Blocky Highway MOD APK 1.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

Blocky Highway MOD APK 1.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

August 30, 2023


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DogByte Games
16.69 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Blocky Highway is like a fascinating new breeze of 3D racing genre. You can completely play for hours without getting bored. The game is about car races, and avoiding obstacles such as trains. You collect coins, open prize boxes to collect cars and experience maximum fun. Try to drive at maximum speed to score maximum points, and win first place in the race. You control a variety of vehicles along the way, and experience different racing styles. The game was created by Dogbyte Games – producer of Blocky Roads. You try to be the endless traffic racer, and experience the maximum fun in the races.

About Gameplay

Blocky Highway is a racing game on mobile phones. Your mission is to become a powerful racer, glide through opponents with speed or force. You use speed to experience excitement, joy, and entertaining entertainment. The game brings to 4 different worlds with many challenges. You can experience up to more than 50 different vehicles such as Taxi, Tank, Ufo, Police Car, Space Shuttle … and more than 10 different car collections (trucks, racing cars, military vehicles, vehicles). building or flying saucers of the aliens). The player’s task is quite simple. You just need to focus on controlling the car, avoid obstacles, and finish as soon as possible. You choose your favorite car, and take part in the street, and need to avoid all obstacles. Besides, players also need to collect gold coins along the way, and earn more points.

Blocky Highway offers many attractive scenes such as suburban roads, deserts, ice and snow, … Each scene has options such as 1-way, 2-way (quite difficult). In particular, you can try the Free Ride mode, and experience the feeling of driving freely and enjoyable. You can knock over any vehicle without avoiding it. The vehicle system is extremely diverse, and the number of vehicles is more than 50 types. You unlock and create 11 different vehicle themes, and enjoy the fun with trucks, fire trucks, taxis, … The game also includes ships and planes. The farther and faster you run, the more bounty the player gets. Note that you need to pay special attention to “death crossings” or railroad crossings. If you are not careful when passing through dangerous areas, you will quickly lose. Occasionally, gift boxes will appear randomly, you just need to open and receive rewards. In fact, the game is small, but the gameplay is very entertaining.

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Blocky Highway brings a lot of interesting things about the topic of traffic. You have to try to control a favorite car, directly join the bustling traffic system on the highway, and become the winner. The game gives players the opportunity to drive a variety of modern vehicles, collect coins on the track and win many interesting rewards and achievements. Very successful game in high speed driving simulation on highway. You interact with many moving vehicles, traffic control lights, and have to steer quickly to safely score points. You travel through different worlds of racing (such as desert, water, snowy road, …), and each place has its own characteristics. The game also offers many different types of vehicles, and you can experience many extremely interesting vehicles such as Tank, Ufo, Monster, … The game also provides global connectivity. You can compete on the leaderboards. The game really brings great racing experience for each player through each fun race.

Blocky Highway has 3 modes of play: One Ride, Two Ride and Free Ride. If you choose One Ride mode, then you drive only on a one-way street, and you can race indifferently. If you choose Two Ride mode, the difficulty will increase. The Two Ride mode is a 2-way street, and you must estimate the distance between vehicles accurately because of the density, and the high speed of traffic. If you like freedom, then you can choose Free Ride. The Free Ride mode gives you comfort, and entertainment. Because you can drive as fast as you want, and crash comfortably with different vehicles. New vehicles will be unlocked randomly when a certain amount of gold coins is met. Gold coins can be earned by collecting on the way, completing quests or buying with “real money”.

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Blocky Highway has simple controls. Because the gameplay is not complicated, the controls are not too difficult. The game offers 2 control modes for you to choose from. If you choose the “Tilt + Touch” mode, you will use the acceleration and brake buttons on either side of the screen column, and the direction of the car will follow the tilt of the phone. If you choose the “Touch” mode, you will have to use navigation buttons, and acceleration and deceleration right on the screen. Players customize the sensitivity of the sensor, and the position of virtual keys in the Customize section.

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Graphics and sound

Blocky Highway has a cute graphic design, and is suitable for everyone. 8-bit 3D pixel graphics with vivid colors. The game has 3 quality options: low, high and normal. The movements in the game are gentle and smooth. Although the capacity is quite compact, the player still feels full, and detailed about the buildings and vehicles. In short, the game graphics are really impressive, and bring quality images to the players.

If you love pixel graphics, then you can check out “Blocky Roads”. This is a great racing game, and you can explore green hills, snowy mountains and desert dunes in a unique real physics experience. You collect rewards to restore the farm to its old glory. “Hovercraft: Takedown” is also an exciting 3D pixel racing game, and you can use powerful weapons to win.

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In a nutshell, Blocky Highway is truly an exciting obstacle racing game. Players freely choose a favorite car (among many other unique vehicles) with many powerful upgrades to conquer unique roads (mountains, snow). Your mission is to control the car, overcome obstacles, pick up the gold coins present in the journey and reach the maximum score. Then, you use your bonus points to buy more vehicles, and achieve high rankings on the leaderboard. The game has smooth, beautiful 3D pixel graphics, and is small in size on the phone.

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