Beach Buggy Blitz MOD APK 2023.11.27 (Unlimited Coins)

Beach Buggy Blitz MOD APK 2023.11.27 (Unlimited Coins)

November 28, 2023


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4.0.3 and up
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Unlimited Coins

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Take on the most exciting racing challenge and join others in Beach Buggy Blitz. Drive through the mysterious maps on beautiful tropical islands as you take on a liberated racing experience. With a completely destructible work, Beach Buggy Blitz allows gamers to explore every corner of the islands as you go. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing game with our reviews.


Immerse yourself in a completely different racing title as you swerve and smash your way through the stunning maps in Beach Buggy Blitz. Join your characters in their adventures to discover the hidden locations in the tropical islands of Beach Buggy Blitz.

Explore the dangerous dungeons, beautiful beaches, ruined temples, or fly through the scorching volcano mountains. Encounter the bizarre and funny creatures in Beach Buggy Blitz as you send them to the air.


Here you’ll find the most notable features in Beach Buggy Blitz:

Explore the Infinite Drive gameplay

The game aims to provide a simple yet addictive gameplay for racing gamers to enjoy. That being said, in Beach Buggy Blitz, you’ll have your chances to ride for miles after miles in varied maps featuring completely different setups. Play the game for hours on end without encounter the same maps twice.

Unlock new cars and characters as you go

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In addition, the game also comes with lots of different cars and characters to unlock during your adventures. You’ll never have to feel bored playing the same character or vehicle since you’ll have a lot of choices. Just make sure you stay active and participate in the races for long enough to earn yourself the valuable prizes.

On top of that, these aren’t just simply new characters or new cars that come with different looks. You’ll find the unlocked characters and cars in Beach Buggy Blitz having incredible powers of their own. This would make your game a lot easy if you select the right car of character for certain races.

Power up your cars and gears

And to make the game more interesting, players are also allowed to upgrade their cars and gave them new powers. That being said, there will be tons of different tunings and customizing you can make on your vehicles to boost their capabilities. Focus on your favorite cars and make them into real beasts. In addition, you can also repaint your cars and give them new colors that you find more interesting.

Beach Buggy Blitz screenshot 2

Simple and intuitive controls

By having a simple and intuitive set of controls, Beach Buggy Blitz allows gamers to enjoy their game more without being disturbed by the limited options. On top of that, the game also supports tilting feature, so you can truly immerse yourself in the actions. And most importantly, if you’re someone who’re not so fond with the touch-screen control, Beach Buggy Blitz will also allow you to make use of your gamepad controller through a simple wireless connection. Enjoy the console gaming experiences right on your smartphones.

Explore different locations

Beach Buggy Blitz screenshot 3

In the vast islands of Beach Buggy Blitz, players will have their chances to exposed to a beautiful environment with varied racing locations. From the beautiful beaches to the dangerous volcano mountains, Beach Buggy Blitz will introduce you to completely different experiences.

Completely destructible world

And another feature that make this game completely standout from other racing games is its completely destructible world. Here, players can have their chances to relives their stresses by smashing that speed up button and take down everything that stand in your way. From the beach houses, palm trees, or giant craps, you can target them and send everything flying over the air with your car. Moreover, you can even go against other racers and take them down whenever you want. Just make sure that your cars still have enough amour and health.

Collect the instant boosts while driving

Beach Buggy Blitz introduces gamers to

Realistic physics with exciting actions

To make your actions and racing gameplay more believable, the game even features realistic physics that you’ll make you feel like you’re truly immersed in the races. You can even feel the differences riding on the vehicles, from monster cars to sport cars.

Complete achievements and get yourself valuable prizes

Apart from joining the races, players can also earn themselves valuable prizes by competing in the exciting challenges. Join the game and compete in the leaderboards for the highest scores. Defeat your opponents as you earn the highest places in the ranking system

Log in with Google Account and never lose your progress again

For Android gamers, it’s quite concerning every time you have to reset your phones since it would lose all of your data. And if you’re someone who often play games on your devices, it’s quite devastating to lose your saves.

Don’t worry since it’ll never happen with Beach Buggy Blitz since you can log in with Google Account and have your game backed up online. Hence, you’ll never lose your saves even when you’ve deleted the game or lose your phone.

Free to play

And last but not least, the game is currently free to play and will continue to be for as long as it’s still available. Having said that, Android gamers will now have a perfect racing game that can entertain them whenever they want. Just get your phone out, login Beach Buggy Blitz and start enjoying.

Visual and sound quality


The game features 3D graphics with realistic visual elements and accurate physics. You’ll find all the actions extremely relatable as you explore the completely destructible maps of Beach Buggy Blitz. On top of that, it doesn’t come with demanding graphics, which would make the game extremely great to enjoy on multiple Android devices with varied hardware.


With exciting music and accurate sound effects, you’ll find yourself lost in the worth of Beach Buggy Blitz. Explore the amazing racing game with immersive sound experiences as you join others in Beach Buggy Blitz.

Download Beach Buggy Blitz MOD latest 2023.11.27 Android APK

The game is perfect for anyone who’re tired of the standard racing games like Need for Speed or Asphalt. The completely destructible worlds and exciting racing mechanics will keep you entertained for hours on ends. Having said that, we don’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t have this game installed on your devices right now.

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