Life360 MOD APK 24.14.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Life360 MOD APK 24.14.0 (Premium Unlocked)

April 13, 2024


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Today, students have their smartphones to serve communication, and study. However, when you want to know where your children are at the moment, whether they go to school while you are working.

This article will suggest a quite convenient application that allows users to track the location of family members via GPS connection. Then, it will send messages or look up the location history that a person has passed quickly. It is the function of Life360 Premium. Please read the following content.

Life360 Premium tells you where the team members are. You can enlarge the map of Life360 to see the street name or the building’s image or the road. When the “group member” is moving, the screen will also show “moving.”

You can set up unique places such as home and work addresses and frequent sites like your parent’s house to receive a “arrive” message or “just left”. And when you are in danger, you just need to press the “Help Alert” button, and then Life360 will automatically send the message of your current location to each member of the Group and send it to the emergency number list.

What is Life360 Premium?

They provide Life360 entirely free, and it is available on all three popular mobile operating system platforms today: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Therefore, users can find and download them comfortably on the App Store.

Once the download is finished, start the application from the home screen. For the first time, the app will ask you for permission for the application to run in the background to update its location continuously. Please follow the instructions to activate. Next, you need to go through the registration step to use.

The registration will be based entirely on the phone number you are using. Next, the app will ask you for permission to access its Health database, tap OK to allow it. Next is the entry of the “Family circle” confirmation code.

If you don’t have one, click on the “Generate Code” line to start yourself a Personal Circle for monitoring. We will now take you into the primary interface of the application. Click on “Invite a new member”.

Once a relative downloads the app and completes registration, they’ll enter an invitation code from you to join your Family Circle. It requires the “Location” function to be always activated. Starting now, every time you need to see a loved one’s current location, just open the app and look on the map. Besides the location function, the application also provides many other utilities such as tracking the history of relatives, sending messages to groups, or sending alerts, turning on signals when in danger, displaying the percentage of battery.

Overall, Life360 is very useful for monitoring your children to avoid the dangers and risks encountered. Before using the application, let the people you want to add to the circle know about the purpose of the app’s use and features. It will avoid the suspicion that you are spying on others personally.

How Does Life360 Work?

At the base of the outstanding success of Life360, there is the extreme simplicity of use. Once you have downloaded the app and installed it on your device, they will ask you to add members of your family, or your closest circle of friends, by inviting them via SMS or email. When the invitations are accepted, it will automatically create a small circle of contacts from which you will receive constant updates on their location.

By choosing the places you usually frequent, such as the office address and the traffic light a few kilometers from home, you can set up the automatic sending of notifications to some members of the circle. It is a quick way to let your partner know that you have finished work and are about to go home.

However, it is not the only functionality of Life360. There is a panic button that allows you to launch an alarm when you are in a dangerous situation. After pressing it, you will have ten seconds to cancel the operation.

Once it has elapsed, it will send a help message to all members of the circle and the emergency numbers. It will be more comfortable, for example, to be tracked down in case you are the victim of an accident or a sudden illness.

In recent weeks, the integration with IFTTT, a web application, and a smartphone that allows the automation of some operations performed most frequently with our devices, has been announced. There are already some recipes ready to download on your smartphone and use, but users can customize their use in the way they deem most appropriate.

Some car manufacturers, BMW in the lead, are integrating Life360 into their flagship models’ computer systems. The German manufacturer has integrated it into the control panel of the BMW i3, recently shown at South to the southwest.

Just connect a smartphone on which the application is already installed, and you can manage all its services from the car’s touchscreen monitor. There is no difference between an iPhone or an Android device.

How to use the Life360 Premium MOD APK?

Life360 Premium is a free application, available on all three platforms iOS, Android, we can use Windows Phone and on computers. It is an application that helps you track your loved one’s location via GPS, group messaging, send an alert, and look up the history of your loved one’s destination.

The application also shows you the hospitals, police headquarters, and fire stations in the area quickly, helping you ensure the safety of loved ones, mainly babies in the family.

Once you have installed and launched the application, you need to enter your email or phone number. If you have registered to use it before, the app will immediately move to the primary interface. Otherwise, you need to enter a password for a new account.

As soon as it logs you into the application, you need to create a circle, and then click send invites to your family to install and use the app. There will be a message sent to the subscriber you invite. Your relatives just need to click the link in the news and install the application.

Your family member will also need to enter an email or sign up to get started. Once you have completed the above steps, the application’s primary interface will display the locations of the people you add.

Starting now, every time you need to see your children’s current location, just open the app and look on the map. Besides the location function, the application also provides many other utilities such as tracking the history of relatives, sending messages to groups, sending alerts, turning on signals when in danger, displaying the percentage of battery remaining.

Whenever someone from your Group arrives in an area that you define as home (safe space), the app will display a notification to let you know. Some app’s other utilities keep a loved one’s safe, such as creating reminders for your teammates or adding an emergency contact to let them know your location.

The application has many different options, such as locating a location, sending messages to people in the same Group, scheduling reminders, and sharing current location. Or you can optionally turn on the site of the Hospital, Fire Station or Police Station around your area so you can use it when needed. 360Life also allows you to review the movement history of the people in your circle you have added

Special Functions

Life360 is a free family locator that provides you with GPS tracking, group messaging, alert sending, and tracking the history of a loved one’s destination. The application helps you ensure your loved one’s safety, especially the babies in your family.

View the locations of Team members on a private map

By creating the Life360 circle, you can create a circle of circles among the team members. Circles Life360 creates Groups for family, company, friends, and school. It allows you to see the member’s location on a private map.

Share a location for each Group

The location-sharing function for each Group is useful if you or your team members want to create an appointment or share an exciting place you experience. Team members will receive information about the area. They will quickly locate the location and the point position on the map as soon as possible.

Chat directly with everyone in each Life360 Group

With functions as a social network, a convenient and secure messaging tool, Life360 allows users to chat face-to-face or with everyone in each Life360 Group with ease. Within each Group, you can also chat with multiple people at once or have a private conversation.

It enables location Alerts when a Team member has arrived.

Another vital function, especially for parents with young children, is the location alert that is enabled when a Team member has arrived. Parents can check on the application map on their phone and have peace of mind if they know the child’s location or see if they go to the predetermined place or are on their way home.

In case of emergency, this app will automatically send text messages, emails, calls, and GPS to people in the same Group. And immediately they can know precisely the location of the member.

Children and Teenager’s Reaction: “It’s not fair to spy on us.”

One problem with Life360 repeats cyclically, is it right or wrong to track your children’s movements 24 hours a day? There are several applications, generically referred to as family trackers, which allow you to do it with no problem.

One of the best known is Life360, which organizes families into private “circles” by sending notifications when someone from the family arrives home. There is also an emergency button that alerts the entire Group.

There are many others, such as TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic and Norton Family Parental Control allows you to create private groups in which to view each other on a map.

To probe the topic is a service of the Washington Post – emblematically entitled “Big Mothers are watching you” – opening new glimpses in the debate on the tricky issue. In reality, it is the kids on the front lines who raise doubts that supervising their children every minute is not exactly the ideal solution to adult anxieties.

They also exchange tips on how to escape the iron control of mom and dad. Someone explains to put their subscriber identification module (SIM) in an old iPhone, then leaving it in the place where parents expect it to be, allowing themselves a few hours of absolute freedom from the virtual prison of Life360.

Someone suggests installing an app that creates fake GPS, which provides false information, or just to buy a phone of little value.

Future Development

Chris Hulls’ development plans are much more ambitious. In the upcoming months, it will localize the application for 14 countries and seven languages. The construction of some wearable devices that implement the Life360 technology is also being studied.

For the children’s usage, they design a clock to follow their movements continually. For the elderly, a pendant with a panic button allows them to be identified immediately in an emergency. The integration with Google Glass is also under development.

Final Words

Life360 Premium MOD APK is an app that can track the movements of people. It comes from the criterion of making a specific group – a family – aware of the changes and schedules of other members.

There is a specific definition that labels similar apps such as TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic. If apps like TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic start from a clear surveillance purpose, Life360 is more than a device to keep in pure contact with the closest family members.

Recently, Life360 is a useful application for your relatives and friends through the quick navigation function as a support for your work with location sharing and group chat capabilities. Hurry and download the Life360 app now to experience with your family and friends.

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