TomTom GO Navigation

TomTom GO Navigation

November 30, 2023

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For those who’re looking for a free navigation app on their Android or IOS devices, our advice would be to stick with you pre-installed Google Map. It features tons of useful feature regarding the map, location, and navigation features.

But for those truck drivers or travelers who often have to check their map with or without the internet, the TomTom GO Navigation is a perfect solution for their daily commutes with the routes.

How does it work?

Users can download the app completely free at Google Play. But you need to purchase their monthly subscriptions in order to access the full-featured app. You will then be able to download map and data to your devices for complete offline uses. This might come pretty handy especially when you’re going to places with little or no internet connection.

With the downloaded data, the TomTom GO Navigation will be able to provide you accurate information on which route to take to avoid traffic or other incidents. Millions of useful stops will also appear on your smartphone screen.

The best route will be determined based on data from thousands of previous users who have been going the same route. Plus, you will also receive a certain amount of free kilometers each month even if you’re not a purchased user.

Using TomTom GO Navigation

You will have tons of benefit from their large database of over 150 country maps. The TomTom GO Navigation is perfect for long-distance travel as well as a drive to work.

One of the thing that I especially love about TomTom GO Navigation is their massive community of users, who can share each other driving information. This really helps the app in improving driver experiences. Especially with the amount of information that they provide through their data.

You can even receive safety camera alerts to save you from wasting large amounts of unwanted fines. And the advanced lane guidance also makes drivers so much more relaxed when knowing that they’re in the right lane. On top of that, the AI will study your driving habits to come up with suitable routes and stops.


With a helpful community of million users, useful features, and intelligent self-learning AI this navigation app has everything it ever needs to become a great professional navigation app for drivers who often spend most of their day on the roads.

Download TomTom GO Navigation latest 3.6.244 Android APK

You can install TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and, respectively. Just download TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic on Apkdone and install it.

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