Crash Drive 2 MOD APK 3.94 (Unlimited Money)

Crash Drive 2 MOD APK 3.94 (Unlimited Money)

May 12, 2023


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Unlimited Money

Crash Drive 2 3D racing cars poster

Crash Drive 2 is an attractive game appealing to every player who is interested in racing. When immersing yourself in this game, you can explore the world of drive and speed. All you need to do is choosing a car, plunging into a proposed route, and doing the main task. The task here is not difficult as you may think; you just have to defeat the enemies so that they will have nothing. To finish the task, you need to pump your car to prepare for accelerating.

Although there are many exciting racing games such as Crash of Cars or Drive Ahead, Crash Drive 2 is still preferred by many players. This game allows the player to collect coins and upgrade your vehicle. From that point, your ride is also upgraded, and you will win the race. Besides, it also has many maps with different terrains. Let’s jump into some more details about this game, and you will find it exciting or not!

Story Of Crash Drive 2

The story of Crash Drive 2 is straightforward. The game drops you into an open map in which there are lots of objects, ramps, or obstacles doing tricks. When you drive around the map, the events will take turns to pop-up periodically, allowing you to take part in fighting against other online players. By playing these events, you can quickly achieve many points and valuable prizes. Furthermore, participating in some occasional races or tagging as many objects with tricks as you can.

Crash Drive 2 Specifications

  • Developer: M2H
  • Publisher: M2H
  • Release Date: February 7th, 2020
  • Genre: Arcade, Racing, Simulation, Multiplayer
  • Players: 8 players maximum
  • Game Size: 244 MB
  • Supported Play Modes: Handheld mode, TV mode, Tabletop mode
  • Supported Languages: English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese

Features Of Crash Drive 2


When you first start to play Crash Drive 2, the garage will appear for you to buy your first car, which is usually a run-down monster truck. After that, you will earn more Cash when playing events or picking up randomly through each of the maps. Many brand-new vehicles, including firing tanks, supercars, buses, or rally cars, are waiting for you to purchase.

Leveling-Up/ Map Progression

Usually, the bars of levelling up and progression are at the screen’s top. If you want to level up your car, you have to raise its statistics and drive it around. After leveling up, you can unlock and buy new vehicles in the garage. Furthermore, every map is also equipped with the progression bar to fill by accomplishing events. When you found out all the green rings, you can unlock new areas. By doing this, you will gradually upgrade your vehicle without notice.

However, there is a drawback of customization options for your vehicle. So, some players may not be satisfied when using cars.

Crash Drive 2 3D racing cars screen 0

Huge and Stunts Maps

There are a total of four maps to discover, including Forest, Tropical, Canyons, and Snow. The design of each map is quite similar as it has multiple mountains, loops, trick points, or other obstacles. You can jump and perform tricks such as spinning and flipping 360 degrees. Additionally, each map will have plenty of different exciting points. You can see a cruise ship sinking or forests burning out, which depends on each world you are in. Moreover, you also find secrets, crates, or green rings.

Online Events

As the multiplayer mode in this game allows you to cross-play, you may encounter random players. Each time when the event begins, you will know by looking into the count-down counter. Players will enter each event by default. But if you do not want to join, you can honk your car horn. The events are typically randomized, such as coin collect, stunt contests, or king of the hill.

As you can guess, after the event finishes, a big reward, including Cash, will be given to the winner. By that, the winner can keep purchasing more new cars. Besides, some unique races will be organized around each map. Therefore, you should complete maps as soon as possible to play the special and unlock unique cars.

Crash Drive 2 3D racing cars screen 2

Tank Battles

To be more specific, you will join the play mode of online tank battle. Here, you can choose one from 5 tank options with their own statistics. It also allows you to change the color scheme or camo design. When playing this mode, you have to defeat other tanks by crashing or floating them with your cannon. By winning the battle, you will earn more Cash and keep upgrading or buying new cars/ tanks.

Some Tiny Trouble

In the Switch version, the local multiplayer or extra modes are not available. It is regretful that this version lacks this feature. If not, it can be a definitive edition for gamers.

Moreover, the menus make players feel a bit clunky. Some players feedback that they sometimes encounter a bug that does not allow them to choose any options on the menu. They have to exit the game and enter again to fix this error.

Crash Drive 2 3D racing cars screen 3

Summary of Crash Drive 2

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock all cars
  • Six random online events: King of the Crown, Tag, Race, Coin Collect, Find the Ring, Stunt.
  • New and exciting mode: Tank Battles
  • 30 unique and modern cars to open
  • A particular system of levelling cars


  • Full cross-play
  • Easy user interface
  • A wide range of unlockable content


  • Joining grinding events to unlock new maps does not satisfy many players

Some Useful Tips and Tricks

Although the game is easy to control, the gameplay is still a bit hard. Therefore, you should use more tips and tricks. The following are some helpful tips that you should know.

Crash Drive 2 3D racing cars screen 1

Get More Cash

Every player wants to earn as much Cash as possible. So, the simplest way to get Cash is to read more chapters and stories in this game.

Earn Resources

By reading stories and finishing chapters, you can earn more resources. Applying the Crash Drive 2 cheats can help you get enough keys.

Furthermore, this game allows you to move between stories. So, in case you leave a story, you can start it from where they leave. In other words, you will not lose your progress.


Cash are two primary currencies in this game. However, you have to spend 3 hours to transform currencies into the Cash form. As you can guess, you will use Cash to buy more classic and modern cars and costumes for the character. The best method to get more currency is to complete as many chapters and stories as you can.

Besides, you can also link your account with Facebook. When connecting with Facebook, you will receive a fair amount of Cash as a logging gift. Another way to earn currency is to invite friends via the Facebook platform. Even when you sign-up, you also get currency.

By using these aforementioned tips and tricks, everyone can play this game easily. Remember that it will become easier to go far when you have much Cash.


How Can I Share The Crash Drive 2 Friend Copy?

After you have the Crash Drive 2, you have to check if the game in the Inventory as the gift copy will be added automatically to your Inventory. So, you can open the steam inventory, which is on the Steam Community. If you cannot find it, you can select the username in the Steam menu and choose Inventory.

How Can I Send My Extra Copy In Crash Drive 2 Version?

The step is the same as other versions. Firstly, you open your Inventory and choose ‘Gift.’ Then, you choose the Crash Drive 2 gift and click ‘Send a gift.’ Besides, you can also email your friend a gift or send it to a steam friend directly.

Final Words

In general, Crash Drive 2 MOD APK is a fun game for you to unlock new cars and tanks. Many players say that they love the cross-play and online integration of this game. Besides, the tank battle mode also brings more fun to play with. Although it is just a mobile game, it still gives players lots of better physical controls. However, the lack of local multiplayer is a shortcoming and is expected to fix later. Briefly, Crash Drive 2 is a fun and decent game which does not exceed at anything particularly.

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