Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

April 4, 2024

Role Playing

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Are you a big fan of strategic battling games? Are you enthusiastic about living in a never-ending war? You want to control an army to fight and impressively win a deeply tactical battle? Give Fire Emblem Heroes a try then because we know that this game is definitely what you are waiting for.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a strategic role-playing game in which you control four units and fight against other enemy units in numerous maps. It is based on the so-called story which has been continuously added new features which are adjusted to best fulfill the demands of its supporters all over the world. Having been on the game market for more than 25 years, Nintendo’s Fire Emblem has a long story which at the present consists of more than 400 stages including a variety of difficulty modes in the game. Up to the present, a great number of game features, characters and battle-tested Heroes in the game series have appeared as one.

How to play?

This game contains more than 400 stages with numerous maps of different terrains (forests, walls, mountains, etc.). In each map, there are 4 units under your control fighting against enemy units. Each side takes turns to move its units and cause damage to the other’s units. The battle is over if one side is totally defeated. It seems rather simple; however, to be able to beat the other side, you need to take into consideration a wide range of factors before performing every single attack including weapon properties (might/ range/ additional skills), color weapon advantage or disadvantage triangle, or weapon damage type (magical or physical damage).

Why does Fire Emblem Heroes deserve playing?

Freely available on Game Center (iOS) and Google Play (Android), designed for touchscreens and appropriate for playing on-the-go, Fire Emblem Heroes has reached a wide range of its strategy-game fans consisting of not only those who work in stable places like office or private accommodation but also those who are tied up with on-the-go business.

One major factor leading to the great triumph of Fire Emblem is clearly its non-complicated how-to-play rules. The only thing you have to do on each map is to clear up the enemy. However, you can only achieve this goal if you are equipped with a good knowledge of detailed features in the game which make the game really interesting and challenging.

Another advantageous aspect of this game arises from its Player-versus-Player (PvP) feature. Thanks to this point, not only can you experience battles with the AI (artificial intelligence), but you are also able to take part in several much more challenging battles with other tricky human opponents across the world. Defeating these human opponents, you can heighten your PvP rank and eventually receive rewards based on your final position.

What else? There are always new things for you to experience, enjoy, and achieve ranging from daily refreshed missions, feature updates or events. Gifts, which are very useful in the game, can be obtained via completing such missions and events. All efforts are always being made to create new features as well as optimize the features having already occurred in the game.

How to become stronger?

There are different ways to strengthen your heroes such as by leveling up, upgrading skills, utilizing new weapons, equipping available items, and many other ways. Your heroes can be basically strengthened with Experience (EXP) and Skill Points (SP) gained from won battles. In other words, the more battle you won, the stronger your heroes will become. Nonetheless, it is necessary to be aware that if your hero(es) is (are) defeated in a battle, it (they) will lose all EXP and SP it (they) gained in that map.

Orbs are the currency of the game which can be made use for summoning heroes or buying necessary in-game stuff. They can be acquired from the daily login rewards, on the first completion of story maps, via events, or by purchasing from the Shop with real money.

Final thought

Fire Emblem Heroes has long been the choice of tactic-game enthusiasts all over the world because of its easy-to-play rule and a diversity of features it offers. The game becomes more and more popular in big ways also thanks to continuous new in-game events and various options for strengthening your heroes which allow you to build up your optimized ultimate heroic team.

With only around 10 minutes to deal with a single battle, Fire Emblem Heroes has found its place in the game pocket of those who have limited free time. You can play at your break, on the go, or anywhere else with just a touchscreen and internet connection.

The game has been available on Google Play Store and Game Center which requires no charge for purchase.

If you are a big fan of strategic role-playing games, what is preventing you from giving it a try?

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