Car Merger MOD APK 1.8.9 (Unlimited Money)

Car Merger MOD APK 1.8.9 (Unlimited Money)

September 25, 2021


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Car Merger is an entertaining game released by Voodoo. This game simulates that you combine two cars to get an extra car.

At the beginning of the game, you will transform into a wealthy car park owner with a significant parking space that can hold up to only four cars. A crazy idea flashed in your mind. It is to combine two vehicles of the same type to develop into a more modern vehicle and free up the parking lot. Yet this crazy idea came true when Voodoo developed this fun game.

Until your car has only one car left, your task is to bring it on the track and run to the finish line. When the vehicle reaches the finish line, you will receive a bonus enough for you to buy extra cars for your parking lot. And your task is to continue the work of strengthening your vehicle until you become a wealthy person.

General Information

Car Merger is an exciting flicker mobile game that you have to bring the entire car together to win the race. In this adventure, your task is to play the most significant role in developing vehicles and accumulate wealth by making them compete.

To start the adventure, own your first car. In the box at the bottom, click as many times as possible to collect your first package. Inside, you will find first-grade vehicles. Once they are placed on the track, they will bring you revenue. Slide your finger to put it there and then move on.

To get second and third-grade cars, all you have to do is combine two vehicles of the same class. Automatically, your vehicle will rise, and you will make more money on the track.

As you discover more extra cars, it will become more challenging to reach each additional level. You need to make a lot of combinations of all previous vehicles to move on. However, if you can get vast amounts of money, you can buy a better car from the store and save time to complete a single combination.

Car Merger can allow you to improve and thus help you further increase your profits, but you have to click thousands of times on the screen, develop hundreds of cars, and invest wisely and effectively.


Car Merger is one of the best merging games as you can save money even if you leave it alone. The gameplay is straightforward and suitable for all ages. It is a neglected car racing game where you drive a car on the course. You will get coins every time the vehicle goes around.

Players can speed ​​up by synthesizing cars. There is a sense of play that thrives. You can double the speed at which you can save money by watching video ads. It feels good to accumulate.

Then, buy an unfamiliar car with the collected coins. By synthesizing the same cars, the grade of the vehicle improved remarkably. It also gains the player experience value when manufacturing cars. As the level increases, the garage capacity increases.

Highlights of Car Merger

As an idle role-playing game, you cannot expect a quality storyline. But Car Merger still tries to draw the player’s attention a bit to the narrative thanks to the style led by comic boxes and gives gamers a sense of comfort without restraint.

Special Features

The diverse vehicle system

Have you ever wondered when you can join a car? According to Voodoo, the number of vehicles in this game is diverse, so you can comfortably combine vehicles without worrying about running out of vehicles.

The number of vehicles in the game can be up to several thousand types. And to get the most modern car, it will probably be a tough challenge for you.

Business never losses

The funny thing is, when you try to trade in this game, you never lose money. When combined with two cars, they will become an additional vehicle more modern. And when you take them to the racetrack, the rewards will be more significant and enough for you to buy extra cars for your parking lot. The car business in Car Merger never made a loss.

Adorable design

Many people rated the graphics of this game too poorly. But we cannot demand beautiful graphics for a game that is so simple. Its purpose is to play in leisure time, and you should not care about what it’s graphics do. Just have fun and just playing!

There are some noteworthy functions such as

  • Get a 10% bonus when the race is full
  • Crate Drops: free car every day
  • Sound: The game has added sound effects, cars, and money falling very fun.
  • Many new locations: The game will take you to many countries like Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese & Russian

Drawbacks of the Game

To be clear, it is full of advertisements. Every time you open the menu for about five seconds, you want to get something. You must watch the videos first. It is about advertising purposes, but not everyone can handle it.

So, how to play Car Merger MOD APK comfortably?, the in-flight mode on your mobile phone is the best solution. There will be no video advertisement at all with no Internet connection. So you will not have to see repetitive advertisement videos. This way is more efficient than any other solution, and you will reach a car with the highest rank of 30 quickly.

The best source of money is tapping the piggy bank. The game comes out every 15 seconds with a free car or piggy bank. The car is not so profitable because of its low level (only ten is worth 10% to make a profit), but the piggy bank has an excellent taste.

However, it disappears in a few seconds, so you have to look at the screen, but while doing something else, you can count for 15 seconds yourself and check the screen each time. I enjoyed this quickly while surfing the net.

MOD APK Version of Car Merger

MOD feature

  • Unlock Cars: You can buy high-end vehicles without reaching the required level.
  • Premium Unlock: it has removed All ads in the game.

Download Car Merger MOD APK for Android

You will have an exciting start in Car Merger. However, after that, you will realize some of its limitations. One is that this game has too many ads. Voodoo always puts many ads in its games: Baseball Boy, Twisty Road, or any of its games. The other is that it does not have a mode other than repeating the pooling.

Anyway, this game is also on the top trending of the App Store and Google Play. You can try it and maybe you love it, a fascinating time-killing game.

Merge Battle Car

Merge Battle Car MOD APK is a simulation game to develop a professional racing team. If you are a speed enthusiast and regularly watch WRC tournaments, you will love this game. You will enjoy the experience of being the boss of a racing team.

Like the Idle X Tycoon game, Merge Battle Car has the same gameplay and operating system. In this game, you are the owner of the racing team. The most exciting thing about the game is that you can merge cars, planes, and buses. Join the race with other players and win lots of bonuses. Use this money to upgrade cars and unlock new parking lots. There will be more space for you in the new parking lot, and you can add more vehicles to that space.

When becoming the leader, you must try to merge planes, cars, or merge all as much as you can. Expand and improve all the garages – more upgraded cars make more money. Buy autos and give them neon or steam-punk style. Merge the same vehicles with better advanced—play events: fusing neon cars, muscle cars, fusing trucks.

Build your racing team to join the race and make money. Use this money to buy extra cars, airplanes, buses, and parking. You can also merge vehicles into a better advanced one. This game is entirely free to play. You don’t have to pay a penny for this. After playing this game a few times, you will become addicted to playing the game.

To scoop more green coins in your pocket, users will have to free them from cars and send them to the track. With each passing game circle of gamers will be additional coins. With the help of the money received, owners will upgrade existing cars and other vehicles. Then, get unfamiliar cars and expand Parking Space for increasing cars.

Benefits of Merge Battle Car MOD APK:

  • The graphic quality of the game is excellent.
  • Customize your vehicle color and give them neon or steam-punk style
  • Merge the same car and create one first
  • Build your racing team and earn money after finishing each race
  • You can also make money by improving and upgrading your battle vehicle
  • Buy an additional parking space to get more space

Merge Plane

In the Merge Plane MOD APK game, you can do a more exciting thing than the Merge Battle Car MOD APK. It is the latest idle game from the publisher Merger Games, available for free on iOS and Android operating systems. In this game, you are the owner of an enormous airline company that owns many planes and manages hundreds of flights a day.

Players used several original, old-fashioned aircraft to develop this airline. There is an airfield and an oval flight path around the statue on the screen. Choose one or more planes you like and let them complete your flight. These planes can wait for cargo or passengers. After they complete the trip and return to their original location, you will receive some gold.

In the first stage, you must actively make money to buy new aircraft and upgrade existing aircraft. But after a long time, we think this game is repeating itself, and there is not much new content. To overcome this situation, Merge Plane has added many features, but the beautiful things in the store can stimulate players to make money to buy. We know you need not play this game continuously. After completing the flight, you can close the game, continue your work, and then earn money the next time you open it.

There are many types of aircraft. Most of the airplanes in the game are biplane fighters used in World War II. If you are a fan of classic planes, then this game is a perfect choice for you.

The game allows you to merge two airplanes to create a new, and exciting aircraft. You can buy apparatus and their accessories made of gold or gems. You can earn coins by flying. You can purchase “gems” with cash or by performing tasks and watching advertisements.

Do you see this little man in the lower-left corner of the screen? He is not decorating there. You can click him to view the task list. You should keep track of this list every day because you may not have completed some tasks.

Final Words

Car Merger MOD APK is about racing with many different types of cars on the track. Car Merger is a fun game where you have to guide a series of vehicles on a 2D path and earn coins every time you cross the finish line.

The controls are straightforward, just based on the touch screen. With these click-like mechanisms, you only need to focus on making the most of the resources to make the most of the lap times completed by each car.

As you move forward, you can always increase the car’s potential and speed to complete as many laps as possible in the shortest time. With your four-wheeled vehicle, you will collect a lot of rewards, which will enable you to use additional levels and game modes.

If you want to spend an agreeable time to unlock extra cars to race on this peculiar track, then Merge Car is a fun game where you have to tap the screen to speed up your vehicle and earn a lot of coins at the same time.

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