Pocket Mine 3 MOD APK 49.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

Pocket Mine 3 MOD APK 49.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

Roofdog Games Unlimited Money

Pocket Mine 3 is a fun 2D arcade adventure game about the theme of miners. You embark on a mining adventure. The game is a successful sequel to the “Pocket Mine” series – an addictive hit game with many interesting things. Your task is simply to click on the blocks to dig deep, and explore all the unique locations in an exciting world. You create stunning chain reactions, and enjoy amazing loud explosions. You collect rewards, receive skill cards, craft powerful equipment for your character, unlock treasure chests, collect and trade rare artifacts. The game is impressive because there are many interesting things to experience.

About Gameplay

Pocket Mine 3 has a simple, yet entertaining, action-packed gameplay. The game is made and developed by Roofdog Studios LLC. The game received a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community, and good reviews from experts. The game retains the strengths from the previous version, and creates more fun in a great adventure. You break blocks to dig deeper than everything, and uncover all the secrets of the exciting world. You need to create chain reactions in order to find more interesting things. You develop characters, learn jobs, and equip powerful equipment. You collect maps of underground structures to find new paths. You open treasure chests, collect and sell rare artifacts to earn extra bonuses. .

Pocket Mine 3 is full of exciting features in an action-adventure game. You explore dozens of beautiful locations, encounter interesting monsters, and create amazing items. The game allows for character customization with powerful equipment. You build your favorite deck to reach new depths of dig. In addition, the game also allows you to trade items with friends to complete a collection of artifacts. In addition, the game is constantly updating with new content, and interesting events. You definitely have a lot of great things in your exciting mining adventure. Of course, your mission focuses on digging deep into the blocks to explore the interesting world. With unique gameplay, the game keeps people entertained after hours of stressful working and studying.

Pocket Mine 3 emphasizes adventure adventure in exciting coal mines. You trigger the explosive response to open up new roads. The game has many difficult missions, and you need to own extremely powerful equipment to fully experience the engaging gameplay. The game has dozens of amazing locations, and you explore many places such as the deep ocean, snowy mountains, deep mines. Of course, if you want to overcome the challenges, then you have to customize your character’s appearance and strength. You collect, shop, or trade powerful equipment. You become more professional collecting mineral resources, and powerful equipment. You will build your deep deck to create your own fighting style, and increase your great gameplay experience.

Pocket Mine 3 allows players to start off with the small ax. You have to have some research, and care, to create powerful objects. The right equipment helps players dig deeper into everything. The whole process is like an endless loop of digging, finding treasure, upgrading equipment, and expanding into more special areas. Just like that, your character improves and gets stronger over time.

Pocket Mine 3 tries to give you a unique experience as a fun little miner. Step by step you discover the relics, and treasures buried under deep layers, hard rocks in the past. You encounter dangerous monsters. Overall, the game has classic gameplay but adds many new elements. You break blocks to open paths, collect cards and craft the right item. The game also adds many enemies to give you many moments of crazy action. The game is paced with a fun single player mode. You overcome many challenges, and dig deep into the ends of the earth. You find a lot of fun to explore and collect.

Pocket Mine 3 is based on the classic digging style, so you have to see different things all over the screen like top corner, or bottom corner. The game features a variety of challenges such as large rocks, many powerful monsters, interesting hidden paths, great lockers, and valuable ores. The first levels are easy to play, but as you progress, things get harder and harder. You can beat every level, of course, but you’ll need quality equipment, smart tactics, and a little luck. You should also attend one of the many special events for extra money, and loot. Every effort gets you some extra money to upgrade the smith, and equip.


Pocket Mine 3 is a tap-to-dig adventure game that’s fun, and suitable for everyone. Therefore, the controls are not too difficult. You can easily control the extremely happy and eager miner through the touch of fingers on the phone screen. Get ready for amazing role-playing adventures from Roofdog. Lots of mines and blocks are waiting for you to dig deep. You explore exciting worlds, build characters, and create your favorite deck of cards. The game offers exciting adventure experiences, and keeps everyone entertained comfortably.

Graphics and sound

Pocket Mine 3 has beautiful 2D graphics, and is extremely optimized on the phone. Relics and treasures are clearly shown through vivid images. The sound gets excited with great music. Thanks to the high quality graphics and vivid sound, you will enjoy even more adventures in the ground, and face dangerous monsters.

If you love mining games, please try “Idle Skilling“. The game has idle gameplay, and each of your choices has an important impact on how the game plays out. The task still revolves around mining issues, where you have to use workers appropriately to get the most of the material.


Pocket Mine 3 is the perfect sequel to the “Pocket Mine” series with an adventure-mining theme. The game continues to bring a wonderful journey of forgotten mines, rare artifacts. You enjoy to break all the rocks, and join the great adventure. Simply tap the blocks to dig deeper, and explore all the places in this exciting world. In short, the game is a great choice if you love fast-paced adventure. Of course, you have to think carefully before you act because there are always surprises.

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