Beat Roller MOD APK 1.39 (Unlimited Money)

Beat Roller MOD APK 1.39 (Unlimited Money)

March 2, 2021


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There are a lot of great songs in your mobile

Music is used popularly in daily life and it has many good effects on us. For example, improve health, decrease stress, connect everyone and so on. And if you are a person that loves music and you want to search for a music game, Beat Roller will be a good choice for you. The game’s full name is Beat Roller – Music Ball Race. Beat Roller is the game of the music genre. In Beat Roller, you can listen to music while controlling a ball and avoiding obstacles. Let’s experience Beat Roller now.

A vivid world

Beat Roller is one of the game that has been built and developed by AMANOTES PTE LTD. They are a fast-growing app publisher in Singapore with a global reach. They also are the number one music games publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. You can install Beat Roller in mobile devices and tablets that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. Because the game is available on both Google Play and App Store. Beat Roller is free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, the background of the game is very lively. You can see a city with many different high – rise buildings and a night sky with a lot of stars when you move the ball. Electric blue and purple will take you to the new and vivid world. In addition, the sound is very great. There are up to 70 songs in Beat Roller. Especially, most of these songs are very famous and popular such as Faded, Don’t let me down, Unity, Despacito, Dance Monkey, Bang Bang Bang, Attention, Let it go, … This will bring comfort to the players. Some songs will be provided free for you. Some different songs will require the players to watch videos or buy with gems. Furthermore, you can upload your favorite songs by allowing Beat Roller to access your device’s storage. Moreover, there is only a bell sound when you got the gem. All the hoop fits with the beat and rhythm. This will help the players to experience the game better. But if you don’t want to disturb others while playing Beat Roller or hear the sound, you still can turn off it in the Setting of the game.

Listen to music and roll the ball

Like most of the games, Beat Roller also will instruct the players how to play the game. In Beat Roller, you just need to drag and roll to start to play. Then you will have to move the ball to get through the gate by holding and dragging it. But it will be as simple as you think. There are a lot of thorns in the path of the ball. You need to avoid them if you don’t want to end the game. The thorns will be in many different positions. So be careful. This also is a large challenge for you. Make sure the ball avoids the obstacles and roll through the dome. Try not to hit the wall and fail.

Besides, you also need to collect the gems on your way. They will help you to unlock the new songs and balls. Especially, when the song is about to end, there are a lot of gems on the way. This will be an opportunity that you can collect a large number of gems. Moreover, after you have completed one song, you will receive a gift that contains the gems and be rated level. There are 5 levels in the game. The highest level is A and the low level is F. Let’s try to control the ball as best as you can to receive many gems. Complete the songs to collect gems to unlock new music content.

Main features in Beat Roller

The main and special features will help the game to attract many players. Beat Roller also has its own features. The first feature is many colorful balls. The publisher has provided up to 30 balls for the players. Each balls will have their own bonus effect. For example, decrease 10 point to active fever and change time fever from 5s & 6s; increase 10% chance of going through platforms; bonus 3 seconds and score +15% when active fever, … But you won’t receive all balls at the same time. You need to buy a certain number of ball to unlock the new ball. Use the gems or watch the videos to buy the balls. Achievements also are the opportunity to earn the gems. When the player gains 1000 points in 1 song, they can receive 10 gems. But you can earn 50 gems if you got 3 stars with 10 songs. Or you will receive up to 1000 gems when you have unlocked all songs.

Besides, Beat Roller also allows the players to sign in Facebook. This will help you to save data and see your ranking. You won’t have to worry about your progress being missed when you play the game on the different device. Moreover, you can play with your friends to see who will have a score higher. You and your friends will be able to experience a very good time together.

Enjoy relaxing moments with Beat Roller

With simple gameplay, the players just need to control the ball and avoid the obstacles. This has helped Beat Roller to attract over 10 million players in the world. Beat Roller also will be suitable for children thank this simple gameplay. Besides, 3D ball roller game design will take you to the vivid world. In addition, a system of popular songs and streaming music soundtrack are elements that help you to increase stress and tiredness. You can relax with Beat Roller after a long day at work. Moreover, Beat Roller doesn’t require the Internet connection. So you can play the game whenever you want. Install Beat Roller and enjoy the joy moments with the great songs. Drift with the flow of the rhythm, roll the ball with the beat and feel the music.

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