Gunspell MOD APK 1.6.699 (Unlimited Gold)

Gunspell MOD APK 1.6.699 (Unlimited Gold)

December 6, 2023

Role Playing

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AKPublish pty ltd
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The Earth is a place where human beings live. If the Earth is attacked by monsters, human beings will face many dangers. Would you like to experience that one time? If you would like to, Gunspell is a good choice that you shouldn’t ignore. Gunspell is a game of the role playing genre. The game’s full name is Gunspell – Match 3 Puzzle RPG. In the game, you will fight many monsters to look for your sister. This will be a story-driven RPG journey where guns and magic act together. And this journey will be very hard. Let’s take part in Gunspell and explore that now.

Scared graphics and sound

Gunspell is one of the games that has been created and developed by AKPublish Pty Ltd. AKPublish Pty Ltd is a video game developer in Western Australia founded in 2012. Gunspell only can run on Android Operating System. And you can easily find the game on Google Play. You also can play Gunspell on both mobile devices and tablets. The game is completely free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, 2D graphics are very eye – catching. The image of monsters also is designed to be very scary. Skeletons, giant bats, cruel chimpanzees, kobolds, warriors, spider weaver, bone dragon and more. Moreover, dull background makes Gunspell more fearful. In addition, an exciting soundtrack will always be turned on while you play. This will create a dramatic atmosphere around you. but if you don’t like to hear it, you can turn off Music and Sound in the Settings of the game.

How to play

In Gunspell, you will become Alex. He has a sister. But one day he got to her apartment. She wasn’t home and the door was forced open. Therefore, Alex started a search for his sister. The search took him to the Order which is a secret organization specialized in annihilating monsters from other space. And he accepted to work for this organization. Now you are a member of this powerful Order in its mission of protecting our dimension from outwardly monsters. To destroy the monsters, you will take part in many battles and collect skulls by the following ways:

  • Swipe the stones to create a line with three stones of one color and collect them.
  • To attack, you should collect the line of skulls.
  • Collect 5 stones in line to get a bonus turn.
  • Higher rank of skulls provides a more powerful attack. Destroy the enemy.
  • By collecting stones of experience and silver you will increase the reward you get after the fight.

Besides, the game has provided some weapons to help the game to destroy the monsters more easily. In the game, the weapon which you use is guns. For example, Runned Colt, Dashing Colt, SKS With Optics, Protective Double-Barrel… Each weapon will have its own damage index. Use the guns which have the high damage index in order to destroy the monster more quickly. Moreover, you use armor such as Simple Shoulder Armor, Improved Bulletproof Vest, Legendary Plate Armor, … or items such as rings, pendants, amulets, … to protect yourself from the monster’s attack.

In addition, the game also allows you to use magic to fight the monster. There will be many different types of spells in Gunspell. Thunderbolt, Flash, Tooth of the Beast, Dragon’s Breath, Rock Skin, Holy Cross, Small Healing, Laydown, … They are divided into four schools of magic. Attack, Buff, Defense, and Debuff. You also can upgrade the magic school. This will make the spells stronger and add new spells. Combine the guns and magic to win.

Furthermore, there is a special feature in Gunspell that you should explore. That is the Meditation feature. This feature allows you to restore your character’s stamina. There are many magic orbs on your screen. Press the buttons of the correct color when magic orbs reach the absorption area. This will improve your stamina points. In particular, meditation can be stopped at any time you decide that you have enough stamina points.

Two game modes in Gunspell

To make the game more attractive, the publisher has designed two game modes. Play and Halloween. Each mode will have its own interesting things. For example, with the Play mode, you will destroy the monsters one by one. Difficulty will increase gradually. And the monsters will be stronger and stronger. This is a big challenge for you. But when you finish a special Halloween episode the first time in the Halloween mode, you will get a gold reward for the main profile. And in order to unlock this mode, the player will have to spend less real money.

In addition, if you want to play with your friends or other players in the world, you can download Gunspell 2 to your device. In Gunspell 2, you can talk to other people through messages. This will help you to make new friends. At the same time, it also makes the relationship between you and your friends closer.

Become the great game, but simple

With simple gameplay, the players will match 3 stones of one color to collect them. At once, they also need to collect the line of skulls in order to attack the monsters. Gunspell will be suitable for many players of different ages, from children to adults. Besides, you can relax with Gunspell after a tiring workday. Because you won’t have to think too much when playing. Gunspell will be the best mix of RPG and match 3 gem puzzle game for you.

In addition, Gunspell doesn’t need to connect to the Internet when playing. So you can play the game wherever you want without worrying about Wi-Fi, 3G/ 4G. Furthermore, the game also allows you to log in to Facebook to save game profiles online. This will help you to play Gunspell on many different devices. Because of the things above, Gunspell won rewards such as DevGAMM Award and Repeatedly featured by Google. At the same time, those things also help Gunspell to become the greatest game with many players. Let’s download Gunspell and enjoy the interesting things that the game will bring for you. Travel through other worlds, battle with monsters, upgrade your weapons and enhance your magic.

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