Gun Club 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Gun Club 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

August 21, 2021


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The Binary Mill
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Surely, the Gun Club series is one of the most famous shooting games in the last decades. Gun Club’s previous series always gets the best reviews and feedback from the gaming community. Considered as a pioneer in the shooter genre on mobile platforms, Gun Club has been familiar with gamers since 2009.

Gun Club still holds the top position in the ranking of the best shooter with the most realistic simulation ability. However, the game is only considered a simple shooter and does not bring as many fighting elements as the conventional fighting games. The Binary Mill once again successfully produced Gun Club 3.

With rich and attractive features, accurate simulation of weapons. If you are a weapons enthusiast, enjoy and experience downloading Gun Club 3 and find out why Gun Club 3 is the most downloaded gun simulation game.

General Information

Gun Club 3 is the third part of the series of high-end gun disassembly simulation on the Android Gun Club. In this next season, the producer will bring you a series of dramatic combat missions and a real shooting studio.

Gun Club is one of the most popular gun assembly games on Android, possessing terrible graphics and features that simulate the world of real guns and ammunition. In the second part, it satisfied gamers with hundreds of weapon packs, equipment such as AS50 Sniper Rifle, M27 IAR Assault Rifle, PSG 1 Sniper Rifle, PSG 1 Sniper Rifle, and Striker Shotgun.

And in this latest part, the producer of The Binary Mill will officially take you into the highest level of gun battles ever. Compared to the previous two versions, they have added Gun Club 3, a variety of new guns and weapons, integrating challenging game modes, addictive gameplay with realistic simulation details, and a diverse customization system.

The main feature of the game Gun Club 3 for Android

  • Challenge game mode: Try shooting with friends to see who scores the highest score.
  • Realism to the top: Experience sharp 3D graphics. Each weapon has full customization such as zoom, drag, and rotate to multiple angles to see details.
  • Improved customization system: Hundreds of tools, equipment for you to customize weapons in your fighting style, from scopes, lasers to grenade launchers. Let’s combine them to unleash the destructive power of the weapon you have.
  • Diverse goals: The game possesses a variety of missions such as freeing hostages, destroying enemies from a distance, or fighting in a chaotic zombie scene. No time limit, no score limit, just you and your weapon.
  • Strive to lead: Defeat other shooters in Competition Mode and prove you have a genius shooting skill.
  • Content refresh: Experience new daily missions, new weapon packs, goals, accessories, achievements, and leaderboards. Multiplayer mode will be added as soon as possible.
  • Tablet support: Game optimized for tablets.

Denote that Gun Club 3 is free but also includes paid IAP packages that require players to pay actual money to use. You can disable this feature in your device’s settings. Gamers can conquer Gun Club 3 without the help of IAP packages.

Background Story

Gun Club 3 is a shooting action game that has been capturing a lot of love from gamers around the world with over 5 million downloads on all platforms. Gun Club 3 will not make gamers who love shooting games to be disappointed.

Gun Club 3 is not too violent like the games of the same genre. The Android Gun Club 3 Virtual Weapon Sim game takes you to an experimental environment. It is a shooting practice zone where you will be trained your shooting skills through several exercises from simple to complex like shoot mind, terror shot simulator, shoot zombies with time allowed.

Coming to the game, you will have access to a lot of guns. It includes the M202A1 Rocket Launcher, HK416 Rifle, AA-12, 1777 Corrige Flintlock Rifle, Mk11Mod0, Mk18Mod0, Mk43Mod0, USP, and many more. Playing the game, you will admire the realistic guns with reloading, barrel, and fire action. Even the sound of the shell will make you excited. The modes are automatic and have detailed instructions for each weapon.

Graphics are carefully designed, with stunning and realistic visual effects. The sound system is very realistic with real gunshots. And the weapon system variety of your mission is to use them to take part in missions.

Special Features

Show what you’re made of with the best weapons in the world! Gun Club 3 combines commitment and addictive gameplay thanks to incredible visual effects and unsurpassed detail. The only thing missing is the smell of gunpowder.

Each weapon is finely reproduced, equipped with real ballistics, and observable in its smallest details. What better opportunity to take a tour of the shooting range on your Android!

Gun Club 3 screen 1

Advanced Customization

Customize your weapons with hundreds of different upgrades! From laser sights to the grenade launcher, each weapon can become an exclusive object.

Interactive Fields

Use your weapons in a multitude of different scenarios: from rescuing hostages to long-range shooting to exterminating zombies on an apocalyptic level. Take on some of the best shooters in the world in competition mode. Work your way through each round of the tournament until you have to challenge the defending champion!

New Content

With daily trials, new weapons, accessories, achievements, leaderboards, and soon the multiplayer challenge mode, there is always something new to do in Gun Club 3. There are new challenges, various shooting ranges, modifiable weapons, and continuous novelties make this game a real godsend for any lover of shooting at the range, and more!

Overall Assessment

Gun Club 3 is a shooting game published by The Binary Mill company. The background of the game is as the title says. They carry various shooting practices out in a gun club.

The Binary Mill was previously engaged in the research and development of mobile games and has also produced many excellent game works, such as Mini Racing, Forest Home Out Now, and Firearm Club Series.

Its game quality reflects high praise from reviewers. Most of its games use a fee system instead of free download, and Gun Club 3 is also the orthodox sequel of the gun club series of lands on the VR platform.

They mainly aim at gun collectors. The appearance and shooting of guns in the game Shi’s voice have been extremely restored. We believe it will not disappoint all players.

Gun Club 3 screen 4

Amazing shooting feeling

After aiming through the crosshair, we shoot the gun. In the video games so far, the gun on the screen can aim things far away. However, the action shooting game Gun Club 3 introduced this time restores a real shooting feel.

In a proper environment, you will shoot with a real perspective. In this game, players can get a shooting experience as if they are using a real gun to shoot the target in front of them.

In this game, players need to shoot targets that constantly appear in each level to defeat the level in this way. Players can use different guns according to different levels.

They can also strengthen their favorite guns while honing their style of combat. Although it sounds complicated, the entire game only needs to touch the touchpad to complete all the operations in the game.

Gun Club 3 screen 2

A sense of presence differs from ordinary games

The first is the basic level. As long as you design those static enemies, the enemies are also replaced by cardboard. Your major task is aiming well and then shooting, which is very simple.

However, there will be some enemies difficult to hit in the upcoming levels. You need to slide the touchpad so you can put the gun to the front. In this way, there is a precise feeling of aiming. If you encounter an enemy that is not good enough to hit, set up a gun like this, and you can shoot more easily.

If you hit the head, you will get bonus points for headshots, so take an active aim and shoot! The trick to headshots is to aim above the head and shoot. If you run out of bullets, you can load the ammunition by sliding on the touchpad.

Just like in a normal shooting game, if we use the bullet up, it will automatically be replaced. Once the bullet is loaded, such a white circular metering slot will appear on the screen. If you successfully touch the green area to complete the reload, you will get an extra reward. But even if you fail, you can complete the reload.

Multi-gun elements in the virtual world

This level needs to be used to re-gun. Sniping the enemy at a distant window like this, it feels like a sniper. If you put the rifle in front of you as before and then look at it from the scope. It will also enlarge the field of view through the scope, and there will be some shaking, which also looks very realistic. Calm down and sniping calmly.

Although the image is small and difficult to distinguish, many enemies will also use hostages as shields. If you hit a hostage, some points will be deducted, so you must successfully avoid the hostages and shoot those inhumane enemies.

If you use the rifle scope to find the enemy, because the riflescope has a magnification, the line of sight will become messy once it moves. Although a new enemy appears, there will be navigation prompts in the direction that appears, and then if you follow the prompts to find that direction, you can also find the enemy, but it is best to look away from the scope and find the enemy. Aim afterward, to ensure the efficiency of shooting.

Gun Club 3 screen 3

Four representative level designs

We can roughly divide all levels into four categories. The first one is the introduction. Just shoot the cardboard that represents the enemy, and the cardboard will disappear after some time. We can defeat enemies on this level with a single blow, and you can earn points immediately, so calm down and shoot.

Then there is the second type. On this kind of level, many enemies will appear at one time. If you destroy these enemies, you can complete the level. Although it is very similar to the previous cardboard enemy levels, the enemies in this level will move. So, there is no time limit.

The third level is for practice. You can use your favorite gun to shoot as much as you want, such as newly gained guns. Also, you can practice shooting at this level.

Finally, there is the fourth level. For action shooting, do you feel that there will be zombies on the scene? That’s right! At this level, zombies will come to attack! Although it’s still cardboard, there are low zombies’ roars from all over the scene. And when you listen to the sounds of zombies approaching, it still creates a little tension.

And just like the zombies in other games. The durability is very strong, and the powerful gun needs to be shot many times to defeat a zombie. And even if the arms are blown away, they will not die.

But with a headshot, you can defeat a zombie with one blow because it takes time to load bullets. It is better to aim at the head and shoot as much as possible when you do not have a precise grasp of the firepower of the gun and the number of bullets.

The most important point is that this level has a physical strength value. Once it is attacked by a zombie, it will reduce the physical strength value. Once there is no physical strength, it will be game over.

Gun purchase and enhancement under VR HMD

The guns that can be used in the game are roughly divided into five types, each of which has its characteristics. We can purchase new guns in the shop.

The first type is a pistol. Although the power is relatively low, it can be very simple to shoot continuously, and the price is relatively low. At the beginning of the game, we use pistols. Depending on the type, the number of loaded ammunition will decrease and the corresponding power will become stronger.

The second type is a submachine gun. The loading capacity and stability are relatively high, and the continuous shooting is also relatively easy to control. There are also many types, and the price is slightly higher.

The third type is the shotgun. The power is very high because it is a plural blow. So, if you can get a headshot, you can get a lot of headshot points at one time. But it takes a long time to play, and there is a certain difficulty in getting started.

The fourth type is the assault rifle. The accuracy, number of bombs loaded, speed, and stability of the bomb is relatively high, and the firepower is not low. The only drawback is that the price is relatively high, and it is difficult to get started in the early stages of the game.

The last type is the rifle. It cannot be used at normal levels, but we can only use it in rifle-only levels. And it is relatively difficult to use. It is characterized by the need to aim through a scope. It can also enhance the gun. The items that can be enhanced are accuracy, number of bombs, power, loading speed, and stability.

iGun 2 Pro is an attractive free shooting game with over 30 million downloads worldwide. If you are a lover of weapons, with this game, you not only learn about them but also admire the beautiful weapons.

Shortly after the release of Shooting Showdown, an interesting target shooter on Windows 8, bringing a very interesting shooting simulation experience. iGun 2 Pro appeared on Windows 8 with an original style for conventional shooters.

iGun 2 Pro owns 20 guns, but the developer promises a 200-gun library waiting to be released. After its release and becoming a big hit on phones, finally, this fascinating game is also available on the Windows Store. The game supports both Windows computers and Windows Phone 8 and above phones.

iGun Pro allows you to search for the gun you love, learn about the history of its birth, and all the specifications related to that gun. It comes with experience manipulations on guns, like installing new cartridges when out of ammo. The fascinating thing about this game is that you also see familiar weapons from famous games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Ghosts, or Battlefield.

Not only that, but iGun 2 Pro is also designed to bring the most realistic shooting experience for gamers. With the jerky, bouncing effects, or the blur effect when the gun head is vibrated with smoke after firing, bring actual feelings. iGun 2 Pro is provided free, engaging not only by the authentic shooting experience but also by the useful information it provides. The game is perfect for those who want to learn about guns professionally.

Final Words

Gun Club 3 MOD APK is a virtual reality shooting game. It is a shooting game released by The Binary Mill company. The background of the game is as the title says, with various shooting practices carried out in a gun club.

The Binary Mill was previously engaged in the research and development of mobile games and has also produced many excellent game works, such as Mini Racing, Forest Home Out Now, and The Gun Club Series. And its game quality has been highly praised.

Gun Club 3 MOD APK is also the orthodox sequel to the gun club series of lands on the VR platform. They mainly aim at gun collectors. Different from ordinary fixed-point shooting games, the level modes of Gun Club 3 are very rich, from the fixed shooting robber shape target to the more difficult zombie-shaped moving target and the rotating red star target.

Players need to complete tasks according to different requirements of the level. Despite the rich level modes, the core single-point shooting method has not changed. In the recent version, the Gear VR controller is supported, and it improves the immersion and control of the game. If you are shooting games, you should not miss this amazing offer.

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