Mini Motor Racing APK 2.0.2 (Paid for free)

Mini Motor Racing APK 2.0.2 (Paid for free)

April 14, 2021


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Mini Motor Racing is a 3D racing game full of fun, and excitement. You start your powerful car engine, and start racing against tough opponents. The game evokes great memories of the old car racing genre. You control the car from a distance, use the right brakes to have a great drift, and combine with modern nitro technology to boost the engine. You play against your friends or opponents via WiFi, Bluetooth. The game has a variety of themes, racing and contests for great rewards. You upgrade your driving skills, and evolve your favorite car to win more.

About Gameplay

Mini Motor Racing is full of features, and features of amazing mobile racing games. The game features four racing modes, and over 400 different conquest races. You can customize your car like a sports car, Hatch, Big-rig, School Bus, … and more. After many rounds, you upgrade the car, and create a unique look for your car such as decal, paint color. The game brings a lot of excitement, and is extremely fun when you perform the races by sliding your finger on the mobile screen. The game features over 50 different races, day / night mode, and various weather conditions. The game supports up to 4 players in “Multiplayer Online” mode (allows up to 4 players in WiFi, and 2 players via Bluetooth connection), and you connect via WiFi or over the internet. . The game supports global rankings.

Mini Motor Racing is developed by The Binary Mill, a game for iOS and Android platforms. The game is impressed by realistic physics, diverse races and competition environments, vehicle upgrade modes, the track changes day / night and weather. The game is arcade racing style, and has a strong focus on fun rather than realism. Gameplay is simple and doesn’t put too much emphasis on acceleration and braking. Users must master the power supplies and increase nitrogen in time to overtake rival vehicles. Cars often crash into the environment and collide with each other, but there is no actual damage to the vehicle. The higher you finish the race, the more rewards and cash you get. You use cash to unlock new cars, or upgrade cars while playing career mode. The game offers dozens of cool cars, and is a great combination of crazy arcade driving and depth of real races. You earn money to upgrade your trip in the extended career mode, or simply join the fast-paced circuits with many other players.

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Mini Motor Racing has interesting game modes. If you love adventure, choose the classic career mode. You will participate in hundreds of races, unlock / upgrade dozens of cars, and reach four championships after hundreds of laps. In particular, you can also use some more firepower to the new Type-X mode. You can select “MULTIPLAYER” mode to join online play (up to four friends), and co-op local career mode (up to 2 people). The game features a “massive career” mode for you to win eight giant championships in 52 unique, and vibrant environments. In particular, you can choose the “Type-X” mode for fast-paced racing, and use the chaos of weapons. You will enjoy the cars throughout the game’s career mode. The game has a rich vehicle system with more than 15 cars of all types: cars, classic cars, racing cars, police cars, trucks … You choose your favorite car category, then upgrade your car with details such as: wheel, vehicle speed, machine, nitro … The game has many great tracks to race such as: Highways, mountain roads, coastal roads … The racing is designed to be difficult, and you will have to swing through narrow corridors, roll around corners and use nitro at the right time. The challenge level increases quite quickly, and you need to upgrade your car to overcome the opponents. Another noteworthy point is that the player can drive the car at maximum coverage. The game’s default camera is the aerial view, and while this is difficult to get used to at first, it offers the best in visibility and control. You can easily master chases, and speed up.

Mini Motor Racing also features impressively intelligent AI drivers. AI opponents will observe, learn and plan accordingly to overtake your vehicle, and win. AI opponents know how to use nitrogen at the right time. Therefore, the player must know how to calculate in order not to waste the power and ability of the nitrogen. You won’t feel the harassment of AI at low levels, but you’ll get tired of the AI ​​at the high levels.

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Mini Motor Racing emphasizes the fun, and excitement of racing. Therefore, the control system has omitted a lot of things. You simply swipe your finger to navigate along the left-hand steering wheel, and use the right-hand brake / nitrogen. The gameplay controls are optimized for the phone, and the controls are intuitive so it’s easy to get used to. Remember that the handlebars and pedals are sensitive, so it’s important to keep your fingers in the right direction at all times. The game also supports console and on-screen controls.

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Graphics and sound

Mini Motor Racing has HD graphics in great 3D. You enjoy the full details of the cars, and the great racing models. The game graphics are beautiful, and the lighting effects are real-time (day / night). The interface is cute and detailed. You see beautiful lighting and great environmental effects on many different routes, and terrain (like highways, mountain roads, coastal roads, …). You can also see the details of the rich vehicle system (such as cars, classic cars, racing cars, police cars, trucks, …).

You can try “Motor World Car Factory“, if you love interesting 2D arcade racing. You enter the world of fun, and discover many amazing cars. You run a small car factory, and grow the factory into the most successful brand in the world. You build your car, create new ones, administer your employees, serve your customers, arrange retail stores, and enjoy exciting races. The game also generates online races with friends.

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Mini Motor Racing made a good impression on critics, and players. The game has quality graphics, diverse gameplay and depth of terrain, collision physics. You will have a full sense of the fierce race, thanks to the third-person design. The game features a friendly control system and an abundant number of tracks and races for you to unlock and cover. experience. The game really brings unique experiences through dozens of different tracks with many extremely interesting challenges. In addition, you compete with many other players in multiplayer mode, play with friends or other opponents via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and online.

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