Papa's Pizzeria To Go MOD APK 1.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

Papa's Pizzeria To Go MOD APK 1.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

Flipline Studios Unlimited Money

Experience the art of managing a Pizzeria business as you join your characters in their journey in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go. Get involved in multiple activities inside a Pizzeria by helping your friend managing the business on his own.

Arrive at your store on time, clean and prepare it before the customers arrive. Open the business and wait for your customers to show up. Let them pick their orders and start cooking the pizzas as how they wanted. Bake with the perfect temperatures and finish things with clean cuts on your pizza.

Work well and collect enough money for further expansions of your shop. Purchase equipment, unlock new recipes, and more. Do what you have to do to attract more customers as well as maintaining good services.

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The game begins with you, the main character arrive at the Papa’s Pizzeria To Go in your first day after being promoted to cooker. However, you soon realize that you’re all alone in your shop since Papa Louie has left the restaurant for some personal businesses.

With the chef out in his new adventure, gamers will have to take over the Pizzeria and begin the business without this help. Our eager customers are waiting to have a taste of your delicious pizzas, let not leave them waiting any longer.

Here in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go, since you’re the only employee, you’ll have to do all the jobs from taking orders. Time to pick up a whole new adventure in the Papa’s Pizzeria universe.


Let’s take a look at all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple controls and addictive gameplay

To start with, the game introduces gamers to the simple and intuitive controls which you can easily get familiar with. This makes the game quite accessible even for new gamers. On top of that, you’ll also find the gameplay relatively simple thanks to the intuitive tutorials and simplified gameplay. Moreover, the game is surprisingly addictive with many enjoyable features. Thus, you’ll have plenty of fun playing through the levels.

Learn to do all the tasks inside a Pizzeria

As the only employee in the Pizzeria, gamers will have to do all the different tasks that are required. This includes writing down customers’ orders, prepare the toppings and ingredients, bake the pizza in the perfect temperature, and finish with perfect cuts to satisfy your customers. Get better with multi-tasking every day in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go.

Hundreds of different pizza recipes

As you dive deeper into the world of Papa’s Pizzeria To Go, you’ll also gain access to new pizza recipes that would attract more customers to the store. That being said, make sure you could familiarize yourself with dozens of different toppings, know how to adjust the oven, and select the right ingredients to deliver the most delicious pizzas.

Upgrade your shops with new equipment

And to allow your business to function more effectively, gamers in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go are allowed to choose between dozens of different furniture and equipment to place inside your restaurant. On top of that, there are also tons of useful upgrades that you can pick up to increase your overall performances.

Find yourself working much faster with better equipment and the customers also enjoy themselves more with better food. Not to mention that you can reduce their annoyance despite having to wait for a long time.

Customize and decorate your shop

Along with the furniture and equipment, you can also perform multiple customizations and decorations on your Pizzeria, just to make it looks better. Feel free to let your creativity to do the work and introduce a beautiful restaurant to the customers.

Over 90 different customers with varied tastes

Speaking of which, the game currently features over 90 different customers which you’ll have to unlock one by one in unique orders. That being said, they could appear in your restaurant reaches a certain reputation, having new recipes or upgrades, and so on. The more VIP the customers, the better profit you’ll make so don’t take it lightly.

Work hard to satisfy your customers

No matter what time it is or how much the pressure is, you’ll have to work hard to satisfy your customers in this Pizzeria. Always pay attention to their orders to put in the right toppings and ingredients, bake at the right temperature, and give them the right cuts. The better the services, the more cash and reputation you’ll earn. Not to mention that there will be random Closers and Food Critics appear at your restaurant. It’s important to deliver them good services so they’ll return for many times.

Complete multiple achievements and earn your deserved rewards

And along with the main gameplay, Papa’s Pizzeria To Go also features over 75 in-game achievements that you can choose to complete. Earn yourself multiple rewards from accomplishing these achievements. Make uses of the rewards and develop your business even more.

Have the game for completely free

And last but not least, the game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid game. So you’ll have to spend some cash to install it on your devices. However, if you prefer to have a completely free game on your devices instead, you can also download the Papas Pizzeria APK from our website. Install it on your devices like usual and you can have this amazing game for completely free.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple and intuitive 2D graphics which introduces gamers to the stunning Pizzeria. Feel free to decorate your restaurant with colorful decorations and items. Be creative and create beautiful pizzas with awesome toppings and ingredients.


With cheerful and enjoyable soundtracks throughout the entire working day, Papa’s Pizzeria To Go allows gamers to enjoy the relaxing gameplay that they’ve always wanted.

Download Papa’s Pizzeria To Go latest 1.1.4 Android APK

Fans of the famous Papa’s Pizzeria franchise will have another great title to enjoy on their mobile devices with this new game from Flipline Studios. Addictive Pizzeria gameplay with in-depth features, not to mention that you can have the game for completely free with our mod. We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t have it installed on your devices.

And if you wanna experience some freaky Pizzeria gameplay? Then you shouldn’t overlook FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator. Prepare yourself for unique experiences that are out of this world.

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