Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK v1.50 (Unlimited Money)

Carpet Bombing 2 MOD APK v1.50 (Unlimited Money)

December 1, 2023


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Unlimited Money

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Carpet Bombing 2 is an amazing plane simulation game in 2D graphics. The game offers interesting battles, and you fly a fighter to complete all the challenges of the game. You destroy enemies in the air, on land and at sea. You should be ready to do almost anything to achieve your goals in difficult missions. The game recreates great battles. Complete missions, earn virtual money to unlock more planes, and upgrade planes to dramatically increase your chances of victory. The game is really a great experience of retro-style jet and bomber. Don’t worry about troubles, you just need to join, find and destroy aerial enemies.

About Gameplay

Carpet Bombing 2 featured bombing from retro-style jet fighters, and large helicopters. You fly a plane to observe the terrain, search for everything, attack, and destroy enemies. The game offers a short Arctic Strike campaign, and this one is extremely interesting. You will play the role of a hero essential to the security of a small island nation. You are the one who holds the fate of the island, and must destroy the enemy in your own way. You use all your precious resources to defeat your opponents. The game has 3 interesting game modes. If you choose the “Battle” mode, then you will experience the arcade action quickly, and skip the travel procedures of the economy plane. If you choose the “Battle” mode, then the game is a realistic simulation of an advanced flight experience, and you will have a lot of things to do like fuel management, critical hitting, ground repairs, take off and land. If you choose the “endless” mode, then you will engage the enemy, and try to control the plane as far as possible. The game offers a diverse arsenal, and you have a lot of choices from level to level. If you choose the “Base Defense” mode, it is your duty to protect your base from the wave of enemies. If you choose the “campaign” mode, then you play an important hero in Arctic Strike.

Carpet Bombing 2 has the fascinating elements of a fighter game. The game offers 15 types of aircraft to upgrade, fly and master. The game has 10 types of levels for flying and fighting, and variety offers random experiences for multiple flights. The game also provides video tutorials, so the content is easy for players to access. The game provides leaderboards so you can track and compare your scores with other players. In particular, the game has no ads to block your vision or disturb your exciting gameplay. The game supports offline, so you can play anytime, anywhere. The manufacturer regularly updates to bring many improvements, and tweaks to maximize the game experience even more. You also face different types of enemies like soldiers, tanks, helicopters, airplanes, and many other tough opponents. The game offers enhancements and Power-UPS. You gather strength throughout the levels, and improve your plane for maximum strength. The game also adds replay value through random maps – this tests your skills on challenging levels, and takes a lot of creativity.

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Carpet Bombing 2 is the sequel to the excellent classic arcade style game. The game offers players interesting missions as an excellent fighter pilot. You must fend off the attacks of a mighty army, and become the elite representative in the air force of a small island nation. You have a variety of equipment choices, ammo types and convenient controls. You have many things to do like border patrol, attack enemy columns and bases, intercept enemy aircraft, and many other interesting missions. All challenges change constantly with the events, and the randomness of the game.

Carpet Bombing 2 offers a thrilling experience of flying, and exciting fighting in the sky. You both fly powerful planes and become a warrior to destroy hostile forces. You will become a great pilot through amazing missions. The game is highly entertaining and popular with many people. The game is released on both Android and iOS devices. Your mission is just to fly the planes and drop bombs, destroy the surrounding enemies to complete the mission, get the high score. You will choose and switch different weapons depending on the type of enemy. Each aircraft has its own unique stats and abilities. In addition, you also need to upgrade aircraft and weapons to be powerful enough for difficult missions, and large enemy bosses.

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Carpet Bombing 2 has an intuitive control interface, and everything is optimized for the touch screen on the phone. You can easily control your aircraft on the touch screen, through touch or finger swipes. You just need to touch the screen to move anywhere. The game also supports a convenient joystick control mode.

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Graphics and sound

Carpet Bombing 2 features high quality 2D graphics, and you’ll enjoy the game’s compact size. The graphics are stunning, and rich in detail so players will always have fun playing for long hours in World War I. Unique retro style game with 2D graphics, and this will make you fall in love. In addition, the sound effects are very appealing, creating a great sense of excitement.

If you love fighters, then don’t miss “Sky Fighters 3D“. The game allows you to climb into the realistic cockpit of your favorite fighter, soar into the endless skies, and take part in amazing air fights. You can fly alone like a lone wolf, or command a fleet of aerobatics to establish aerial superiority in the air. You can perform dizzying acrobatics, and crush enemies with powerful firepower.

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Carpet Bombing is a great choice if you love retro 2D airplane action. The game allows you to experience flying in the sky super interesting. You will fly powerful planes to drop bombs and destroy bosses and surrounding enemies. The game attracts millions of people around the globe, and also receives a lot of positive reviews from players. The game is really addictive for any player by the engaging game modes. The map is automatically generated, randomly is also an interesting and impressive point of the game. Of course, you always have hard progress, and there is always a real challenge ahead.

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