Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

September 28, 2023


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For years the Mario Kart series has been one of the best-selling franchise for Nintendo. The Nintendo Wii title has everything it needs to be successful. Incredible racing fun, relaxing gameplay, and lots of discoverable features.

Now, the great racing franchise has made it to the smartphone platforms. Hence, players can enjoy playing their favorite game anywhere anytime. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


Featuring Nintendo most famous characters, Mario Kart Tour delivers us to epic racing adventures where players are in control of their favorite characters fighting others in a heated racing battle.

In Mario Kart Tour, players are introduced to lots of boosts and power-ups during your races. Make uses of them as you win over the other racers.

Explore dozens of different vehicles, upgradable features, and so on in this amazing game from Nintendo.


Here are some of the most notable features that the game has to offer:

Play the game whenever you want, with whoever you want

Here in Mario Kart Tour, players are introduced to various racing gameplay allowing them to totally immersed to the races. That being said, the game features exciting racing modes for both solo play or team play.

For those who’re looking for a few challenges all by themselves, the exciting Single Player mode is definitely a good one to spend your time. However, if you think that racing alone isn’t enough, you can join your family members in an offline multiplayer match with up to 4 different playable racers and lots of NPC racers.

And if you’re so confident with your skills and abilities, it would be a great idea to take the racing to a whole new level. By competing with online players, you’ll also improve quicker as well as earning better rewards.

Nintendo even goes as far as providing the wireless offline battles, in which you can join one of your friends in exciting battles. Let’s see who is the better driver out of the two.

Different racing modes

On top of that, you’ll have a complete access to all of the most exciting racing gameplay from the famous series of Mario Kart Tour.

Enjoy intensive and relaxing tournaments with the Grand Prix mode where you’ll compete with 4 different players for the final prizes. Make uses of your amazing skills and cunnings to win against your opponents.

And if you want to measure your improvements, the Time Trial races seem like a great choice. Defeat your own records as you set out to record new ones. In additions, you can complete challenges to increase your total score.

For those who want to test their skills with friends or online racers, the VS Race mode is definitely what you should try. Here you’ll find all the available options for you to resolve in a one-on-one battle.

Still, if you think racing isn’t enough to satisfy you, the game also supports intensive racing battles where players shoot dozens of powerful fire powers at their opponents.

Varied racing levels

To make things more competitive in Mario Kart Tour, players will be limited at certain engines while battling with each other. That being said, you can choose between different engines from 50cc to 200cc and enjoy racing with other players.

Depending on your skills and abilities, you can go for the lowest or highest option. On the 50cc mode, the game is quite slow so it would allow beginners to quickly get used to the game without being overlooked by the veterans.

On the other hand, while playing with the 200cc engine, you’ll need to rely a lot on your skills to keep you on the track. One wrong move or untimed breaks would cause you the whole game.

Racing as your favorite protagonists (and antagonists)

One of the thing that makes this game so much more exciting compared to other racing is that you can play as your favorite characters in multiple Nintendo games.

Enjoy the game as your favorite protagonists, including Link, Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and so on. Or control your favorite villains like King Boo, Dry Bowser, and so on, to cause havoc to the races. It’s all up to you.

Different vehicles for each character

In additions, when choosing a character, you’ll also have access to his/her own set of different vehicles. For example, with Zelda, you can ride on your horse, glider, motorcycle, and many more. Make sure you work hard to unlock all the best vehicles for your characters.

Enjoy racing on different tracks

Here in Mario Kart Tour, players are introduced to all sort of strange and exciting racing tracks that would certainly satisfy you. Race your way through some of the most iconic maps in the game including Wario’s Gold Mine, Rainbow Road, Ice Ice Outpost, and so on.

Experience intuitive racing experiences like no other. With realistic physics, hardcore racers would find themselves have great time battling each other out. In additions, the tracks come in varied shapes and sizes allowing for more completed racing experiences.

Augmented racing gameplay

Something that you would never find on other traditional racing games is the self-control racing tracks and various power-ups scattered during your races. That being said, with Mario Kart Tour, players will not be fighting themselves but also the racing track as it often changes its terrain or creates obstacles to the players.

And to deal with your opponents or give yourself a little boost, there are tons of different power-ups for players in Mario Kart Tour. Make good uses of them to get you closer to the finish line.

Visual and sound quality


The game features exciting 3D graphics which are really impressive, especially when it’s made for Android devices. In additions, the gameplay is relatively smooth with no lag or whatsoever. With detailed characters, players will have great racing experiences on their Android devices.


Impactful sound effects and intensive music make every race a lot more addictive. Every crash and bump are accurately depicted giving you realistic gameplay.

Final Thought

For the hardcore fans of the Mario series and other Nintendo games, Mario Kart Tour is definitely a great chance to play as your favorite characters in an exciting racing game. Challenge yourself in the addictive single-player gameplay or go against other racers in epic online multiplayer races. The fun is ever-present in Mario Kart Tour.

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