Compass Level & GPS MOD APK 2.4.15 (Premium)

Compass Level & GPS MOD APK 2.4.15 (Premium)

December 16, 2023


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Compass Level & GPS” deserves to be one of the best compass apps on phones. If you love hiking and camping, then get Compass Level & GPS. Because the app helps you never to go astray, and you can always pinpoint the right position/direction.

Moreover, Compass Level & GPS is not only a compass application to help determine direction when outdoors, but also an application to help you align furniture in your home accurately.

3 functions in 1 app

Compass Level & GPS has three great features. The app is developed by LemonClip, and the app is suitable for everyone. The app offers great functions. The app takes advantage of an accurate compass, leveling instrument and GPS. All integrated with one screen/app. The application helps you save time, and maximize work efficiency through your phone.

Compass Level & GPS is the right choice for DIY lovers. The application helps to improve the ability to self-assemble objects. The app makes you an expert in balancing. You can also easily hang objects on a shelf or frame in a balanced way.

In addition, the application is also suitable for people who like hiking and camping. The app that helps you never go astray. Thanks to the app, you always have the right position and direction. This saves a lot of time on long trips to large places. All in all, Compass Level & GPS is very handy and very accurate. You need time to experience the application to confirm the greatness.

Like a smart compass

Compass Level & GPS is a smart compass. The app acts as a compass, and the app incorporates the directions map, so it helps you determine the exact direction. You can easily find the necessary passage when in any location. In addition, the application also provides the function of a feng shui compass to help you find the right direction when making a home, arranging an office, arranging furniture. It is suggested that if you want the best accuracy, then you customize the application.

Compass Level & GPS is a friendly compass. You can easily control the application to find the direction you want. The application will find and track the correct location. The application gets information about your current location or target location. The app helps to find your parked vehicle through the target location feature.

An important friend at work

Compass Level & GPS also become an important friend at work. The application provides an important and very useful feature, which is the leveling ruler. This feature allows users to place an object horizontally or vertically in the most accurate way. You just need to put your phone on the object. Then you align the object to the value 0.0 on the application screen.

Leveling Rulers helps a lot in daily work. Especially, if you are a DIY person, or repair things, the application is a great choice. Compass Level & GPS find out the proper position of furniture. The application helps you to mount the rack or frame in a straight line. The app helps you quickly balance your objects, or your motor.

Friendly interface and easy to use

Compass Level & GPS not only offers many great features, but the application also has a friendly, easy-to-use interface. The application displays the horizontal and vertical levels automatically, so you will save time. The app allows you to select Sound/Vibration on level touch, and this helps you to know the accuracy. The app has a built-in compass, and you can easily customize the level manually.

Compass Level & GPS has a friendly interface. You can easily use the ‘Hold/Release’ button, or read the information easily. The application allows screen capture, and this saves you time to take notes. The application is highly sensitive, and the application is always updated from time to time.

Compass Level & GPS has a powerful GPS feature. This makes it easy to locate the target, find the required direction and distance. The application interface displays detailed, complete and intuitive information. You need to remember that the accuracy of the sensor will vary (depending on the device used). If you want the best accuracy, keep your phone away from the magnetic field and surrounding electronics.

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Find your way, place objects and more

All in all, Compass Level & GPS is a great app. The application helps to determine the location and the compass reliably. Users will know the exact current coordinates, and determine the direction for their next path. In addition, users can pre-set the destination to go, and the application will show the exact coordinates of the destination.

Download “Compass Level & GPS” to take advantage of compass, leveling and GPS tools to improve your work efficiency!

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