Backup & Restore MOD APK 7.4.3 (Premium Unlocked)

Backup & Restore MOD APK 7.4.3 (Premium Unlocked)

March 26, 2024


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Premium Unlocked

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If you want to protect your data and have the necessary backups, then the “Backup & Restore” application is a great choice.

Backup & Restore allows you to backup & restore many things like apps or personal information (Call, SMS, Contact). In addition, you can transfer & share apps/files quickly and easily through Backup & Restore.

Backup & Restore is a powerful application for many things: backup, restore, extract apk files, transfer data between Android devices for free. If you use the app, then you will never lose your data.

Top app for backup

Backup & Restore is an excellent app from the developer Trustlook Security Lab. The application allows batch backup & restoration of rarely used apk/apps to save phone space. In addition, you can backup & restore multiple versions to avoid unnecessary updates.

You can backup & restore your data to keep your phone safe. You can backup and correct to the cloud to keep critical data secure. Of course, you can use the app to transfer and share files between Android devices.

Backup & Restore is a great app and an editor-recommended “10 Android backup apps”. The app has so many great features that it fully deserves the top spot in the “10 Best Android Backup Apps” ranking.

The backup of data is very extremely

Backup & Restore is an essential and essential application for your phone. You have plenty of reasons to backup and restore apps for the Android operating system. Because you will feel lousy if all the content on your phone suddenly disappears. Therefore, if you want to limit data problems on your phone, you should use the Backup & Restore app.

Backup & Restore helps to create backup copies of everything, especially your essential information/applications. The application stands out because of its good intelligent analysis compared to similar tools because it has other important things besides multimedia content or documents.

The app allows you to back up apps on the SD card to save space, and this works. You can backup individually for each application or in groups to save time. If you want to recover information, the application offers all the features simply and effectively.

Backup & Restore offers many backup ways: local or cloud backup, software backup & restore, APK Backup & restore, Contacts Backup & restore, SMS Backup & restore. Also, you can backup & restore call logs.

In addition, the application also allows to transfer & share quickly many things such as applications, APK files, SMS contacts & Call logs.

Support many different backup methods

Backup & Restore supports many different backup methods. The application allows you to backup and restore phone memory in default mode. You can choose to back up and convert to an SD card or USB – a popular removable storage medium. You can multiple backup apps at the same time to save time. In addition, you can backup download links for protected applications.

Backup & Restore will automatically back up when the necessary application is installed. You can back up all versions simultaneously. The application allows backup data to popular clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Of course, the app can backup and restore APK files, contacts, SMS, calls. Not only does the app automatically back up, but it also manages notifications about individual updates. You can perform many other actions such as batch backup, restore, transfer, share data.

Many other useful features in the app

Backup & Restore offers many other valuable features. You can restore a single app or multiple apps at once from an SD card. You can manage and uninstall in a convenient & simple way. You can sort apps by filter like name, install date, size.

The application displays memory usage (total space used) to get detailed statistics of data (software size and backup time). The application has a solid ability to search for information on the PlayStore. In addition, the application can extract and retrieve APK files. The application will overwrite and downgrade the necessary application versions according to the user’s wishes. Of course, you can send the apk file to the email and share the affiliate market. The app also supports App2SD.

Backup & Restore will create a backup list automatically, and you can manage all your application’s backups. The application allows data transmission & sharing through a private Wifi hotspot. Of course, you will transfer & share data wirelessly at breakneck speed.

The application has a friendly and intuitive interface. The app is suitable for everyone. You can backup and restore system apps with the simple click of a button. You touch and hold the app to check all the essential information in detail. Backup & Restore allows you to scan APK files stored in your phone.

Usage notes about the application

Backup & Restore allows restoring application backups. However, the application cannot back up, restore, transfer the software’s data or settings. The app only backups, repairs, and transfers apk files.

Backup & Restore provides the efficiency of restoring application backups. However, the app can only convert BEFORE backed up files. Suggest that your backup data to sd card or cloud before reset. All backups will be deleted if the system reaches the storage limit.

You can download “Titanium Backup” to backup, restore, freeze necessary apps/data/Market links on your phone. Users can perform batch and scheduled backups through a simple operation. In addition, the application also brings many utilities such as: move any file to an SD card, browse data of any application, query Market to see detailed information about the software.


In short, Backup & Restore is an excellent post-save app for Android phones. Whether you can create backups for any of your apps or manage APK files, Backup & Restore is a great solution. The application has a user-friendly interface, and you can use it with the push of a button. In addition, you can send files by email and store them in the cloud.

Download “Backup & Restore” to make tremendous and necessary backups for your phone!

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