Hovercraft: Takedown MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

Hovercraft: Takedown MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

August 9, 2021


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Unlimited Money

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A few years ago, a game title became well-known for its unique, adorable graphics and gameplay, it is called “Crossy Road”. It was so warmly welcomed that almost every student at my school had it on their phone, even the teachers. But of course, nothing stays interesting forever due to the fast development of the world. In 2019, a game developer High Score Hero has published one of the most fascinating and intriguing racing games with the same design topic as “Crossy Road” but features a variety of unexpected contents.

Hovercraft: Takedown” is a combat racing action game that is colorfully designed in detail. I have tried “Smashy Road: Wanted” and “Reckless Getaway 2”, each has its own gameplay style, and all are super worth-playing, but if I have to choose, it will be “Hovercraft: Takedown” because it stands out among the three with distinctive features. Let’s get started with the review to see why I said that “Hovercraft: Takedown” has become one of my most favorite games of all time.


“Hovercraft: Takedown” is not simply a racing game with block graphics and block cars, as you can see through some pictures online. The main objective of this game is to ride as far as you can and destroy multiple obstacles to achieve the highest score. To do that, the requirements are using the strongest and fastest car with some controlling skills.

When you first open the game, a quick tutorial will be shown before starting the game. All instructions are gathered on the screen, so you do not have to scroll through a lot of information like in some games. Because learning requires practice, you will begin your first game and learn more about “Hovercraft: Takedown” after the tutorial. “Hovercraft: Takedown” is a simple game without any complication, which will give players the most relaxing time.


The gameplay is unique and understandable.

If you have ever played “Smashy Road: Wanted” or “Reckless Getaway 2”, you will find the same game concept in “Hovercraft: Takedown”. In the game, players’ mission is to take down as many obstacles as they can, gain bonuses, use boosters, defeat some powerful bosses, and achieve the best score.

The number of obstacles you have destroyed will be shown on the top right of the screen, under the score. The score you get for each destroyed hovercraft increases as the number of hovercrafts increases. After each destroyed car, players can collect a number of points based on the number of fallen obstacles. For example, the 80th car you knockdown will earn you 880 points. Moreover, the further you go, the higher point you will receive. And the longer you stay, the faster you will go and the more obstacles there will be.

When a car is demolished, its parts will fall out and head for you. Getting hit by a part of the car will not lose your point or give you an immediate game over but only affect your life bar. This feature is so useful because the game is only over when your system is damaged.

There are three main parts of your hovercraft that need to be protected: power core, thrusters, and weapons. Losing any of these will undoubtedly throw you off track. While playing, players will also receive some small instructions. For instance, each weapon lost increases your fury, earning you more multipliers per takedown. If you are out of weapons, you can ram the enemy as a last resort.

Hovercraft Takedown screen 0

Upgrades and power-ups

Players’ cars will gradually become broken if they cannot dodge the obstacles. It is recommended that players should enhance their best car, build it stronger and quicker with upgrades. You can select a power-up such as a shield, damage boost, vaporize, and coin magnet before each round. Each power-up has four levels.

If you are lucky enough, the game will grant you upgrade points early on in the game. Even though “Hovercraft: Takedown” supports unlimited money, you might want to consider saving the points for later as there are a variety of beautiful hovercrafts and powerful weapons are waiting for you to unlock.

Each car has four features to upgrade: durability is the ability to stay undamaged after a hit, handling is the ability to control well, weapon damage is how powerful your weapon gives per shot, and weapon range is how far and wide your weapon can shoot. Each has six levels to upgrade, the higher the level, the stronger your car will be. For example, the machine gun has steady and reliable high-velocity rounds with straight laser targeting, it has a high rate of fire and range, but the damage is low. After the upgrade, the machine gun becomes a tracking machine gun with more powerful features.

Hovercraft Takedown screen 2

Card pack feature

Card packs are available after your gameplay, and each includes: coins, upgrades, blueprints – used to purchase hovercrafts, weapons – take down enemies with a variety of weapon types, power-ups – consumables used in gameplay, weapon variants – additional weapon visuals, hovercraft variants – additional hovercraft visuals.

Mini, full, and rare card packs can be purchased with coins. If you don’t want to waste your money, you can wait to use free card packs after the timer is over.

Hovercraft Takedown screen 3

Build your own hovercraft

Besides unlocking and collecting in-game cars, players have the option to use their imagination and create their own cars. However, if you are still a newbie to “Hovercraft: Takedown”, you might want to stick to the default cars first and give them a few tries.

You can custom your own combat cars with your one-of-a-kind ideas. If a jet catches your eyes while you are reading a newspaper, build it in the game. Maybe the new Tesla car edition amazes you with its unique design, just build it. You can even create a house, a tree, any kind of shape that you can come up with.

There is a variety of colors for each block that you can choose from. Furthermore, each hovercraft comes with one power core, two weapons, and six thrusters for you to add in. After finishing decorating, you can come up with a name for your hovercraft, whatever you like – it can be hilarious, badass, etc.

First of all, when building a hovercraft, make sure that it is facing the right direction. If it is not, you are putting a car’s hood on its rear and its rear up the front. You can check the arrow beneath the car to make sure that it is facing the right direction. Secondly, whatever you are going to build, make sure that it is perfectly balanced. You cannot add one on the right side but not on the left side, that is just not how a hovercraft works. Thirdly, you might lose one or two blocks, maybe even more along the way as other vehicles will bump into you. Build your hovercraft in a way that even when some blocks are missing, the car is still balanced.

Hovercraft Takedown screen 1

Multiplayer mode

Playing alone is so boring when it is a competitive game. Hovercrafters can search for friends through the same wi-fi network, and all players must be on the latest version. In the survival mode, hovercrafts rebuild overtime when destroyed, and the game ends if both players are fallen at the same time. Work with your friends effectively and earn your best score.

Unlimited Money

Hovercraft: Takedown MOD APK has supported an unlimited money feature for players to freely spend without any worries. No more waiting for the timer because you can buy card packs as many as you prefer. Unlock each and every hovercraft, choose your favorite, and play for the highest score.


“Hovercraft: Takedown” is such a beautiful colorful game with stunning visuals and simple but elegant soundtracks. The game is designed smoothly, the colors and the backgrounds are incredibly pleasing.


All in all, “Hovercraft: Takedown” is such a worth-playing racing game that can never go wrong when you need a fun, relaxing game title. Each new layer of the game that you uncover will make you want a little bit more.

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