Cute Pocket Cat 3D MOD APK 1.10.7 (Unlimited Money)

Cute Pocket Cat 3D MOD APK 1.10.7 (Unlimited Money)

June 9, 2024


Additional Information
Pocket Games Entertainment
81.99 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

You want to have a pet, but practical conditions do not allow it. Cute Pocket Cat 3D will help you create a cat that you can play with, feed, buy clothes, take care of… as you wish. In this fun free game, the famous pet cat is on an amazing adventure. He is very funny and energetic. The kitten will not sit still, it will constantly move, like a real animal.

Do you want to have a kitten on your smartphone or tablet? Cute Pocket Cat 3D doesn’t just stop at taking care of cats but also helps your cat win competitions. Taking time to care for a cat can improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. A cute, fluffy, and adorable kitten is waiting for your attention and love in this cute game, learn about this game to successfully raise the cat.

Style play

At the beginning of the game, you will have to choose the shape and color of your cat’s fur. Choose the shape and color of the coat that suits you, because that is the first step to getting excited about taking care of this cat. Give a favorite name and start familiarizing your home.

The house has 4 rooms, including a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Daily activities such as eating, sleeping, playing, going to the bathroom, and bathing all revolve around these areas. Every day you will take care of your cat and pay attention to his mood. If you don’t give your pet enough attention, they won’t run away but will be very upset.

To improve the cat’s mood, play the games that the manufacturer provides such as Online Arena, Online Town, and Competitions, and chat Online with other players when participating in the competition. These games can help you collect more money to buy things needed for your cat.

Graphics and sound

The game is created by Pocket Games Entertainment and is free to download, you can play Cute Pocket Cat 3D on both Android and iOS, downloadable on Google Play App. The game is designed in 3D and can be played with your friends.

3D graphics depict images of houses and towns vividly and realistically. Around your house, there are 3 circles to easily join the game that you love when you have completed the daily cat care tasks. True colors, in harmony with clothing items, accessories (hat, socks, sunglasses, …), and a rich interior for you to create your way.

Live sound effects, humor, and fun with the actions of the cat in the races while dividing the team to fight. Besides, that is the sound of the game about the quest to earn money.

Cat care experience

The way to play is easy, it is to take care of the cat by feeding the cat when the cat is hungry, going to the toilet, bathing, or going to sleep based on its need table. All the work looks like what you need to do for your real cat. To have money to shop for your cat, you can play mini-games to get rewards and buy accessories and furniture for your cat. Decorate your home to become more beautiful and spacious. Visit the “Cat Shop” to buy cat beds, cat toys, cat clothes, and cat hats, or change the wallpaper in your home.

This is not a single game but this is a place to make friends with other cats, these cats are also taken care of by other players like you, so you will chat with these players all over the world. the world through online chat. So take care of your cat, you can change accessories and redecorate your home at Cat Shop or change your appearance from eye color, size, or coat color and you can change your name at Barbershop to go out and socialize, Participate in small fights between cats. The more you take care of your cat, the more beautiful it is, and the more you show that you are a caring and loving owner of animals, attracting many players to get acquainted and make friends with you.

Online Arena – Fight with your teammates

The game is created as a small battle between the cats in the town, there are 2 teams including the blue team and the red team. You can be assigned to the red team or the blue team and fight with the other team. This is a game about the unity of your teammates to win against the other team. And of course, there will be a chat box so you can chat with your teammates, plan battles, and destroy the remaining team.

Each cat will have a maximum score of 100 points. You must make your team’s cat’s score decrease to 0, then that cat will be eliminated from the game. You too, so please protect your score. You use your paws to fight with the other team because claws are the strongest and most dangerous weapon of cats. The winning team will receive great rewards and a chance to make friends with the best players in the world.

Online Town – Make friends with many friends around the world

Your cat will socialize with the cats in town and get to know its owners. If you have difficulty starting a conversation, the game has provided a few elements so that you can easily get information and get acquainted with other players such as the age of the cat, the color of the dragon, or the style of the cat. created by its owner.

There are old cats and very creative taste in clothes and accessories, which shows that the owner of this cat has been involved in this game for a long time and has accumulated a lot of experience. You can observe these and easily ask other players questions. Kind, open people will help you gain more knowledge and experience to successfully raise cats, or win mini-games.

Competitions – Fun challenges

In the “Competitions” section, there are 7 challenges for you to choose from. These are all challenges that require a high concentration of players.

In Competitions 1 and 2, your cat will have a race with the animals in the town. The cat that reaches the finish line first will receive the highest prize. How to play is extremely simple. Press the “Accelerate” button when the slider is in the green area. In competition 2 you have to finish first at the 2nd finish line to be considered as winning the game.

In Competition 3, players press the “Catch” button to catch the object in front of them. Catch only the cakes. Beware of the traps or you will lose points. Competition 4 is a fun obstacle course. Competitions 5, 6, and 7 are all interesting challenges that you should explore while playing Cute Pocket Cat 3D.

A simple game to help you relax

Cute Pocket Cat 3D gives players a realistic experience like when you take care of a cat in life. The game attracts not only children but also adults and busy people. Bright colors and vibrant sounds are part of what makes the game so remarkable and appealing to many players.

With Cute Pocket Cat 3D, you can completely play with your cat to relax without spending too much time, you can play anytime, anywhere. Experience and make a lot of friends when participating in this game.

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