Crash of Cars MOD APK 1.8.05 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Crash of Cars MOD APK 1.8.05 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

May 10, 2024


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Not Doppler
162.16 MB
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Unlimited Coins/Gems

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Find yourself enjoying the epic racing gameplay with epic brawls between the unique vehicles in Crash of Cars. Explore the interesting maps as you take down your opponents through a series of incredible car battles.

Choose between dozens of different vehicles, make uses of their unique powers and abilities as you battle the monster cars or take on online gamers in exciting real-time battles. Customize and power up your ride so you can achieve victories.

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In the game, Android gamers will find themselves caught in an intergalactic race where you’ll sit behind the wheels of multiple cars. Hop on things like your average taxis, ice-cream trucks, or even ride on a massive tank as you join others in epic brawls.

Gamers will find themselves having access to the awesome racing gameplay where your ultimate goal is to survive the battles and destroy as many opponents as possible. Participate in real-time PvP battles as you take out others to win your titles. On top of that, with a variety of different buffs that are available on your car, you’ll find it quite enjoyable playing in this game.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Unlock multiple cars with varied tiers

You’ll quickly find yourself having access to the huge car collection in Crash of Cars which features varied vehicles from unique tiers. Choose between 70+ cars from 4 different classes including Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the tier, the more capable your vehicle will be when you engage your opponents in the epic battles.

Feel free to customize your cars with unique skins

And since you’ll mostly fight your opponents in online battles, having a customizable car with unique skin on it will certainly make you stand out among other players. This will somewhat intimidate them while making you feel a lot better about yourself. That being said, with more than 30 different skins to apply on your cars, you’ll definitely have a good time “dressing up” the vehicles in Crash of Cars.

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Epic power-ups to have on your vehicles

And to make your cars more capable during the fights, you are also given access to a variety of different Power-Ups. Find yourself picking up the epic flamethrowers and set your opponents on fire, blow them up with your powerful cannons or trebuchet, and so on. With 16 unique powers, you’ll find it quite enjoyable playing with the unique tactics in the game.

Choose between different maps to enjoy

In addition, with 8 different maps to enjoy, gamers in Crash of Cars will find themselves having some quality time as they battle epic enemies in varied environments. In addition, the maps are also available for you to pick up when you join other online gamers in the real-time multiplayer battles. Hence, you can feel free to pick the one that suits you the most.

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Interesting missions to enjoy

For those who love grinding through the multiple levels in the game, Crash of Cars features a variety of different missions for you to enjoy. In addition, you can also have fun in the epic Single Player Mode where you take on multiple enemies all by yourself.

Challenge gamers from all over the world

But if you wish to have your skills and abilities tested by the big boys, you’ll have to participate in the epic online challenges in Crash of Cars. Here, you can encounter the best players and go against the most powerful cars in the game. Compete with the best and win against them to unlock awesome rewards.

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Enjoy the game with friends

For those who wish to challenge their friends in an epic brawl can also make uses of the Friends features. That being said, you just need to become friends with certain people to be able to invite them to join the matches. The more friend you’re having the more frenzy and exhilarating the battles will become.

Connect to your Google Play Services account and unlock awesome features

And with the Google Play Services available on the app, Android users will find themselves having access to the pic Leaderboards where you can compete with the best players in the entire world for a single spot of the champion.

In addition, you’ll also unlock many exciting features on the Google Play Services, including the online cloud which allow you to safely store your save files online.

Play the game even without the Internet

Gamers in Crash of Cars will also find themselves enjoying this amazing game with or without the Internet connection. That being said, it’ll be the perfect game to enjoy while you’re out their traveling since you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to start playing.

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Free to play

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a free game. So you can easily have it downloaded and installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. However, some of you will still find the ads and in-app purchases somewhat annoying.

Enjoy unlimited coins and gems with our mod

And if that’s the case, then our awesome mod of the game will certainly satisfy you. With modified features, you’re now able to make all the purchases you want with the unlimited money. In addition, the ad-free experiences are certain a bless. All you need to do is to visit our website and download the Crash of Cars Mod APK on your mobile devices. Follow our given instructions to properly install the game and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple yet beautiful graphics with dynamic colors, realistic physics, and interactive environments. That being said, you can easily enjoy the game on your low-end phone without being bothered by lags or stutters.


With cheerful and interactive audio experiences, Crash of Cars introduces gamers to the epic gameplay that you’ll certainly enjoy during your free time. It’ll be great way to dive into the awesome gameplay and relax your mind.

Download Crash of Cars Mod latest 1.8.05 Android APK

Fans of the famous CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars or Smashy Road: Wanted will definitely find Crash of Cars as their next favorite game. With rich and addictive gameplay, there are no doubts that you’ll enjoy the game. Not to mention that the it’s completely free and unlocked with our mod.

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