP - Focus Timer for Study MOD APK 1.22.21 (Premium)

FLIP - Focus Timer for Study MOD APK 1.22.21 (Premium)

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For those of you who’re having a hard time trying to focus on their studies, you can make full uses of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study to improve your study experiences with the app. Here, you can easily access the mobile application and make full uses of its features to allow you to further focus on your studies. Learn to manage your time as well as to control your phone addictions in FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, which is considerably one of the best productivity apps for mobile users, aside from the famous Flipd.

Feel free to discover many interesting features in the app, which will allow you fully focus your attentions in the lesion, instead of many other distractions that you might have along the way. Have fun joining other mobile users in their ultimate quests to remove distractions and get the most out of their studies. Get motivated to start learning whenever you needed, and more.

Find out more about this awesome mobile application of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study with our complete reviews.

What does it do?

The app was designed to assist students and officers to engage themselves in whichever tasks that they’re working on instead of getting sidetracked by their phones. And this is exactly what you’ll get by using FLIP – Focus Timer for Study. The awesome mobile application will make it possible for Android users to get rid of all the distractions from any of their mobile apps, by simply putting your phone upside down. Hence, the name FLIP is absolutely understandable.

Throughout your productive uses of the awesome mobile application, Android users can find themselves picking up multiple features and functions that could come in handy. Feel free to improve your focus level and the ability to manage time with FLIP – Focus Timer for Study. Keep track of your progress by measuring your focused time throughout the day and get your own reports to further calculate your improvements.


For those of you who’re interested in this awesome mobile application of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, you can immediately have the app installed on your Android devices without having to pay for anything. However, since the app does have ads and in-app purchases, you’ll need to unlock all of those with real money if you wish to further enjoy the mobile application.

In addition, since it’ll meddle quite a lot on your phone’s operations to make sure that certain apps are blocked and inactivated during your time of the FLIP, mobile users will need to provide the app with many required access permissions.

And at the same time, make sure that you’re running FLIP – Focus Timer for Study on your firmware version 4.4 or above. This will allow the mobile app to fully function on your Android devices, without running into any compatibility issues.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and intuitive flip timer

To start with, Android users in FLIP – Focus Timer for Study will find themselves immediately making uses of the accessible flip timer. All it takes is for you to select your focus sessions and flip down the phone to enable the time measurement. This will isolate you from all the possible distractions from your mobile devices, allowing you to completely focus on your studies. The accurate time measurements will make sure that you can get the best results from using FLIP – Focus Timer for Study.

Measure and improve your focus level

And throughout the in-app experiences, FLIP – Focus Timer for Study will also calculate your focus level throughout each study session. This would help the app to measure its level of focus, allowing students to re-evaluate their performances and prepare for certain changes that’re needed. Feel free to make uses of the app to consider your current level of focus and allow you to improve.

Make uses of the mini-window feature

And to make sure that you won’t get disturbed by other applications while you’re using your phone for the dictionary and watching your video lessons, Android users can enjoy their study time with the mini-window feature. Here, you can easily access the in-app features and keep in touch with other FLIP students without having to exit the app.

Set your timeline for the entire day

To start your learning experiences, Android users in FLIP – Focus Timer for Study can also set their timeline for the entire day, which consist of all the goals that you need to complete and studies that require your attention. Feel free to set up the goals in chronological orders and enable the timetable for all your measured goals. The app will constantly track your progress throughout the day and automatically send you a report on any related matter. As a result, you’ll certainly find the mobile app extremely useful.

Get your reports in FLIP

And speaking of which, with FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, Android users can easily get their daily reports, which cover all the related details on your studies. Get the complete statistics on how you actually performed during the day and have access to the most intuitive reports whenever you need them. And most importantly, the reports will be recorded on your mobile devices, making it a lot easier for you to check the weekly and monthly study time.

Share your progress on social networks

To make sure that you can enjoy your social study experiences to the fullest, FLIP – Focus Timer for Study now offers the ability to share its studies and your progress on many SNS. Feel free to get your study timeline and timetable on many selected periods of time and on any of your preferred social media channels with just a single button.

Look for the current ranking of your schools

For students who’re interested in learning more about their schools, you can always attempt to check for the current school rankings, which will allow you to see where your schools are positioned on the global ranking table. Look for the school profiles and compare their ranking with many others. Help your schools to improve their ranking and compete with others by studying as hard as you can.

Create your own study schedules

Along with the timeline and timetable, you can now make uses of the scheduler in FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, which will allow you to create your own study routines, with many available experiences and features. Have fun registering your schedules and begin your studies whenever the times come. And last but not least, the newly introduced D-day in FLIP – Focus Timer for Study will allow you to create your own deadline, which will further motivate you to work hard before the time run out.

Join the global studying trends with FLIP TALK

With the global experiences of FLIP TALK being available in FLIP – Focus Timer for Study, you can now join fellow students from all over their world in their study experiences. Feel free to join friends in group study sessions, share stories, and encourage each other, promote the study experiences by selecting the live study option. Show your actual progress to other students and have fun competing with each other in the Global ranking. All of which should make the exciting mobile application of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study a lot more interesting.

Enjoy the unlocked app on our website

For those of you who’re interested in the app and would love to have it available on your mobile devices, you can always go for the modified version of FLIP – Focus Timer for Study on our website. Here, we offer the completely unlocked application with removed ads, unlocked paid features, and more. All will be available when you download the FLIP – Focus Timer for Study Mod APK and have it installed on your mobile devices.

Final verdicts

To further improve your study and office work performances, FLIP – Focus Timer for Study offers its complete toolset for you to stay fully committed to your studies. And now, thanks to the free and unlocked app on our website, you’ll find it even more interesting.

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