BEYBLADE BURST MOD APK 11.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

BEYBLADE BURST MOD APK 11.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

May 23, 2024


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A spinning top is a folk game in many countries in the world, allowing players to control the tool and make it spin multiple times. Usually, the game is used for entertainment purposes only. But later, a Japanese manga author created a Gyro Versus mobile game that mimics traditional games with his manga/anime series.

From 1999 to 2004, Beyblade Burst attracted many audiences and gamers worldwide. The game-maker had developed the show for more than ten years after it was stopped. In 2015, one of the brand-new mobile games about Beyblade, and Beyblade Burst was released. It only inherits the traditional Beyblade rules. However, it still attracted a lot of viewers. Come download and experience it!

General Information

Among the many anime that depopulated in the early 2000s, we can certainly include the Beyblade series. The story bases on clashes from spinning tops launched in an arena. Seventeen years have passed since then, times have changed, and Beyblade has changed too. While not enjoying the success it once was in some countries, the series continues to have its large group of fans in Japan, where the new anime Beyblade Burst is published.

It is precisely on this latest incarnation of the franchise that the game we are going to talk about today is the Beyblade Burst. Are you ready to launch your Beyblade in the arena like it used to be?

About Beyblade Burst

In addition to original content elements, Beyblade Burst also includes characters and tops in the anime version for players to collect. Also, with the advantages of the developer, players can use Joy-con to simulate shooting tops.

You can use Joy-con for transmitting radio pull operation, select and transmit the position adjustment of the gyro-emitting arc. Players can also use the gyro skills to defeat the opponent, as long as the enemy gyro burst will be judged as a victory. This two-packed operation not only allows players to experience the thrill of the most exciting and fiery collision of the battle gyro but also allows players to return to the era of playing the gyro!

The details in Beyblade Burst such as plot, characters, spinning top, etc. allow players to relive childhood memories in the game. Also, the physical version of the game will give away Beyblade Burst accessories for transformation.

We believe that Beyblade Burst will be the childhood memories of older players, and this game not only once again allows players to feel the thrill of launching the top, but also allows players to recall the animation plot. Even today, the top is very popular with children. Beyblade Burst will be landing Nintendo Switch.

Special Features

Create, customize and fight against Beyblade Burst tops

Beyblade Burst is one of the most challenging games so that players can experience everything that happens in the anime. It excites audiences all over the world and has generated considerable income from Google Play.

So far, the Beyblade Burst has been downloaded 10 million times and is still growing. The content in the game will of course be updated regularly. Also, the game is attractive to many players because it supports a wide range of online multiplayer networks.

When you enter the game, you have the opportunity to fight against opponents in more than 90 countries/regions around the world. These games include leaderboards, personalized profiles, enhanced digital rankings, and the ability to obtain achievements. Generally, the game focuses on adversarial experiences, so the competition is fierce. And if you are a fan of the Beyblade series, you should not ignore it.


Create a league, invite your friends, and fight

The game is very special because it is a fantasy game, so all the content will not be too binding. But it still has its operating mechanism. You will control the Beyblade and have to make it spin on the shaft by creating momentum for it using special equipment.

In the future, the tops will collide and rub against each other until they knock their opponents out of the ring. Through such simple competition rules, it will be affected by many elements of the control equipment.

Players can use their rewards to unlock many dominant genres, enabling them to fight many players around the world. Also, if you win a challenging game, you will unlock virtual items to enhance the power of your spinning top.

Online arenas of the smartphone era

The concept behind Beyblade Burst is simple. It is a virtual transposition of those clashes that could only take place on physical arenas and required a certain effort in setting up. Now, just open the app to be able to jump into battles with spinning tops. The technical implementation of the game is pretty good, with well-crafted 3D models of the different spinning tops available in Beyblade’s toy line.

The game arena is rather sparse in detail, but faithfully follows the physical arenas that have been created based on the manga and anime series. Even the audio sector is simply functional to the battles. These are bombastic tracks, which try to take hold of the adrenaline that flows during the challenges with the opponents.

After all, Beyblade Burst is far from the top of the range, and will surely delight fans of the series. They will be able to scan their toys to see them come to life within the application and then use them to face opponents from all over the world.


There is always a stronger opponent

Beyblade Burst does not have a real single-player mode. The game is devoted to online battles, as demonstrated by the two main modes, world tournaments and single battles with random opponents or with friends.

Of course, you can also face custom CPU-controlled opponents and ghosts of players you’ve already met. But it all serves as training for multiplayer battles, which are the real beating heart of the game. Before engaging in battles, a short tutorial teaches us the basic rules of the game.

What is most important to know is that our top can be customized in different ways. There are four types of tops, and each top is distinguished by one of them. The tops with a top attack can enjoy greater power. And those with top defense can suffer less damage. Finally, those with top resistance can regenerate a certain amount of spin/health.


Beycoin and some purchases

The fourth type of top randomly activates one of the three previous skills. These abilities charge up during encounters, and can only be used for a limited time. The tops are further customizable by modifying them with items purchased through Beycoin, the game currency, which can be obtained by playing challenges and which will also unlock other elements, such as arenas other than the standard one.

Beycoins will also be necessary to participate in tournaments: we will have to pay a sort of registration fee to compete in the different types of competitions. Once you have chosen your Beyblade, we are ready for combat. The launch of the Beyblade is a fundamental point because if performed perfectly (by pressing on the screen in the right place at the right time in a special minigame), it can give an initial boost to the health and spin of our top.

Once the Beyblade has been launched, all that remains is to observe the spinning tops moving in the arena and colliding. Wait for the two types of powers available during the game to load, the only real ways in which the player can intervene in the battle. This lack of interactivity will make many people turn up their noses, but it is also inherent to the game on which the application is based.

Power types and skills of characters

We have already talked about the first type of power. They are the four top skills of the Beyblade. The second is called Avatar Attack. Each Beyblade is equipped with a creature that is inside it and that releases its strength when using this ability. It is a powerful attack that cannot be countered, the strength of which is decided based on the outcome of a timed minigame. The fight ends when a spin stops or when its health reaches zero.

In the first case, the winner gets one point, while in the second one gets two. Three points are needed to take home the match, so at least two matches will always be needed to decide the winner. Beyblade fans can therefore enjoy a near-perfect adaptation of their beloved game, enhanced by the ability to face players from all over the world and embark on online tournaments at any time.

Highlights of Beyblade Burst

The attraction of Beyblade Burst is that you can invite your friends to form an alliance and fight with many other teams. Players do not have to participate in competitions and small individual competitions alone, everything will be ready for a long tournament.

After many fierce confrontations, you will participate in the competition and compete until you win the championship. Also, you can choose a season to play according to your length. The game provides one day, one week, or one-month season length for you to choose and experience.

Beyblade Burst provides two modes for you to upgrade the game ranking. The online game mode with digital battery means you will fight against people on the Internet, face-to-face battle with toy batteries is a real battle, and then players will update the score on this app. Generally, the rules of any game are the same.


Overall Evaluation

With the strong development from the game-maker, the graphics and production during battles have been improved. You can also see the commitment to reproducing the gimmick of the bay. It was nice to have a fresh experience play where you can shoot Joy-Con like a launcher and a winder like a real bay. However, it is regrettable that the degree of evolution is stable or within the range of imagination. It would have been even better if there were newer challenges.

The camera viewpoint can be switched in various ways during the battle, making it easier to feel the power of the bays colliding with each other. It’s also nice that it supports high resolution and the graphics are beautiful. It is also possible to shoot the bay with a sensational operation by utilizing the function of Joy-Con. There is no such thing as a story mode, and it seems a little lonely because it was a battle-based composition, but the players are still satisfied with the appearance characters and the volume feeling of the recorded parts.

As a bay parts pictorial book and as a simulator to try various combinations, the tool-like elements that braiders can conveniently use are on point. As a game, it’s a pity that the mode with a story has disappeared, but it’s nice to be able to play like a fighting game with the original character. The operation method to shoot Joy-Con as a launcher is an idea. You can also be absorbed in collecting bays.

The operation of putting in a Beyblade, imitating Joy-Con as a launcher, is really good. The technique can be activated in real-time, and the battle will be heated by both tactics and production. The texture of the Beyblade and the mounting sound when the parts are fitted may be cooler than the real thing. Characters from successive series have also appeared. Due to the hard-moderation of battle-specific modes, the game progress may feel a little monotonous except for those who are extremely strong.

Mega Man X Dive is an action RPG mobile game that Capcom has announced for a long time, making many gamers who admire Mega Man. The game offers an extremely diverse class of characters and weapons with Co-op gameplay. From here, gamers and friends can work together on story missions, cultivate, and upgrade equipment. There are also boss fighting mechanisms, extremely attractive side activities.

As mentioned, Mega Man X Dive is a mobile game that will inherit all the characters, gameplay, as well as the storyline from the legendary Rockman series that is very familiar to gamers. The detailed context of the game is the digital world called Deep Deep Log. The task of the player is to keep the timeline stable, correct problems, and prevent chaos.

Mega Man X Dive equipped with an auto-lock system so that players can aim enemies with a virtual key system that is familiar with the role-playing game series. However, the game still has a drawback that the ability to move flexibly with the wall or winds to explore secret areas scattered in the map has not been possible.

To assist players early to master basic operations, the game adds several on-screen messages to indicate the boss’s great moves during the battle. The character also owns an upgrade system for gamers to gradually develop. Through the escape activities, you will gradually unlock many things to upgrade. Characters and weapons can only achieve maximum rankings by simply using them repeatedly. Anyway, you also need to work hard pretty much.

Final Words

Beyblade Burst MOD APK is a perfect videogame translation of the clashes with spinning tops that we saw in the early 2000s. The nostalgic of the series and the little fans of the new anime currently will find nostalgic feelings.

The game hastwo2 basic game modes, PVP, and co-op. With a co-op, it takes two players to fight at the same level to plow items. And PVP simply takes your character against other players around the world. Beyblade Burst MOD APK is a game worth playing for those who have memories of the legendary Beyblade.

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