Cafeland MOD APK 2.25.6 (Unlimited Money)

Cafeland MOD APK 2.25.6 (Unlimited Money)

GAMEGOS Unlimited Money

Cafeland is a game that simulates cooking and restaurant management. There are lots of beautiful and attractive dishes and a variety of furniture styles for you to decorate and expand your restaurant. If you are a lover of restaurant games, you should not miss Cafeland.

This game is a sales game that is very suitable for girls and teenage girls. Our café is full of ingredients and utensils for processing. Cafeland is one of the splendid games on mobile phones that will help you make your dream of running your cafe. You can cook, serve, and try to please all customers. Build up the cafe’s reputation by serving quickly, designing eye-catching interior designs to attract more customers. Roll up your sleeves, stand as a chef, and use your available funds to open the cafe in Cafeland.

How to Play Cafeland?

The game has familiar gameplay of a restaurant game, which is cooking, upgrading, and expanding the restaurant. You need to use the built-in stoves, select dishes to perform cooking. When the food is ready, you need to press the button to push them into the serving boxes.

There are hundreds of different dishes for you to cook. From familiar savory dishes such as burgers, kebabs to dessert cakes, you need to buy more food trays, cookers to cook more new dishes.

An indispensable job is to clean the kitchen and the restaurant. Every time you cook a dish, clean it up before you can continue cooking. The restaurant after a period of service will be dirty. You need to clean it so that customers do not complain.

Do not forget to decorate, buy more equipment to make your restaurant more beautiful. Paint the walls, change floor pads, buy flower pots, or buy more game consoles, TVs to get more tips.

In particular, you can also accumulate funds by inviting celebrities to parties and events at your restaurant. Also, complete missions to receive more rewards such as money, fever bottles, and an excellent chef crown. Also, you can visit your friends’ restaurants (Facebook connection required), perform some quests there, and get rewarded for yourself.

2D graphics, character designs, and interior details, dishes are cute with diverse, bright colors. The agreeable sound throughout the game along with sound effects when cooking dishes and cleaning the kitchen makes the game much more lively and realistic.

The variety of activities and tasks along with the eye-catching graphics are the points that make you indispensable to love this Cafeland game. Download Cafeland now and become the boss to build your dream restaurant now!

Ways to Prepare and Serve Food in Cafeland

You need two elements to cook and serve food in your cafe, the kitchen, and the service counter. At the start of the game, you have two kitchens with two service counters. It will possess you more in the next levels. Some items will lock up if you don’t buy a stove or service counter, so will check in when leveling up to see if you can buy more.


Click on a stove or hamburger icon on the left side of the game screen to activate Cookbook. At first, you can only cook short term dishes. But as you level up and earn more experience points, you can cook dishes that require longer cooking time.

Denote that in the Cookbook, there is the price of the food and how many servings it provides you, how much it takes to cook the dish, and gives you how much XP. Food will still be cooked while you’re offline, as long as your cafe is open. Check the symbol in the center of the game screen. If the symbol is closed, click on it to open and always make sure you cook the food before exiting the game.

Once you click on the Cook item, you will see the chef preparing the food on the stove. The items will be different when you fry, roast, or stew. You do not have to click as many times to prepare as in other cooking games, just click on Cook and wait.

Handling spoiled food

Food will spoil if it is cooked and not served for a long time. If the food takes a long time to cook, it will spoil in half the time we cook it. Some foods take 30 minutes to cook and take 10 minutes to 1 hour to spoil. For example, if you take 1 hour to cook a dish you will have 1 hour to serve or it will spoil. Or, if you take 4 hours to cook, there will be 2 hours to serve.

Cafeland cleaning

You need to keep your coffee shop clean. Otherwise, customers will walk away and not order. Some items you need to clean and will earn money and XP.

Each customer will go to the counter and choose food. After that, they’ll pay for the food, bring a table, and sit down. When they are finished, they will leave a coin on the table. We will add click on the table to collect the coins and it to your fund.

Special Features

Name your cafe

After downloading the game, they will ask you to give your cafe a name. If you skip this step, the default will name the cafe “Your Cafe”. The game will give you a brief guide to completing the missions. After completing the mission, you will know how to get around the game.

Create avatars for chefs and staff

You choose between male and female chefs to represent you and choose the staff style. The game allows you to choose the gender and avatar design, choose facial features, hair, and clothes for the staff. These features are subject to change and do not require any cost.

Install the game

You can access the game’s settings on the right side of the game screen. Here, you can zoom in or out on a scene, switch to full-screen mode, or switch game music and sound effects.

Currency in Cafeland

The coin is the basic currency in the game and can be earned for serving food, completing quests, and helping neighbors. Using coins, you can purchase decorations, expansions, etc. At the start of the game, it provides you with 10000 coins.

Cash is the game’s premium currency, used to buy premium items. You can complete certain tasks in the game, restore broken food, and immediately complete quests. You will earn five cash each time you level up. You can even buy all the animated items to put in your cafe. At the start of the game, you own 25 cash.

Happiness index

The pink clock along the top of the display is a happy indicator. Your goal is to reach 100, which is maximum customer happiness. If the customer is happy, a smiley face appears above their head. You can see messages pop up and customers will tell you why they are not satisfied like the drink shop is dirty. It means you need to clean up the coffee spills. Even when you click on a customer, you will get helpful advice in the game.

Our Assessments

Cafeland is designed with simple but eye-catching 3D graphics. With acute, sharp character formation and a combination of cute expressions makes the game more attractive.

The character always has gestures such as eating, waving, or ordering food, which is simulated authentically. Along with that, the layout is clear, easy to manipulate, and the colors are gentle, also highlighting the game more.

The game offers melodious, mellow background music. And besides that, there will be complaints or calls from the characters. It helps to increase the authentic game experience and make the player feel more comfortable. Cafeland is built on the model of a cafe, restaurant. You will become an actual manager, set the price, decorate the shop, and build your brand.

Highlights of Cafeland

  • Restaurant game simulation: You will own, develop, and create your coffee brand or restaurant. You can set prices on products, hire and train your employees.
  •  Coffee Shop Decoration: You can decorate and arrange the right furniture for the coffee shop or restaurant according to your style.
  •  Interaction with customers: You will act as a manager, meeting clients from different generations, and giving advice to each client with their daily life stories.
  •  Build a town: You can meet new friends, build and lead a town with them, complete festive missions to become a place of growth.
  •  Coffee shops and coffee enthusiasts: You can delight in showing off your bartender’s talents and creating fresh drinks for your customers.

Recommended Alternatives

Manor Café

Manor Café is a very fun business elimination mobile game. Match items in interesting puzzle games, uncover interesting stories from episode to episode and design your restaurant and garden according to your preferences.

When you bought this outdated restaurant, you had a dream to recreate its former glory by decorating and reopening all the beautiful facilities such as bars, restaurants, and gardens. Meet the restaurant manager, Megan, and the angry chef, Bruno, and join them in their wonderful lives.

Beat the match-three levels through the game and win stars to decorate your cafe. Explore fascinating stories while playing, meet interesting characters, and unlock a variety of food. If you are passionate about puzzle games, house, and kitchen design games, then you will love the Manor Café!

Matching items have never been such fun. In all match-three games, Manor Café has a unique design, with dozens of power-ups, superpower enhancement functions, and a unique storyline, interesting characters, and lively atmosphere of an open restaurant! In the crazy world of Manor Café, you will never get bored!

Different from other cafe management games and match-3 games, Manor Café not only has gorgeous decorations and gourmet menus but also uses match-three games and coffee. Unique gameplay with hall decoration games in one!

My Cafe

From the beginning of My Cafe, manager Ann instructs you how to display machines and tables. Gradually, you will be free to create, decorate the coffee shop, and arrange the interior locations as neatly as you want. Because of that, players can create a cafe in a luxurious, popular or monotonous model, highlighting your personality and creating a distinct style.

To form a coffee shop, purchase all kinds of processing machinery and equipment including tea maker, ice cream maker, and Espresso machine. Also, players can expand the shop’s menu by combining products, creating a new product. Specifically, Espresso with milk will produce Espresso Macchiato, tea and milk will become English Tea. And there are many recipes ahead waiting for you to discover.

Final Words

Have you ever wished to own a beautiful little coffee shop? With the new coffee shop game, Cafeland will let you feel that, to see if you are ready to serve coffee and goods.

In Cafeland MOD APK, take on the responsibility of a shopkeeper, bartender, and a cashier because this is a small coffee shop, everything you will have to do with an entire hand. Our guests will bustle in and out and ask for different dishes and drinks. So, you need to react quickly so as not to make others wait too long. The customer has limited patience.

Cafeland is a cooking and house management simulation game where you can build your famous culinary brand. In Cafeland, you will be familiar with the unique recipes. It’s time to learn how to operate a restaurant effectively.

At Cafeland, the menu offers dozens of different dishes, including desserts, appetizers, fast foods, and more to make your in-game experience perfect. Are you ready to become the owner of a famous food cafe?

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