Cube Surfer MOD APK 2.4.4 (Unlimited Gems)

Cube Surfer MOD APK 2.4.4 (Unlimited Gems)

December 30, 2023


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Voodoo is a new creative developer known for many simple but addictive games such as, Crown City, and Helix Jump. The company is constantly developing unique games, giving you prizes in extremely interesting ways. Cube Surfer is an entertaining game of Voodoo where you control the character to slide on a block, go collect other blocks on the road and try to pick up lots of diamonds. In this game, players will try to get the highest achievement possible.

Cube Surfer is also one of the many favorite games of Voodoo. In this playground, you will control a character standing on a block sliding along the obstacle course to collect blocks of the same color. The blocks will stack up very high. However, if you bump into obstacles or go through deep holes in the road, the blocks you collect will be gradually lost.

On the way, you will take advantage of picking up diamonds. For every diamond collected, you lose one block. So, try to avoid obstacles and accumulate as many square blocks as possible to pick up more diamonds and score notable achievements. These diamonds will unlock new skins for the block, such as hamburger cubes, watermelon, and cats.

General Information

Cube Surfer belongs to the category of a new arcade-style obstacle game. In the game, players will use the blocks as a skateboard to move through many roads going as far as possible. Your goal in Cube Surfer is to collect as many cubes as possible to create a large stack of blocks. Along the way, you will encounter walls of different heights.

They design cube Surfers with many levels to play. First, you will control your character glide on a small yellow cube. On your way, you will encounter obstacles that are walls. Different heights need to be crossed with cubes. Move while collecting as many blocks as possible to create a large stack of blocks, trying not to hit a wall.

Cube Surfer tests your skills and reflexes as you pass challenges. And you can also collect purple orbs and convert them into cubes. The higher the level of play, the difficulty of the levels will also increase. So, players also need to move more cautiously and flexibly to avoid being off the road. The game also offers a rich color graphic interface of square blocks and surrounding context, creating an extremely open space.

Installation and Gameplay

If you love the obstacle course game and are looking for a game with a unique style of play, try installing and playing Cube Surfer on your phone. It will be an entertaining game to help you relax after hours of work, study stress, and fatigue. In Cube Surfer, the player’s challenge is to eat the blocks to overcome the obstacles ahead. The more cleverly you can eat more square blocks, the higher the odds of winning at that level. Cube Surfer has simple gameplay. So, it is suitable for all ages from children to the elderly.

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The gameplay of Cube Surfer is relatively simple. You need to move the screen left and right to control the character in the moving distance. Along the way, eat as many squares as possible to reach the finish line to achieve the highest score possible. We will lose the blocks every time you bump into obstacles ahead.

If there are not enough blocks to overcome the obstacle, you will lose and have to play again. The more stages you play after the obstacles, the more difficult the challenges are. It requires you to handle and control the character skillfully. Diamonds obtained after each level will buy new blocks or characters in the store. If not enough, you can watch the ad to get 1000 extra diamonds per view.

Overall Assessments

The primary task of the player in Cube Surfer is to move the character to overcome the obstacles to reach the destination. The player will need to use stacked wooden crates to enhance the character’s position. Because when overcoming obstacles, the player will need to leave as many wooden crates. At the character’s feet, there must always be at least one wooden crate to move on.

Besides, on his journey, players also need to pay attention to pick up purple diamonds. They are the rewards players can get after each level of play. After reaching the destination, players will use the remaining wooden crates to increase the number of bonus points the player can get.

To help players be able to overcome and conquer challenges more easily, before each game screen, players can upgrade the number of initial wooden crates and increase the number of diamonds rewarded per screen. The path that the player needs to move in Cube Surfer will have a virtual transformation with simple levels that will be just a straight line. However, there will be screens with turns and kicking requiring the player to adapt in all situations to reach the destination.

Obstacles in the game will include keeping walls, brick rotation, and lava lake. The player will need to dodge. Or you can calculate the number of wooden crates underfoot, so it is reasonable to pass them and go on.

To make the game more interesting, in Cube Surfer, the player will use the diamond points earned through the levels. You can unlock new costumes for characters and the shapes of wooden crates. There are countless character outfits and wooden crate looks players can unlock and use.

There is no background music in the game. The dominant sound in Cube Surfer is mainly from moving, eating bonus points, or overcoming obstacles. Although simple, it has made the game more fun and interesting.

Cube Surfer’s graphics are bright with eye-catching tones. They design characters in the game with fun and lovely. The game screen changes with countless elements of surprise are waiting for players. The game does not have too many effects but with its simple effects, Cube Surfer has enough power to attract players.

Parkour Race is an exciting parkour adventure sports simulation game where you will jump from building to building in crazy races and win against your opponents. Taking part in the Parkour Race, players will control their characters, jump walls, overcome obstacles, jump and hit walls, climb walls, and land accurately. If you land successfully and correctly, you will reach a faster speed.

In particular, during the game, gamers can use the loot they earned to unlock unique new skins for their characters, turning them into superheroes, spiders, or Son Goku. Parkour Race has quite simple controls, players just need to touch the screen and move their finger to the left and right to help the character navigate and land in the correct position. Try to take advantage of the speed slides to overcome other opponents, limit climbing walls because this action causes the character to get tired quickly and reduce the original speed significantly.

Final Words

Cube Surfer MOD APK is a game designed but extremely interesting. The game requires a bit of calculation and ingenuity for players to overcome challenging levels and win.

Cube Surfer is a superb choice and suitable for those who are looking for a gentle, relaxing game. The game requires players to be skillful, agile, and judgmental in handling situations. If you are a lover of adventures with simple challenges but equally interesting. Try it now with Cube Surfer.

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