Renegade Racing MOD APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

Renegade Racing MOD APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

March 29, 2023


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Unlimited Money

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For racing fans out there, if you have been bored by the intense and in-depth racing gameplay which feature epic 3D graphics, you might want to look for a more relaxing and accessible game to enjoy on your mobile devices. And Renegade Racing, which features all your desired racing elements, should definitely make you enjoy the game more.

Find yourself completely hooked to the epic side-scrolling and hill racing gameplay in this awesome mobile title. And this time, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the game with online gamers and friends in the exciting multiple races, which is absolutely amazing.

Find out more about this amazing game from Renegade Racing with our reviews.


For those of you who’re interested, the game introduces Android gamers to the fun and exciting hill racing gameplay where they can dive into the epic challenges. Feel free to dive into the awesome and epic racing challenges with interesting vehicles on unique maps.

Pick up your favorite rides from a variety of different available options, each with its own unique features and traits. Perform incredible and amazing tricks and stunts as you engage in epic rides to earn special rewards.

And most importantly, this time, you can join friends and online gamers from all over the world in the pic PvP races in the Multiplayer modes. Compete in different tournaments and leagues with other gamers at the same ranks. Win against them as you advance to the new levels

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Find yourself completely hooked to the amazing online gameplay

Fans of the addictive terrain and hill racing games will definitely find themselves satisfied with the awesome gameplay in Renegade Racing. Along with the amazing gameplay and mechanics that have been loved by over 180 million of Android gamers, you’ll find yourself having access to the amazing in-game actions as you join others in the amazing online gameplay.

Dive into epic racing actions as you race toward your victory

Forget about the demanding and intense racing gameplay that you often find on other AAA racing titles on your Android devices. And instead, you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun and excitement in this simple and accessible game of Renegade Racing. Discover the satisfying and exhilarating actions as you take your unique vehicles through a series of epic challenges.

Compete with friends and online gamers in exciting races

And as mentioned, with Renegade Racing, gamers will have their chances to compete with online gamers in the exciting multiplayer races and climb their ways through the competitive leagues. Take on your actual opponents in the awesome online gameplay with up to 6 players in each match. Have fun as you win against your opponents to collect loots and progress through the ranking system.

Unlock new in-game levels as you explore the peaceful Docks, find your ways through the Ice Cavern, and even travel to the Devil’s Island as you discover many new race tracks and challenges.

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Intuitive touch controls for you to quickly get familiar with the game

And to make the game more enjoyable and accessible for Android gamers, you’ll also find yourself having access to the intuitive touch controls as you quickly get familiar with the gameplay of Renegade Racing. Make uses of the touch buttons, convenient gestures, or tilt functionalities to effectively overcome your in-game challenges or perform special stunts.

Choose between a variety of interesting cars

Moreover, gamers in Renegade Racing will also have access to an amazing collection of amazing vehicles as they progress in Renegade Racing. Feel free to choose between more than 10 crazy rides, from the tuner cars, the Not Doppler bus, to the monster truck. Make uses of each vehicle’s specific traits and stats to effectively overcome the in-game obstacles. And most importantly, there will also be a variety of interesting upgrades for you to pick up on each of your cars, which is absolutely a blast.
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Make uses of the awesome power-ups

And to assist you in your exciting in-game challenges and missions, gamers in Renegade Racing will also have access to the amazing power-ups and boosters that you can have on your rides. Feel free to choose between 16 different types of them as you progress through a series of interesting challenges. Show off your skills and save you from crucial fails with the awesome power-ups.

Feel free to perform stunts as you progress through the levels

And as mentioned, the game will also allow Android gamers to freely perform their awesome stunts and hill-climbing techniques in Renegade Racing to earn some extra points. Moreover, with each successful stunt, you’ll find your Turbo gauge being increased, which results in a much better speed. Feel free to let your opponents eat dirt as you overcome them in styles.

Free to play

Despite having all those amazing features, the creators of Renegade Racing still manage to surprise us with the free gameplay that you can enjoy in this title. That being said, the game is always available on the Google Play Store for you to pick up and enjoy whenever you have the time.

Enjoy the game with unlimited money

And for those of you who find the in-game purchases and ads being somewhat annoying, then you might want to take a look at our modified version of the game, which is absolutely free to enjoy. And most importantly, you’ll have access to the unlimited money and ad-free gameplay, which is absolutely incredible.

Visual and sound quality


With friendly and cartoony graphics, the game is suitable for gamers of all ages. Moreover, as you engage in the epic races, you’ll find the realistic physics and immersive visual effects being exceptionally entertaining. Plus, since it comes with undemanding graphics, gamers in Renegade Racing will also find themselves completely hooked to the game.


Along with the relaxing and exhilarating visual experiences, gamers will also enjoy the game to the fullest with amazing sound and music experiences in Renegade Racing.

Download Renegade Racing Mod latest 1.1.8 Android APK

Fans of the famous Earn to Die, Fastlane: Road to Revenge, and the likes finally have another great hill racing title to enjoy on their mobile devices. And this time, you can have it for completely free and unlocked with our modified version of the game, which absolutely a blast.

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