Shortcut Run MOD APK 1.35 (Ad-Free)

Shortcut Run MOD APK 1.35 (Ad-Free)

August 24, 2023


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Shortcut Run is a casual game that your goal is to run at full speed through different zones. In the game, try to be the first to cross the finish line. To do this, you need to collect wooden boards and use them to spread on the water that surrounds each track. Then create a shortcut to reach the enemy position fastest.

In Shortcut Run, the controls are very intuitive. All you have to do is swipe your finger left and right on the smooth screen to switch the character. Then collect the most wooden boards and cross the water. Try to overcome all opponents.

When collecting wooden boards, you can move towards the water surface by spreading them out to form roads and then run through. It is important if you want to finish faster than your opponents. However, based on the amount of wood, choose the water surface distance. If you lack wood in the middle, your race will end. Players are free to decide which path they will run on, when to go ashore, and when to enter the water.

General Information

Shortcut Run is a casual mobile game that makes people feel very refreshed and have fun. There are many levels that players can challenge. You will overcome a difficult problem with your outstanding strength. Then get the honorable title and get more generous rewards.

Shortcut Run is a casual game of moving bricks. It challenges moving bricks, laying bricks on the water to make a bridge, stepping on the bricks, and walking forward. You will consider the destination. Think about what to do if there are not enough bricks. In the game, players will jump to reach the other shore and unlock more Multi-level challenges. You can download Shortcut Run to experience on our website.

The primary task is racing against your opponents and piling up all the floors you can pick up along the way. If you are smart enough, do not worry. Build a bridge and get to the finish line in a shortcut. The game comes with simple gameplay, efficient and easy-to-learn operation. We have easy and interesting sprint challenges. In the game, try your best to agile skills, avoid various obstacles, and rush to the finish line.

The method to break through obstacles is by breaking through the limit so you can get a better ranking. You can play different maps, various challenge modes, master skills, and romp. After touching the obstacle, the mobile game will fail. If you cross all obstacles, you will win with no doubt.

Clever use of props can usually make you surpass the enemy in front of you. Music will accompany the operation process. The picture quality in the mobile game is very simple. And there are many levels to be unlocked. Challenge more difficult levels. These levels will bring more interesting gameplay to players and high freedom. The game is also free. You can unlock more interesting games. It provides a lot of props that can bring rewards to players;

The game mode is very interesting. There will be dynamic music during the parkour process. The settings of the mobile game character model are very cute. Initially, the number of pedals is a must. Players need to match the same color to increase the number of pedals. When walking in the water, pedals will be consumed until the number of pedals reaches zero?

How to Play Shortcut Run?

In Shortcut Run, you race against opponents, collect wooden planks along the way. Then spread wooden boards over the water to create the shortest shortcut to finish first. This action game combines the style of collecting bricks like in Stair Run or Stack Colors and racing with other opponents.

Move faster if you take a shortcut

When creating a shortcut, your distance will be shortened. So it takes less time. Try to collect as much wood as possible to form a path across the wide waters.

Jump up if you get near the shore and run out of wood

When you have used up the board and have just approached the shore, you can jump forward to cross. It will slow you down a bit, but better than death. However, it is best not to be subjective, try to collect a lot of wood and cross a reasonable water space with the wood you have.

Destroy the opponent

Gamers can push opponents from behind to get them out of the way and kill them. You can also steal their wood. So, it is very rewarding to catch up with someone on the track. If someone is approaching behind you, try to avoid being played by them.

Use someone else’s shortcut

If someone has created a shortcut, you can take advantage of passing without wasting your wood. Taking someone’s shortcut is a good way to follow and kill them. Remember that your opponent can also use your shortcut. But if you lead them far enough, then it does not matter.

Overall Assessments

Shortcut Run is a multiplayer competitive action game. In this game, you race against others in the water park, holding piles of floors while building bridges and moving forward to see who can get their first end. The gameplay is very simple. Compete with your opponents and pile up all the floors you can pick up along the way.

If you are smart enough, then leave the primary route, build bridges, and take shortcuts, better than others finish line. Also, cheating tricks have never been so stylish with simple gameplay, efficient, and easy learning to control. Shortcut Run is a game that allows the villain to compete in a water park. As you move forward, you will get more and more powerful opponents. And every challenge will bring you the same joy. We can collect some gold coins in some places, allowing you to exchange for unique characters. It also makes you feel more experienced when playing.

Do not fall into the water. Otherwise, you will return to the starting point and start again. It will be a waste of time. Every next adventure will become very interesting. Try to unlock different skins to take part in the competition;

The design on the screen is simple. But it will not affect the interesting gameplay. Music will accompany the operation process, the picture quality in the game is extremely simple. And there are many levels to unlock.

Challenge more difficult levels. These levels will give players more interesting gameplay, and freedom is extremely high. The gameplay is also extremely free, unlocking more interesting gameplay, and many props that can bring rewards to players. The complete picture is relaxed and delicate. The unique scenes and square roads make the whole style more fun; many levels and more extreme levels, fresh challenges are very exciting, playing more fun and addictive; Playing can show your flexible reaction. so, you can exercise your reaction and pass more tests.

Shortcut Run is a new handling game launched by voodoo. The game is very competitive. Players need to collect as much board as possible along the way in the game. And flexibly use the boards to create shortcuts and quickly reach the end. Welcome Interested players download experience!

Final Words

Shortcut Run puts you in an exciting race where you can use wooden boards to find your way to the finish fastest. The key to creating a shortcut is to put the board down and go straight to the target position. Find a way to the position of the checkered flag in front of the opponents. The game combines collecting bricks like Stair Run or Stack Colors and racing with other opponents.

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