Createrria 2 MOD APK 2.1.1 (Unlimited Money)

Createrria 2 MOD APK 2.1.1 (Unlimited Money)

October 1, 2021


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Incuvo SA
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Unlimited Money

Createrria 2 poster

Createrria is the debut work of the Incuvo studio from Katowice. The game reflects the nature of a real game production only in half. Createrria 2 is amazing, but first, you have to build the game with your creativity. It tilts the scales to the editor’s side. But do not worry! All options are simple, intuitive, and creating a simple production is a matter of a few minutes. There are a lot of options as the advertisement proves.

Createrria 2 is more than a simple game. It is a useful tool for creating games in a few simple steps, having no technical knowledge on the subject. What matters is only one’s imagination, which is the only real limit. Createrria 2 allows you to create action games, puzzles, or even platforms in minutes. It will be possible to tell the story and imagine your own game thanks to multiple contents and the simple editor provided by the product. It is easy to use, and they can also exchange any game created with your friends.

Createrria 2 offers different styles to create different iOS games from 8-Bit to pixel art. So, you can also give a retro look to your product. The user will find in front of a stage filled with objects and scenic elements. Each of these features will have a different function within the game.

There are backgrounds, terrains, objects, and enemies to place on the stage to bring your level to life. With the latest update, you can also create your Flappy Bird, for example. You can customize it to your liking. It is possible to create games with more complex structures such as shooters or puzzle adventures.

General Information

As already mentioned, Createrria 2 does not require any technical skills to create your customized game. But it is necessary to have at least a second-generation iPad or an iPhone 4s or higher model. After giving life to your creation, you can share your result with the entire community. The game allows you to log into your Facebook account and publish directly on your timeline. It is also possible to shoot a video of your game and broadcast it on the main channels, such as YouTube and Twitter.

Createrria 2 can create your incredible games in minutes. Then, you can share them with friends and become famous. We need no technical skills, just imagination is essential. Try to believe it. Do you want to create a platform game? It is simple. Draw the level with your finger, arrange all the contraptions, collectibles, and enemies wherever you want, and start jumping into it.

Or would you like to create your own Angry Birds game? There is the stunt bear ready to be shot from a slingshot. Build amazing structures of stone, wood, glass, and other materials and have them demolished by other players! Do you think people want more Flappy Bird games? With Createrria 2, you can create your masterpiece and amaze the masses.

Createrria 2 screen 1

How to Use Createrria 2?

Open the construction material options and set the start and endpoints

In the first list of the creation materials, you can see the character and the Othello. The position of the character is the starting point and the position of the Othello is the end. Clicking on them can also perform other operations, such as clicking on the characters in the editor to select the characters’ turn. After placing them, the clearance setting of this level is that the characters can walk to the position of the black and white flag.

Createrria 2 screen 2

Drawing obstacles

Without setting up slight obstacles, how can the game be fun? Open the construction material option and start from the third list. The game provides various structures and obstacles including ground thorns, enemies, and stairs. Since other obstacles can be placed by clicking, the editor here will focus on the method of setting up the ladder.

Select the last list, we can choose the shape, size, and type of the ladder. After choosing the ladder we like, we need to click the drawing option. When the pencil is activated, we can draw the ladder. If it does not satisfy you with the steps you have drawn, we can click the drawing option again. When the icon is an eraser, you can erase the steps you want to remove.

Set up collections and decorations

How can games without collectibles inspire us to play? If you also understand this, click on the first list in the construction material options with the editor. The three gems in the first row are beckoning to us.

After completing all the operations above, a simple game level has taken shape. Just like the editor, we love this cute picture. If you want to add more flowers to it, click on the second list of construction material options. The bottom decoration Pins can make our game background more refined!

Createrria 2 screen 4


Click on the apple at the top right of the game screen and we can test the game we created. When our characters reach the end and the game prompts that your game works. It means that the game world we created is successful. Don’t be too happy, we have to remind you you have to click the return option and select Save to save our game; it is the real accomplishment.

Create gadgets

Want to design more refined and grander game levels? The editor recommends that you use grids and sliding screens more. Grids can make us more refined when creating game worlds. When the game environment is large, choosing to slide the screen allows you to view the creation of the game world. It allows you to create a more macro game layout.

Createrria 2 screen 3

The Blockheads are a novel adventure game combined with unique pixel graphics bringing you into difficult and extreme circumstances to practice your survival skills and use intelligence to handle situations. As a Minecraft-style adventure game, The Blockheads has addictive gameplay and is built from small blocks like Lego blocks. Entering this unique playing field, your mission is to control a dumb guy named Blockheads in a vast world with ridiculous circumstances.

The background in this game is interesting. We lose your goofy Blockheads in the dangerous jungle. As night fell, the temperature dropped, and the fool was slowly exhausted from the cold. Meanwhile, the tents were not up and the fire was gone. Under such extremely difficult circumstances, you only have a spade, some wood, and a few sticks in your hand. Use all your survival skills to control Blockheads to build a bed, dig a cave in the ground, or make a fire to heat.

Final Words

Createrria 2 can design your games on your Android device without a computer or other equipment. The app has built-in different game elements and picture styles. As long as you have unlimited creativity and move your fingers, you can create an interesting game that can also be experienced on Android devices. Createrria 2 is very comprehensive, providing players with a variety of game types and mechanisms.

Createrria 2 MOD APK offers an infinite number of combinations to create your video game from scratch. You can create a classic or mix the various basic genres to create an innovative and personal game from scratch. Finally, you can share your work with the many Createrria 2 enthusiasts around the world or download and try their video games.

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