Titanium Backup MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Titanium Backup MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

November 25, 2019


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Titanium Track
1.5 and up
7.6 MB
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Pro features Unlocked

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For the professional Android users, rooting their phones isn’t something that’s too difficult or scary. In facts, many choose to gain the complete control over their devices so they could make them more secure as well as enabling new features on them.

And with every rooted phones, it’s always recommended that you get yourself an useful app that could provide you the permissions to alter your applications to the core.

That being said, Titanium Backup Pro is certainly one among the best Android apps out there when it comes to this. Find out more about this amazing app with our reviews.

What does it do?

Basically, Titanium Backup is a powerful Android app that allow you to gain access to all the apps that are running on your system, regardless of where they come from. Hence, you can easily have the Titanium Backup disable and enable all the different apps that you think are not necessary. And if you want to, you an even delete it.

But if you want to keep the app and its data even when you’ve deleted it, there is also a backup option that lets you do the trick. And once you think that’s time to return to that old app, you just have to simply load the backup files. It’s quite convenient if you know what to do with it. The more you get to know this app, the more interested you’ll become.

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Titanium Backup comes with two versions, one is free and is paid but they still feature a lot of similar features with the paid version having more features and no ads. Nonetheless, to have the app installed on your devices, it’s required that you have your phone rooted and gain total permissions over the system.

Once you do, you can easily download and install the app on Google Play, or get the Titanium Backup Pro APK file from other sources. Open the app and you’ll be asked to provide permissions from your Super User app (or any other similar root applications). Ready to be amazed with all the incredible features that the app has to offer.

Still, there are some features in the app that don’t require you to root.

Awesome features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that this app comes with:

Simple controls and intuitive interfaces

To start with, users are introduced to the friendly user interfaces with all the available options properly listed. You can gain access to all the in-app features relatively easy from the main screen. On top of that, the simple controls make the app extremely accessible.

That being said, you can perform most of the tasks in just a single click without having to spend time figuring things out. For example, the game features many one-click options that allow you to back up your files, freeze them, launch them, uninstall them, and more. You can even sent your backups to emails or cloud drives in just a single click.

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Explore all the incredible backup options

And yes, you can even see the “backup” on its name. Of course this app comes with many exciting backup options that you could never think of. That being said, the app lets you create multiple backups on each of your apps. Hence, you can select the different stages to create a backup. This would be extremely helpful if you want to roll back in certain stages. And if you want to, you can even create a ZIP file that contains all the app data and app file. Just one single click and you can load up the app and data like they’re still new.

Moreover, you can make easy restore using the 0-click batch restore. It’ll take only a few seconds for everything to be loaded properly. Interestingly, you can now back up all your SMS, calls, contacts, Wi-Fi account password, and all other important data saved and encrypted so that they’re protected. The next time you want to, just simply load the data from the XML save files.

And if you’re someone who love playing online games, you should know exactly how useful it is to be able to play in multiple accounts. You can collect all the epic loots from doing party quests and give them to your main characters, or collect multiple rewards and sell them to support the main char. Knowing this, Titanium Backup Pro also enable to multi-user support for some apps (mainly games) so you can easily create multiple accounts and “cheat” your way into the game.

Last but not least, even when you’re using the app, it’s not required that you close the app when perform the backups since you can still use the features without closing your apps.

Many ways to restore your individual apps

And to make the app restores easier for Android users, Titanium Backup Pro comes with varied restore options that you could try depending on your preferences. That being said, you can restore apps and data using the ADB backups if your devices aren’t rooted yet.

If your phone is already rooted, then you can easily have your apps and data being restored using the CWM or TWRP backups. Using the hypershell speed, all the processes will happen extremely fast.

Titanium Backup Pro screenshot

“Playing” with the apps through many features

Along with the back features, you’ll also find the app extremely useful thanks to many of its awesome additional features. That being said, you can start by using the “Destroy all Market links” feature to prevent your apps from suggest ads or in-app purchases. Or you could have your apps totally freezed so that they can’t operate no matter what you do. This is quite useful if you would like to stop a system app completely from working without having to delete it.

And for those who don’t wishes to have their apps updated, it’s also possible with Titanium Backup Pro as the app lets you stop the auto update features on all apps. Plus, you won’t receive any notifications on updates until you turn the feature back on.

Interestingly, you can even turn your user apps into the system apps which means that you can have many system processes running on 3rd party apps. However, this is not something to mess with if you’re not experienced to this.

And finally, you can schedules Titanium Backup Pro to perform or stop performing any features that’s available. This is extremely helpful if you’re a light-headed individual. Never forget anything you’ve planned.

For the rom-addicted users

Being Android users, we can be the true masters of our devices. That being said, you can even change the operating system without experiencing any difficulties. Hence, you can install new ROMs on your devices to vary your experiences.

However, the thing with ROMs installation is that it’s like changing the operating system on your PC. So for most of the time, you’ll lose all your apps and its data. While all the other files can be retained, it’s still not very appealing.

To help you with this, Titanium Backup Pro even allows users to migrate their system data across different ROMs. That being said, whenever you install new ROMs, on your devices, you’ll still have all your apps and data preserved. No need for further installations.

Never lose your backup

The thing with offline backups is that you can easily lose them if your phone run in problems. Although it’s quite rare, this is still possible. So you would naturally want a more throughout protection for your save files and backups.

With Titanium Backup Pro, users are allowed to sync their save files to all the different online drives that they’re using such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and more. And the best thing is that you can schedule the syncing process. Choose to perform the syncs frequently and never lose your save files.

Moreover, team Titanium Track – the one behind this amazing app also supports online backup on their websites. You just need to choose the Sync to TB Web Server option and you can always download your ZIP backups to multiple devices that you’re using.

All the backups in Titanium Backup Pro are also protected by the app itself. That being said, users will be asked whether they would like to delete the app permanently before they press the delete button. This protects the backup from moments of inconsideration.

Have this perfect app for completely free

Although the app isn’t currently free on Google Play Store, here at APKdone, we understand that our users love free stuffs. Which is why we’re pleased to offer the  Titanium Backup Pro APK which are completely free to use. Just download the file and follow our throughout instructions to have the app properly installed on your devices. Plus, the Pro version also doesn’t come with annoying ads, so you won’t be bothered by it.


Hard to use if you’re a newbie

While the app is extremely helpful for the professional users, it’s still relatively difficult to use if you’re a new Android user. On top of that, the in-app features might seem excessive for most users since you might never use all the available features.

Download Titanium Backup Pro latest Android APK

Nonetheless, Titanium Backup Pro is still a great mobile app for the power users who would like to explore the possibilities of their mobile devices. Not to mention our free version certainly please you with its advantages.

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