Codex of Victory MOD APK 1.0.202 (Money/Resources)

Codex of Victory MOD APK 1.0.202 (Money/Resources)

AKPublish pty ltd Money/Resources

Conquering space is a relatively difficult thing at the moment because we still have many difficulties when leaving our planet. However, we can imagine galactic empires fighting for supremacy in the solar systems, especially since war is a common occurrence in the universe, such clashes are often very drastic and large-scale. To better understand the above quote, in the game world we will introduce to you as well as take you to travel into space through a game called Codex of Victory, follow the article below to understand more clearly!


Codex of Victory is a galactic war-style RTS game with excellent and attractive graphics, published and provided by AKPublish pty ltd. Join the playing Codex of Victory game, you will be immersed in the wars for power between galactic empires vying for supremacy in the solar system, free to explore and conquer planets in the world of extremely interesting fantasy, promising to bring you the newest and unique gaming experiences. The Codex of Victory game is now available on the Google Play application, everyone can download the Codex of Victory game to experience it!


The Codex of Victory game has an extremely engaging storyline, in the context of human society. On the one hand, the natural process of human evolution has been interrupted, what began as an effort to adapt to the harsh conditions of outer space and hostile planets, has led to the creation of a wondrous race of transhuman cyborgs – Augments wishing to free people from the limits of their purely organic bodies, Augments launched an all-out assault. The Codex of Victory game is inspired by classics of the strategy genre, base building element involves expanding your underworld in real time, collecting room blueprints, and building factories, research centres, workshops, laboratories and other facilities, to prepare for the battles ahead global tactical monitoring comes from your planetary map, on which you will instantly see where your troops need to be deployed.


The Codex of Victory game is known as a fantastic, futuristic strategy game in which you will play as Lord Starry, who seeks to protect the human world from the invasion of anthropomorphic aliens trying to destroy humanity. You will have your own database that you want to develop and improve, in this way you can fight against more progressive units and give more benefits to dangerous and devastating ones.

Manipulating and controlling the Codex of Victory game is not too complicated, all will be sequenced and developed based on the main idea, you must skillfully use action points to deploy troops, attack enemies and collect resource points around the map. Of course, it is relatively important to find the right balance for everything because focusing too much on one thing is not good at all. Accordingly, you cannot win if you forget to exploit resources or do not focus enough on controlling troops.

Additionally, the Codex of Victory game features an expansive story-driven, single-player campaign that tasks you with building and commanding a high-tech army of drones, tanks, and robots. This campaign offers an exciting blend of real-time base building, global strategic planning and turn-based combat, and travel between planets and territories, the only mission of You is to stop the forces from invading the Earth. Also, engage in tactical turn-based combat on hexagonal-mapped battlefields, choose your units and upgrade, deploy them to the battlefield using the terrain to your advantage, and Test your tactical skills in each mission. As you progress through the main story battles and various randomly generated side quests, you’ll gain access to 25 units, each with countless variations, thanks to a host of upgrades, diverse add-on levels and modules.


The battles in the Codex of Victory game are tactical and turn-based with the hexagonal grid attached, use the terrain to your advantage on the battlefield in each mission and choose to deploy units and upgrades to test your tactical skills. As you progress through the main story of the battles and a series of randomly generated side quest progressions, you gain access to over 25 units to win.


In the game Codex of Victory you need to pay attention to the Action Point, this is the most important element in the strategy game. On the other hand, the Codex of Victory game is what helps you do everything when the battle begins. You can fight for the advantage by earning resource points on the map, in the process of doing this you also increase the number of action points you get per turn, and then you can deploy more troops or attack more time.


The map in the strategy game Codex of Victory looks relatively eye-catching and attractive combined with relatively colourful graphics including many meticulous but not too memorable details to help you conquer and experience the battles fought in the best way.


The Codex of Victory game has sharp and delicate 3D graphics, each context is built very vividly, and eye-catching. The characters in Codex of Victory are very well designed with impressive appearances, the costumes exude the temperament of mighty heroes. Besides, the sound in the Codex of Victory game is quite vibrant because of the catchy background music, the music played throughout the level is also carefully invested, lively and dramatic, all creating dramatic battles and interesting, creating battles full of suspense, fierce but equally attractive to players.

On the other hand, the Codex of Victory game has a violent element, not suitable for players under 7 years old, everyone should consider it carefully when letting children interact with the game!


The highlight of the Codex of Victory is the beautiful graphics with beautiful images combined with the unique RTS gameplay. Many levels have a large map, easy operation and control, an intuitive interface, simple and easy to understand. Besides, through many game modes, configuration compatible with most Android versions and no annoying ads interrupting will give you the opportunity to experience the game in the most comfortable way.

Besides such outstanding features, the Codex of Victory games is currently only compatible with most versions of Android only, if you are interested in some fighting games in the fantasy world or desire, to make friends and enjoy more quality time, the Codex of Victory game is perfect for you. However, if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, and you feel that in-game purchases are limited, try our modified Codex of Victory, with the corrected version. With this change, you can unlock all of those without paying any fee. Moreover, with our modified version you will have unlimited access to gems, gold and bonuses and many other rewards, which are all the things you need to build and thrive in the gameplay. All you have to do is install our Codex of Victory Mod Apk and experience it.

In addition, if you like playing fighting games in a fantasy world and want to explore different plot content, you can try other game experiences like the Great Little War Game 2 and the Epic Little War Game. These games are all very interesting fighting games similar to the Codex of Victory game. But with the Codex of Victory game, we advise you to try it out, guaranteed not to disappoint you.

Thereby, have you felt the attractive Codex of Victory game yet? If you are curious, don’t hesitate to quickly access the Google Play application to download the Codex of Victory game to your device and play the role-playing game. And don’t forget to invite more friends and relatives to join the game and rate 5 stars for the Codex of Victory game. In the future, the Codex of Victory game promises to bring players new interesting gaming experiences as well as really comfortable and wonderful relaxing moments when participating in the game Codex of Victory.

Have fun playing the game!

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