Bakery Story 2 MOD APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

Bakery Story 2 MOD APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

August 5, 2020


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Bakery Story 2 is a game from TeamLava, which is a popular name to the social gaming scene. It is exactly the sequel to the significantly popular Bakery Story. As you may know, Bakery Story seems to be the latest in the series of titles. Its aims are to ruin and ensnare the free time of those who cannot get their own bakery store in real life.

Playing Bakery Story 2 is not so difficult, and the process of being a bakery store owner is straightforward. Players will provide a place for customers to sit and enjoy the food. When the customers visit, players have to keep the counters full of food cooked from the kitchen stations. In general, when playing the game, your primary duty is to manage your own bakery shop, gain experience and levels, collect ingredients from some nearby vendors, and create recipes. Additionally, you can customize the decoration as well. It is such a tasty treat of a game!


As mentioned before, the gameplay of Bakery Story 2 is straightforward, but it is still more outstanding than the other gaming counterparts, such as Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder or My Secret Bistro. It is not just about selling food and drink; then you become a famous bakery store owner. When you operate the bakery, everything starts from the bottom. You just have the necessary appliances and simple setup. To be more specific, you have to begin with basic recipes. As long as you master and execute them well, you will gain a lot of experience to level up.

Everything will change when you level up as you will unlock more complicated recipes. From that point, you can make your bakery distinctive from others. So, let’s keep up working hard, and your bakery shop will earn its own reputation. You will raise your bakery shop from humble beginnings to culinary fame.

However, you should also pay attention to the recipes. Sometimes, the ingredients you need will not be available in your area. This feature is quite similar to the real-life situation. What do you have to do? You will need to hit some surrounding shops and buy ingredients. Besides, you also store ingredients for the following culinary smash hit. Furthermore, shops sometimes may not have the right ingredients for you. So, you should be careful and make use of your local resources wisely.

Another benefit when your level is up is the increase in station numbers. The more stations you have, the more cakes you can do and serve. To make the cake, you select, tap the item several items and wait until the cake is cooked. Then, you serve them up for customers to buy. This process will repeat, again and again, providing you with much cash to buy new recipes and surroundings for your customers. It sounds boring at first, but when you have immersed yourself in the game, you will find it interesting.

Feature of Bakery Story 2 Mod Apk

Design the Bakery in Your Own Way

Decorating a place is always satisfying, and in Bakery Story 2, players are free to personalize everything. There is a variety of custom furniture, including wallpaper, floors, chairs, art and so on. You can tweak every decor to match your style and your own taste.

To be more specific, you can set up donut tables, add wallpapers and paintings, or decorate with potted plants or cake displays. From that point, your bakery story is utterly unique. Your friends can visit your bakery anytime, and the way to impress them is through decorating your shop. Keep in mind using hundreds of bakery customization choices to create a pastry paradise.

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Dozens of Tasty Recipes

Apart from decorating, there is an array of delicious recipes for you to explore. This game challenges you to customize the menu with some popular recipes. It will make you feel like you are creating a real home bakery shop. With dozens of lip-smacking desserts, you can make your favorite treats, such as alfajores or peach cobbler.

Other Interesting Features

To extend and make your bakery shop of renown, you will need a bigger pantry. Sometimes, you will be fed up with the shortage of storage space, and you cannot keep up with the demands of customers. Do not worry; the solution is straightforward. You have to upgrade them, including appliances, pantry, and the local stores as well. After upgrading, everything will work more effectively and meet your specifications.

When you have expanded your bakery enough, there will be many demands, and customers will flock to start their orders. In other words, you will be in hot demand. If you can complete these challenges, you can earn various rewards and increase your popularity.

Sweet Eye and Pleasant Sound

In general, the graphics in this game are vibrant, polished, and pretty. The 3D characters are attractive with the right amount of personality and cuteness. The cake seems not to be precisely photorealistic, but it is well-blended with other graphics. Therefore, overall, it looks beautiful. In terms of sound, it is relaxing and pleasant.

General Evaluation of Bakery Story 2

Although the gameplay is simple, the game still has some glaring issues. To be more specific, its touch detection is still not as smooth as you expect. Besides, it is lack of handy controls for you to decorate your shop. For example, you have to space out the kitchen utensils in case of selecting the wrong one. Regarding the wallpaper or floor tiles, you need to tap to each of them to purchase. It is repetitive and tedious.

Moreover, this game requires an online play mode. It means that Bakery Story 2 will not allow you to play offline. It is really a huge drawback for those who want to enjoy the game on the bus, or they are in the area of no internet coverage.

Regarding the bakery shop decoration, it is addictive, and that sounds good. But the bad thing here is the price for each item is high. In other words, it horrendously expensive to buy new looks for your shop. Some decorations will require gems to buy, and gems are not easy to earn. So, if you want a sweet and beautiful looking bakery shop, you have to save up as many gems as you can.

Some Useful Tips When Playing Bakery Story 2

Tip 1: Increase Your Profits to Get New Recipes and Appliances for Your Bakery Shop

Firstly, you should watch your customers well. For example, if they are turning away, it means that there are not enough seats for them in the shop. So, you have to expand and add more chairs and tables. From that, you can serve more and earn money faster.

Secondly, you have to prepare all ingredients for new recipes and appliances when they are available. Each brand-new recipe after you have unlocked will have a more massive pay-out. And opening a new recipe sometimes is a considerable investment. But do not worry, you can make up for this investment in a short time.

Tip 2: Always Keep the Customers Satisfied Even If You Are Not Playing the Game or Upgrading Your Grocers

You stay in mind that customers will keep visiting your shop even if you stop playing. Therefore, you have to serve a lot of baked goods on the counters. When you playback, you have earned so many coins.

Regarding the grocers, you should make it more efficient by upgrading. When it is updated, you can get ingredients faster. From that, you are able to bake more cakes often.

Tip 3: Pay Attention to Acquiring Parts

To earn parts, you have to fill To-Go Orders. Parts are vital as they enable you to upgrade your pantry and grocers. In other words, you can expand your bakery store or not will depend much on these parts. And filling To-Go Orders is the optimal way to take these parts. These Orders also reward players with premium gems, but it will not often do that. If you are lucky enough, you can get gems and buy exclusive decorations.

Tip 4: Take Notice of Your Quests

Fulfilling quests is a great way to obtain more experience points. And you can discover more recipes and level up faster as well. So, you should keep these quests on top priority.

Tip 5: Make Use of Quick Serves

Quick Serves will be a powerful way to increase baking times. You can obtain them by connecting your account to Facebook and request them from your friends. Besides, when you complete the To-Go Orders, you will occasionally be awarded the Quick Serves. So, you can use them for recipes that have long bake times.

Tip 6: Setting All of Your Appliances to Work Before You Stop the Game

Before logging out, you should have all the appliances baked recipes, particularly the newest recipes. It allows you to serve a variety of baked cakes the next time you come back to your shop. By doing that, you can gain more experience points as well as coins.

Tip 7: Having Your Mixer Appliances Worked at All Times

The mixer appliances are very useful as it can make a lot of ingredients, such as Fruit Preserves or Sugar Frosting. So, you should keep it active at all times. Many To-Go Orders or quests asking for baked goods requires ingredients from these mixer appliances. If you have enough ingredients saved in the pantry, you are willing to bake the tricky recipes such as Frosted Chocolate Brownies immediately.

Tip 8: Always Catching Up with The Game’s Monthly Events

There will be at least an event taking place each month. The events will only last for a limited time, and they will follow specifically themed treats. More specifically, they enable you to bake delicious holiday cakes. Additionally, these themed treats provide you with a lot of coins when baking. Therefore, you should try to take part in these events to earn more profit.

Tip 9: Participating in As Many Events as You Can

Apart from the monthly events, there are some extra events providing you with exclusive themed decors. They are permanent so that you can use them year-round. You should try to grab these items before the events are ended. If not, you have to wait until next year to get them again.

Tip 10: Just Have Fun

There is a variety of ways to play Bakery Story 2. Even if you enjoy discovering new recipes, decorating, becoming friends with other players, or mastering the art of making your customers happy, just choose the way best suits your style.


What Happens When I Leave A Cake Cooking for Too Long?

To be honest, it depends on how long this cake has been cooking. For example, if this cake requires just an hour but you left it for about 3 hours, you have to throw it as it is ruined. It means that you lost the money used to make this recipe, and you start again. On the other hand, if the cooking time of another cake is 5 hours, it still is fine even if you leave it for 9 hours. In general, the goods might be ruined after 10 hours.

How Can I Write on My Wall?

You just to the main home. Then, you click on messages, and the wall is the first tab. You can leave your message there. Other players can see it when they visit your bakery shop.

Final Thought

Briefly, Bakery Story 2 Mod APK offers you with many excitements on the restaurant management. With tons of features and upgrades, you will absolutely have a blast to play. If you are a fan of the management game genre, you will surely be pleased. Although this game cannot meet your requirements of unexpected, unique, and fresh game, it still is entertaining to play. Besides, it also gets a high mark from other game reviewers. So, it makes sure to satisfy you to a certain extent.

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