Bus Simulator 17 MOD APK 2.0.0 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Bus Simulator 17 MOD APK 2.0.0 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

November 28, 2020


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Ovidiu Pop
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Unlimited Money/Gold

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Nobody hates games allowing them to drive to all the routes and witness realistic environments. Bus Simulator 17 can take you to every corner of the street you want, making you feel like driving a real bus. Wait no more but give it a shot to experience different places and challenges.

The game provides you with the most satisfying moments when you’re moving through the mountains and deserts. Your job is to deliver all of the customers to the right destinations safely. More than that, the players must select the passengers once pausing at the bus stop. These would help you purchase a brand new and more comfortable transportation later on.

General information

In the presence of various games across the app markets nowadays, it’s a bit hard to know whether there’s any game is worth your time or not. Don’t worry since Bus Simulator 17 could handle all these issues at once to bring you to a completely fun and immersive mobile gaming experience.

The game will let you role-play as an actual bus driver to move in the city through heavy traffic as well as carry the passengers from one place to another. Come to pick up all school kids through the school bus and ensure to drop them all at school on time. More importantly, always follow the traffic rules while driving your vehicle on the road.

Simply sit behind the wheels of the city bus, and get ready to become the real bus driver in one of the most fascinating simulation games. Let’s travel from one place to another anytime you like, and do almost everything within a wide range of surroundings. Regardless of your age or occupation, Bus Simulator 17 app is made for everyone.

Also, remember to struggle through the traffic while getting your passengers from point A to point B and planning the route. Focus more on the game once you step into the shoes of a bus driver. Take this chance to possibly drive on the beach, in the mountains, at the airport, and even in outer space. Just wait for the game to amaze you!

Bus Simulator 17 is one of the most recent simulation games available for download on the website. Along with that, this version delivers a great number of features and options for your discovery. It was developed by vPop Studio and the gamers can download it without charge on Google Play.

And guess what? With a bunch of unlockables and means of transportation in the game, you can hope to be the ultimate driver. So make sure to learn how to control the bus around the messy traffic and enjoy the desirable thrill of the simulator.

As compared to Bus Simulator Ultimate, a bus game from the developers of Truck Simulator 2018, you don’t have a bus agency yet still can experience the physics engine built into the whole driving motion. You would be surprised at the realistic routes based on the actual city and country. Not only that, but everything also looks so real, from the rain to the damp roads, headlights, horns, and street lights.

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Overall assessments

Everyone loves the game, especially when the details and graphics are quite clear and good enough to make them feel like being really there. More buses and routes should get updated next time since the players love to challenge themselves on the most dangerous and challenging roads. They want to explore different areas, from the countryside to the outskirts apart from the city center and highways.

Also, never think of taking your eyes off the mirrors, even the rearview one when you have to drive on the highway and handle heavy traffic. Severe weather conditions will occur, including rainfall, which might limit your driving performance on the road. According to the players, the overall game is fun and addictive, but if there’s a button to click to open doors before and after the pickup, it will be more realistic.

The content of Bus Simulator 17 is great, but its controls probably annoy you at times. It reduces the fun when being slow and laggy. If this problem gets fixed, the game is the best. Aside from this, people love it when they use the school bus. They can view the lights and the sign here. Therefore, it would be better if that sign comes out with one button as well.

Undeniably, the game remains some bugs, like the Cloud saving your game won’t work for a few moments. This situation makes it impossible for the players to save their progress online, so the developers need to check this one and fix it. Last but not least, maps should get brought into the game, particularly in the snowy places.

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Currently, there are several simulators for nearly everything, ranging from trains, trucks, farms, forklifts, and now to the bus. So why not download Bus Simulator 17 for your Android right away? It’s the seventeenth installment of the long-lasting saga of simulators that enables you to drive around the allocated routes.

You definitely feel like being a real bus driver when taking all passengers around various routes with your means of transportation. All cities get separated in zones, consisting of the Countryside, Industrial, Suburban, and Central.

The one and only mission for you is to finish them all and make your customized routes. Does it sound interesting enough to check this out? The game itself is a driving simulator that doesn’t let you get caught by the police or reach the finish line before anybody else.

We recommend you to get to the destination on time by taking advantage of different models of the bus, such as articulated coaches, double-decker buses, school buses and more. Those vehicles come with the boosted traffic system that makes your experience more fantastic than ever.

More excitingly, you will be able to join the online multiplayer mode if interested. That mode proves who is the best bus driver in the world. Not only enter the life of a driver, but you also compete with others. To be honest, this is one of the biggest features of Bus Simulator 17, and probably the most-worth-to-try one.

If not, feel free to choose among different game modes, including daily missions and free drive. Or when online play is not your favorite, then you can try plenty of the offline features, ranging from career mode, free ride, bus company management to route creation. Use buttons or controls to steer your vehicle.

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As mentioned above, the game graphics look realistic and clear enough for players to perform their driving skills on the roads. As you look inside the bus itself, you’ll see how meticulously detailed the interiors are. They merely look and feel real.

Besides, the menu system is made with ease of navigation and great simplicity, so it’s not hard for the players to control everything from steering the bus to adjusting the mirrors.

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Final words

Bus Simulator 17 Mod APK receives great recognition from anybody downloading and playing the game. But what we love the most about it is the layout that is designed in a simple manner so that every player can experience the fullness of it without any difficulty. It’s also perfect for those who love driving on the city streets.

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