Burger Shop MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlocked)

Burger Shop MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlocked)

September 12, 2022


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In Burger Shop, you must rebuild your restaurant empire by adding new ingredients to the menu to attract customers. The biggest attraction in this game is that you not only serve burgers but also other dishes such as omelet and barbecue. There are over 100 trophies of all kinds for you to conquer are sure to bring you entertaining moments.

Uncover the mystery behind the exotic hamburger-making machine and grow your own restaurant business in the time-management game Burger Shop. Serving fastidious customers, processing new burgers, adding beverages, chips to the menu are essential tasks in Burger Shop APK. Come on, together with us, explore the exciting game modes in this fascinating game.

General Information

Burger Shop is a cooking and restaurant management game that gives players a lot of fun experiences on your Android phone and iPhone. Joining Burger Shop, you will play the role of a hamburger shop owner and have grown your business into a culinary empire.

Burger Shop is a popular PC game where players have to create a global fast-food chain to gain fame and wealth. However, one day, a Burger Shop player finds himself in a trash dump with a streak on his head. Your restaurant is closed and you have no memory of what happened.

Back with Burger Shop, players will start building from scratch and discover the truth about what happened to their previous hamburger chain. You must use skillful cooking and time management skills to serve hungry customers. Then, upgrade your kitchen to provide diners with diverse dishes such as burgers, cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, potato, pizza, donuts, and countless dishes.

Burger Shop players can travel around, serve hungry customers, and discover the truth of what happened to its original fast-food chain. The game gives you over 100 levels with many challenges designed with beautiful graphics, colorful and playful sound effects.

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How to Play Burger Shop?

Have you ever thought things like making french fries, making burgers are going to be fun? If not, then surely you must try Burger Shop. Burger Shop has a unique style of play and is an excellent game for those who love culinary arts.

Although what Burger Shop brings will appeal to players, to get the best service or experience, most of the restaurant’s staff will have to work over their capacity. You have to smile throughout the entire working period. In short, whether or not you can find it interesting depends a lot on how the player enjoyed the game.

Considered a serial title of Burger Shop, Burger Shop has some special changes compared to the original version. Operating and serving a fast-food restaurant is not as easy as you think from serving customers on time to limiting the wrong dishes. It requires players to have certain agility and ingenuity. Handle any problems that will inevitably occur. For a restaurant, reducing the number of leftovers and maintaining the customer file as expected is what managers are priorities.

Being able to expand the customer file depends a lot on the food menu and the quality of service. In the game, besides the customers familiar with the preferences of using fast food, the customers who have variable eating preferences are also your service target. And to help the restaurant function well with those game requirements, divine machines will also help you.

Burger Shop is about arranging and serving food in the right way. Burger Shop is a large conveyor belt that reminds us of hot pot restaurants or conveyor buffet restaurants. Food is constantly being placed and moved while customers will take turns ordering food and taking a sitting position.

Burger Shop screen 0

Overall Assessments

Your job is not just to deliver the food to your customers. Do not forget the cooking quests and the problems that occur when the difficulty of each level will increase. After each game screen, you may choose one of three ingredients to add to the food menu for the next level.

Besides, the customer requirements are also what players need to focus on, such as how to fill a glass of water, how many fried potatoes, or decorate the dessert ice cream. Make sure the steps are correct if you do not want to dump them all over and start over. It makes customers impatient in waiting.

Burger Shop screen 3

To be honest, the reconciliation between making clothes and serving is difficult at all. What makes Burger Shop so attractive is probably the way to challenge the meticulousness of players by sweeping the sauce on the meals. You can completely make mistakes when the fever dressing tool is small with finger control.

It is the decisive segment. Just one slight mistake will cause all the cooking processes to fall alive into the sea. As always, you do not have to serve all the food at once. A little wine, a glass of coca, or a bottle of beer is also a reasonable option that you can serve before setting out a hearty table.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of customers compared to the conveyor belt, do not worry because you will have another powerful assistant. A flying robot will be ready to help you serve one to two customers each time the energy bar is cooldown with full stakes. Sometimes, you will also improve the quality of your service by offering free cakes to those who bring their pets to the restaurant. To take advantage of the factors well and get the highest performance, you must be sure to master every aspect of the restaurant.

Burger Shop screen 2

Cooking Mama simulates and accurately measures the steps of food making from ingredients preparation of the dish. You will cook the dishes by yourself in the small kitchen. The movement is simple, you just slide and touch. It is very easy to manipulate. The first dishes will always have detailed instructions on how to cook. So, you do not worry too much that it will spoil the dish.

Besides being in the kitchen, Cooking Mama has many other games that you can easily change when you feel the cooking is too boring. Specifically, take care of the farm, harvest fire trees, have fun restaurants, fish, farm, and finally a fun market.

For each recipe, it will bring the cooked dish into the restaurant menu. To have a rich menu, be in the kitchen, and make new dishes to serve your customers. However, to process dishes in the restaurant, the player needs to collect Happy Foods. They are the ingredients to make dishes in the restaurant.

Final Words

There are no eye-catching graphics in Burger Shop MOD APK. The presentation is not groundbreaking. But the practicality and unique gameplay are the highlights of Burger Shop. If you want to find a game that requires fast reflection and high-minded skills, for sure, the game of Burger Shop will be a superb choice.

There are 80 challenging levels among eight different restaurant scenes for you to conquer. Upgrade up to 60 items and tools. Also, there are four attractive game modes such as Story Mode, Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, and Expert Story.

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