Cooking Dream MOD APK 8.17.296 (Unlimited Gems)

Cooking Dream MOD APK 8.17.296 (Unlimited Gems)

March 5, 2024


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Zego Studio
255.97 MB
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Unlimited Gems

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You like cooking but you don’t want to prepare everything from food to cooking utensils. Cooking Dream: Crazy Chef Restaurant Cooking Games will help you to cook many dishes without any preparation. Cooking Dream is a cooking game that combines worldwide cuisines under one app. Moreover, the game will provide you with valuable knowledge about the cooking art of crazy cooking restaurant.

Explore your restaurant

Cooking Dream is one of the game that was offered by Zego Studio. The game also is one of outstanding product of Zego Studio and is designed for a single player. You can install free on both Android devices and iOS devices.

In your restaurant, the food is always available. Your restaurant needs to have a diversified menu with many delicious foods and drinks. Cooking Dream has provided a variety of dishes in your restaurant from sweet donuts, pizza, beefsteak to the drinks such as juice, tea, coffee, … But you must overcome many different levels and upgrade your kitchen to get them. The dishes in the game look like real things and is made by you. Therefore, you can learn lots of different recipes.

The first place where your restaurant is located in New York – a beautiful city with high-rise buildings. But that place can change after you have unlocked the certain level. Eye – catching Graphic and bright color will help the game to become fascinating. The customer’s emotion is also described truthfully such as happy, angry, … In addition, there is always vivid sound when you play the game, cook. It will helps you to feel happy.

Cooking Dream screen 0

Cook the dishes and develop your restaurant

Cooking Dream is the cooking game in a restaurant. The players have to carry out customer orders and create the delicious dishes in your restaurant. This is an assignment of the players. Like other restaurants, your restaurant needs to have a goal. In the game, that goal is very simple, you just need to earn as much profit as possible and develop your restaurants to everyone can know them. To do that, you will serve the dishes to your customers. After you has completed the target of the level, you will receive coins and violet diamonds. Conversely, if you can’t complete that target, you will be lost a live. The coins are used to upgrade the kitchen. But you can use the diamonds to buy the lives. When you overcome many levels, you will a small reward. It can be the diamonds or the coins.

In Cooking Dream, you can try all the available kitchen utensils such as coffee makers, rice cookers, toasters, beef steak makers and much more. Besides, you can decorate your restaurants. The more beautiful your restaurants are, the more they will attract the customer. You also can make your own dishes like drinks mix. You let the customers try those dishes. May be your customers will like them and have a memorable experience.

In addition, you can produce a variety of dishes in your kitchen. For example: cook sweet donuts, savory hot dogs and soup. You should regularly upgrade your kitchen because it will help you to cook the tasty dishes. The beautiful restaurant with many delicious dishes will attract many customers. Many customers will bring the profit to you. From this profit, you can develop your restaurant to become the best restaurant.

Cooking Dream screen 1

Extend the restaurant game system to the whole world

In Cooking Dream, you can extend your restaurant system to the whole world. This is a distinctive feature of the game. In order to do that, you will need good management skills to develop your restaurant.

Besides, you need to upgrade your kitchen and utensils. The well equipped kitchen will help you to cook the delicious dishes. You also need to manage well your restaurant and upgrade the workflow to serve the customer better and earn much more money. Like real life, your customers will be angry and leave when they have to wait a long time. If you provide the food that isn't guaranteed the quality, the customer will feel unsatisfied with your restaurant. So you need manage well cooking time so that the customer doesn't leave and the quality of food is guaranteed.

In addition, you need to overcome the certain level to unlock a place where you can build and develop your restaurant. Cooking Dream has offer some places such as Rome, Tokyo, Paris, … Let's try to extend your restaurant, it will be very enjoyable.

Cooking Dream screen 2

Points that you should notice

In Cooking Dream, you can change your avatar by logging in Facebook Account or using the avatars that the publisher supplied. This is the first notice point. Second, the publisher supported 9 languages in the game. For example: Vietnamese, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, … You can change the language of the game on setting up. Let’s click on setting icon, and then you choose the language that you want in Languages Section. When you change another language, you can learn more new words in the game. The last point is the daily rewards in Cooking Dream. Each day you will receive the reward but it will change on the 2 nd day. Click on calendar icon to see and receive the daily
rewards. Let’s notice them.

Cooking Dream screen 3

The international cooking game

Cooking Dream has attracted lots of players because of a simple gameplay. You just need to cook food and serve your customers in the restaurant. The game will help you to improve the management skills when you have to manage your restaurants and develop them. In addition, when you play the game, you will have an opportunity to arrive in the different cities such as Rome, Tokyo, and so on.

The image of dishes looks so real. Color is bright. You will feel like you are in the real restaurant and you are serving the customers. You will be immersed in the cooking assignment of Cooking Dream. Besides, the jolly sound helps you to relax, you can play while listening to music. You are waiting for something without installing Cooking Dream and trying playing.

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