Food Truck Chef MOD APK 8.47 (Unlimited Coins)

Food Truck Chef MOD APK 8.47 (Unlimited Coins)

May 17, 2024


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Tilting Point
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Unlimited Coins

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For those of you who’re interested in the awesome cooking games and would love to have yourself a food truck business, you’ll certainly find this awesome mobile game from Tilting Point exceptionally enjoyable. That’s said, in the game, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the awesome food truck journey, which would take you through multiple locations and introduce many exciting in-game features.

Enjoy your wholesome food journey as well as interesting travels by getting on your food truck and drive through some of the most famous cities in the entire world. Have fun traveling and selling delicious street foods with your mobile trucks. Get exposed to multiple cuisines throughout the world and create your own food truck empire in Food Truck Chef.

Find out more about this amazing mobile game from Food Truck Chef with or a complete review.


In the game, Android gamers will have their chances to get maximum exposure to the culinary world as they take on their ultimate food journeys. That said, with Food Truck Chef, gamers can now travel across the world and sell their delicious street foods in some of the most famous cities. Discover various quick and easy menus that you can sell to your customers. Collect money to upgrade your trucks, unlock new features, and progress in your culinary adventures.

And at the same time, feel free to immerse yourself in many exciting in-game stories with awesome experiences, addictive gameplay, and authentic foody challenges. Enjoy multiple stories with unique setups and in-game experiences as you have fun with your own Food Truck Chef experiences. Discover awesome missions that will allow you to dive deep into the restaurant businesses. Not just working on the food trucks, gamers will also find themselves getting involved in many exciting activities in the game.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Build your own cooking empire with your food truck

To start with, Android gamers in Food Truck Chef can enjoy themselves in the awesome in-game experiences as you build your entire cooking empire from a single food truck. Enjoy in-depth food truck gameplay with exciting features that would allow you to get through all the thick and thin of the business. Here, gamers are allowed to dive into realistic cooking experiences, in which you’ll be forced to cook for dozens of waiting for customers while still maintaining the quality of your dishes. In addition, find yourself enjoying the in-depth management experiences as you develop your own food truck empire.

Food Truck Chef screenshot 2

Travel the world and enjoy divisive foody experiences

Along with the exciting cooking experiences, Food Truck Chef also introduces Android gamers to the exciting foody experiences all over the world. That said, Android gamers will have their chances to travel to the world’s biggest cities and explore the diverse cuisines in each location. Explore the exciting food truck cooking gameplay in many different ways as you enjoy the awesome gameplay even more.

Make your delicious hot dogs on the streets of New York, enjoy the delicious nachos at Mexico City, sell some dumplings in Hong Kong, sandwich in London, ramen in Tokyo, and so on. With dozens of different locations to explore, you’ll find yourself enjoying the best food experiences that you have ever had.

Enjoy hundreds of amazing dishes with varied themes

And as you travel the world, the game also features hundreds of amazing food recipes, from street foods to high-class restaurant desserts. Here in Food Truck Chef, the game offers hundreds of amazing dishes throughout your 680+ in-game levels.

Feel free to take on all these amazing challenges as you progress in your own food journeys. Learn how to cook these delicious foods in many different styles, from the quick and precise street foods to a more delicate style with your restaurant desserts. Enjoy these exciting recipes as much as you want and enjoy cooking throughout the experiences.

In addition, as you dive yourself into the epic adventures into your amazing food tour across the world, you’ll also find yourself exploring some of the most exotic dishes that are distinctive to each location. Discover them, have a taste, and recreate these amazing foods as you progress.

Food Truck Chef screenshot 1

Upgrade your kitchen and enjoy more satisfying gameplay

To improve your cooking experiences, it’s also possible for Android gamers in Food Truck Chef to upgrade their kitchen so that they can enjoy much more satisfying gameplay. That said, the game offers multiple upgrade options and features for your kitchen and equipment. Make sure to pick them up if you wish to enjoy a more refined cooking experience and learn to be a better chef.

In addition, you can also level up your characters to make them more capable of dealing with the advanced recipes. Enjoy the immersive cooking gameplay as you discover the fast and furious cooking experiences.

Get involved in many interesting restaurant gameplays

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers in Food Truck Chef can also pick up hilarious and exciting restaurant gameplay with interesting chefs. Help them in multiple cooking and restaurant management tasks as you freely dive into the restaurant gameplay in your Food Truck Chef adventures. Feel free to play your cooking games, kitchen games, dairy games, diner games, kitchen challenges, and so on.

Explore the world and enjoy interesting interactions with multiple chefs and in-game characters all over the world. Join them in their own unique foody experiences and enjoy the cooking gameplay in many interesting aspects.

Food Truck Chef screenshot 4

Battle the top chefs with exciting food wars

As you dive into the ultimate cooking experiences in Food Truck Chef and find yourself embarking on your own journeys, the game will offer exciting food wars, in which gamers will have their chances to battle against other chefs as you join the Food Truck Carnival. In a fixed amount of time, you’ll have to cook delicious fast food dishes for as many people as you can. Complete the challenges and win against your competitors to earn special rewards while also enjoying the awesome food wars. Make uses of the available boosters to, furthermore, enhance your cooking experiences.

Multiple customizations and decorations to try out

Along with the addictive cooking experiences Food Truck Chef also offers exciting decorations and customizations that you can have on your trucks. Feel free to make uses of the available options as you effectively caught the eyes of every passer-by with your brilliantly decorated trucks. Make your trucks look super cool and interesting as you travel the world.

And at the same time, feel free to dive into the awesome gameplay, in which you can help your friends to decorate their restaurants, cafes, kitchens, and even trucks with the available in-game features. Take part in the craze cooking gameplay while also having fun with the hilarious decorations.

Food Truck Chef screenshot 3

Collect stars and have fun with the weekly events and unique missions

In addition, gamers in Food Truck Chef can also have fun with many weekly events and unique missions that they can enjoy. Feel free to have fun in the weekly Star Haul events with interesting and refreshing themes every week. Have fun with awesome food truck carnival challenges and serve the best foods to the customers. Earn your stars and unlock more interesting in-game features.

Complete multiple in-game achievements

In addition, for those of you who’re interested, the game also features unique achievements that you can unlock. Pick up the prestigious achievements as you complete certain quests with interesting requirements.

Free to play

And despite all those amazing features, Android gamers can still have their Food Truck Chef gameplay for absolutely. That being said, the game is currently free for all Android users to download on the Google Play Store. In addition, if you wish to enjoy fully unlocked gameplay, it’s also possible for Android gamers to enjoy the modified version of the game on our website.

Enjoy the unlocked experiences with our mod

Speaking of which, with our modded Food Truck Chef gameplay, gamers can have fun with unlocked features, unlimited money, and most importantly, completely removed ads. All it takes is for you to download and install the Food Truck Chef Mod APK on our website. Follow the provided instructions and you can have the unlocked gameplay ready on your mobile devices for completely free.

Visual and sound quality


Enjoy the beautiful gameplay of Food Truck Chef with stunning graphics and amazing visual effects. That’s said, you’ll find the delicious foods and friendly characters extra enjoyable as you dive into your own food truck gameplay. Even more so, the brilliantly designed and delicious cooking foods will make you extra hungry whenever you look at them.


Together with brilliant visual experiences, Android gamers in Food Truck Chef will also find themselves enjoying the satisfying in-game audio. That said, with relaxing soundtracks and interesting sound effects, the game lets you to fully immerse into your cooking fun.

Final thoughts

For the hardcore fans Cooking Fever, Cooking Diary, and other brilliant cooking titles, this new game from Tilting Point will certainly interest you. That being said, you’ll certainly find yourself enjoying the experiences as you dive into your own amazing cooking journeys. And of course, feel free to enjoy the completely free and unlocked gameplay, which will allow you to have fun with your Food Truck Chef gameplay to the fullest.

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