BSPlayer Pro MOD APK 3.19.247-20230828 (Paid for free)

BSPlayer Pro MOD APK 3.19.247-20230828 (Paid for free)

September 8, 2023

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If you often watch 4K videos on your phone, then download “BSPlayer Pro” and have the best entertainment experience on your smartphone.

BSPlayer Pro is one of the best media players on the Android operating system. The application optimizes the smartphone’s hardware and improves video quality. The application belongs to the developer “BSPlayer media” and receives much attention from users. The application also received a lot of attention from experts.

If you want to get the best experience when watching videos on your smartphone, “BSPlayer Pro” is a perfect choice.

Download “BSPlayer Pro” and get ready to have a great experience in every live footage!

The powerful media player on your phone

BSPlayer Pro is a simple and effective media player. The application offers many great features and engaging entertainment experiences. The application supports most multimedia formats (like AVI, MKV, MP4, WAV, MP3, etc.). Thus, users can listen to music, watch videos/movies/DVDs, listen to podcasts/radios, and more on the app.

BSPlayer Pro supports most Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. The application algorithm supports video decoding and hardware acceleration. If you use the application, your smartphone will use fewer CPU resources to play multimedia files. Therefore, the application provides a smoother experience on smartphones.

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Provides a multi-core decoder

BSPlayer Pro is Chromecast compatible and supports most .mp4 files on the web. The most impressive feature of the application is the multi-core (dual and quad-core) decoder. As a result, the application improves the video quality and accelerates the hardware. The application provides smooth motion for videos and reduces battery consumption.

BSPlayer Pro can also amplify the sound, and you can increase the volume up to 500% compared to the original file. Therefore, you can fully enjoy the worst recording files. The application also allows playing video in the pop-up window (for both audio and video). Therefore, users can enjoy videos while doing other work on smartphones.

Providing a multi-core decoder

BSPlayer Pro not only improves video speed, but the application also Supports most multimedia file formats. The application works well with video file formats (such as AVI, MKV, MP4) and audio file formats (WAV, MP3). Therefore, you can enjoy the most impressive movies and the most exciting music.

BSPlayer Pro is an “all-in-one” media player. Users do not need to load too many different media players with dozens of redundant features. BSPlayer Pro is a simple and effective solution. Users only need to use the application to listen to music and watch quality videos. Thus, you can save a lot of your smartphone’s memory for other necessary storage.

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Powerful customization of images and sounds

BSPlayer Pro allows users to customize the image and sound strongly. You can adjust the aspect ratio (rotate 90 degrees, flip) and zoom the video to your liking. Smartphones have different aspect ratios, so this feature allows users to maximize the experience in each video. In addition, the application also offers color filters, and users can adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast.

BSPlayer Pro allows users to convert multiple audio streams and subtitles. The app also allows users to Search, select favorite segments, Control volume, and many more. The app supports playlists and different playback modes (all/random/only one playback).

BSPlayer Pro supports audio headsets and external Bluetooth keyboards. Therefore, you can use Bluetooth headphone devices to enjoy your favorite playlists in the app. In addition, users can also customize the sound quality (bass/treble), playback speed and create necessary hotkeys.

Automatically search for subtitles

BSPlayer Pro automatically searches for suitable subtitles for any video. The application automatically searches for external subtitles. It would help if you had a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to search for subtitles. In addition, the application allows users to embed subfiles (such as ssa / ass, srt, sub, txt) directly into the video. The automatic subtitle search feature is convenient and practical.

BSPlayer Pro screen 3

Stream files from RAR files or external drives

BSPlayer Pro allows users to play video and mp3 files directly over Wi-Fi from their drives/folders, e.g., USB drives, SMB shares, PC shared folders, NAS servers. Therefore, users do not need to waste time converting video files or copying media files to SD cards. Surely you don’t need to be tired of waiting for file conversion any more.

BSPlayer Pro also plays files directly from RAR files, and you don’t need to decompress the RAR files. This saves you time and your phone’s memory space. The application has a screen lock function so that no one can interact with the locked screen.

Note that BSPlayer Pro uses Google’s standard licensing service, so you need to enable Wi-Fi the first time you run the application.


In short, BSPlayer Pro is a great media player, and you should install the app on Android devices. The application supports the most popular multimedia file formats, supports multi-core decoding, saves battery, and consumes fewer smartphone resources. Users can freely customize the image and sound in each video. In addition, the application automatically searches for subtitles and directly plays files from RAR files or external drives.

Download “BSPlayer Pro” and enjoy great entertainment files with your Bluetooth headphones!

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