Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE MOD APK 1.0.0 (Paid for free)

Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE MOD APK 1.0.0 (Paid for free)

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Corpse Party Blood Drive has the content around Heavenly Host elementary school, where it collapsed after witnessing countless employees and students disappear and mysteriously murdered. Returning to the present time, they build a new high school on the foundation of Heavenly Host called “Kisaragi Academy”.

After closing the traditional Academy event, a group of students sat back and told each other ghost stories until they performed a ritual around the gill talisman. The name of “Sachiko Ever After” helps them become lifelong friends.

Sachiko Ever After is a prayer ceremony for the soul of Sachiko. She is a girl from Heavenly Host elementary school who went missing 30 years ago. They hold this ceremony for the wish that Sachiko will bless. But as soon as the ceremony started, an earthquake caused the entire Kisaragi Academy to shake.

It confines the group of students in the dimension where the Heavenly Host still exists and unleashes the evil force to kill all life. From here, by accompanying the students, Kisaragi Academy aims to survive and escape from this hell.

General Information

Speaking of horror games, we have many Japanese-inspired games with world-famous adaptations, one of which is Corpse Party Blood Drive. There is an unwritten rule of horror lines from Japan that the more cute, harmless, or normal characters, the more frightening the real face behind them is.

Sachiko Shinozaki is a prime example. As a character in the game’s villains, Sachiko in a red dress possesses a very normal, even somewhat harmless appearance. The content of the game revolves around an elementary school named Tenshi that is heavily haunted by too many missing or assassinated teachers and students. Then, the government was forced to close and demolish the old school and build Kisaragi Academy.

But you are wrong! She is the most harmful game’s villain with her hobby of kidnapping, torturing, and slaughtering her victims. In this game, the girl can control the teacher’s zombie body to assist her crime. In short, the more trivial it looks, the more abnormal the interest mentality makes others fear.

Corpse Party is a hit horror anime film adapted from a hugely popular RPG Maker game of the same name created by Team Gris-Gris. As for tremendous success, they transformed it into a movie because the content of the game is good and detailed, which is outperforming other game content. PewDiePie also plays this game, so you can go to his YouTube channel to look.

How to Play Corpse Party Blood Drive

Corpse Party Blood Drive’s gameplay combines three fundamental elements of horror, adventure, and role-playing. Through the game, gamers will put themselves under the third perspective from above. The only task throughout the length of the game is to escape from the Heavenly Host.

To do that, players will have to use, interact with many objects, study documents, and exchange characters to find clues. Above all, you must remove the body from the forces of demons that hunt around.

Another special feature that Corpse Party Blood Drive owns is it allows gamers to experience many endings, depending on how they behave in plot situations and the climatic climax scenes. This element promises to help Corpse Party Blood Drive increase its replay value and qualified support for a game that focuses on conveying the plot.

Corpse Party Blood Drive’s graphics will follow the tradition like most Japanese role-playing games, which are more about style than modern effects. Therefore, you will feel the soul of each character expressed through the bold Anime character combined with horror scenes that create a unique highlight for Corpse Party.

Highlights of Corpse Party Blood Drive

The creepy stories, unpredictable dangers, and dark space of Corpse Party Blood Drive are the perfect recipe to startle the adventurous gamers. Horror games are a hard-to-do and famously difficult genre. To find a game true to haunting horror amid gun-action like now is difficult.

Even the cult Resident Evil series, although still labeled as a horror, it looks like an action game with hideous zombies. For those looking for a true horror experience, Corpse Party Blood Drive is one of the few games that can make gamers truly immerse themselves and immerse themselves in bizarre and creepy circumstances of hypotension.

First released on the Sony PlayStation Vita in 2014, but it was not famous until mobile landing in 2017. From here, Corpse Party Blood Drive gained popularity. Following the success, XSEED Games have made many quality improvements to continue bringing the game to PC and Nintendo Switch games. In particular, this version will have a new light system, allowing players to experience the real horror feeling by exploring the dark, dark space with a flashlight.

Corpse Party Blood Drive gives players incredible suspenseful moments. The game is about a small group of students preparing to break up and go to school in another place because of their current school being closed. They set Corpse Party Blood Drive right after the events of Corpse Party: Book of Shadow, when the protagonist Ayumi Shinozaki almost dies from using magic in the book of darkness.

Surviving but ill, Ayumi is hospitalized and is suddenly visited by an unknown woman. Then, she will have to follow the strange woman’s words to prevent future disasters. Explore the cold houses and corridors to find the devil’s book, run at your best to escape the ghosts that are lurking everywhere, Corpse Party: Blood Drive is a horror game that fans of this genre will regret if ignored.

There are four more versions of Corpse Party are coming

Four new Corpse Party games will arrive on PC in the Western market, starting later this month and running until 2021, two of which have never been localized to English. XSEED Games will bring four Corpse Party games to the Western PC platform. They include Book of Shadows, Blood Drive, Sweet Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday Bash, and Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient.

Sweet Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday Bash is a spin-off that takes the Corpse Party in a new direction of romantic comedy. It brought the villain of the Sachiko Shinozaki series to a birthday party and brought the victims into its pastimes. The Gris-Gris Team said they produced the game based on human feedback of the fan to make something lighter and more cheerful. But it is only for this special day.

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient is a major new line in the series. The developer has made an impression in Japan by bringing in a respectable amount of merchandise. It is a standalone story. So, the newcomers can join right in without knowing previous versions.

North American gamers will receive an official edition released in Japan, including improved graphics, new scenarios, and an episode featuring a few familiar faces. Unlike previous games, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient will be released in a separate episode format instead of a package.

So far, only the Book of Shadows has an official release date on Steam. Dead Patient and Sweet Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday Bash is slated for release later this winter. And Blood Drive looks set to release at the beginning of the New Year’s Eve.

Overall Assessments

Corpse Party Blood Drive is a horror game released on the PC platform, developed from the previous version on the subject of school ghosts. Corpse Party Blood Drive has a cute anime character design, but each character’s story brings a different interesting experience. You can feel even more drama with what’s going on in this version.

First, the game offers an attractive plot from the beginning. The nightmare came to Corpse Party’s character, Ayame Itou, seeing her life turn upside down in the most disturbing way. When she woke up from her coma and was trapped on an operating table in an abandoned hospital, Ayame seemed to realize they had locked her in there for quite some time. Many dangers are lurking and searching for prey. How did Ayame escape from that room in that abandoned hospital? Will the fangs come and take their lives?

Second, it is attractive gameplay with unexpected situations. Corpse Party takes the player on a mysterious journey with Ayame, the major character in the story. Play in the setting of the abandoned schools of Amare Crucis. Your team will solve puzzles based on collecting medical charts of dead patients and avoid scary zombie hunters to find answers. The horror in the game gives players from one surprise to another.

Last, the game has a multi-platform operation. We expect corpse Party Blood Drive to be available for the first time on the PC platform. Soon, the production team will bring the game to many other platforms such as Xbox One, and PS4.

What we like in the game:

  • Full Japanese character voices, 3D audio, and a Darkening system from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows returns, but combined by HD visuals. It improves the frame rate for a real horror experience.
  • Players can use in-game flashlights to experience Heavenly Host Elementary in full 3D with all previous 2D images meticulously recreated and dramatically expanded.
  • Flee to save lives, disable traps, and hide in cabinets from pursuers. Heavenly Host Elementary offers more options for players to fight off.
  • Game featuring 11 major chapters and eight additional chapters, Corpse Party Blood Drive introduces the story of Heavenly Host uniquely.

Final Words

Corpse Party Blood Drive MOD APK is probably too famous worldwide. Happy endings do not exist in Corpse party games. It all started when I was preparing to hold a festival. A certain group of students stayed overnight and told ghost stories. After an earthquake, they are returned to the past and lost in the same elementary school in the past. There is a series of calamities and dangers descend on young people, they have to go through terrifying stories caused by ghosts.

Corpse Party Blood Drive has eight chapters with different endings. Each end leads to pain and terror by the deaths of distinct characters. As in chapter 1, where Naomi attempts to rescue her friend Seiko from being hanged, accidentally slips and pulls Seiko to death.

In Chapter 8, Ayumi is saved by her sister. So, she has to see her older sister die in a pool of blood. It is exactly a video game, not for happy ending lovers.

Additional Information


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