Talking Ginger MOD APK (Unlocked)

Talking Ginger MOD APK (Unlocked)

November 4, 2023


Additional Information
Outfit7 Limited
58.14 MB
MOD Features

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Talking Ginger is an entertaining 3D game about a golden cat, called Ginger. You help Ginger get ready for bed and have fun all day long. You will do many things with Ginger, such as talking, tickling, and playing games with Ginger. You can even see what Ginger dreams of at night. Enjoy your wonderful time with little golden kitten Ginger, and share fun time videos online with your friends. Games bring lots of laughter when you talk to Ginger, help Ginger sleep, or play games with Ginger. The game has interesting jigsaw pieces, and get ready to collect all the vivid dream pictures of Ginger.

About Gameplay

Talking Ginger is produced by Outfit7 – the producer of Talking Tom or Talking Ben the Dog. Unlike previous models, players will befriend a super cute orange cat called Ginger. The game is great for kids, and you help Ginger with things like brushing, bathing, going to the toilet, … – familiar actions before Ginger sleeps. The game will amuse everyone when you help Ginger brush her teeth. You can happily interact with Ginger through many things: tickling, teasing, touching different parts of the cat to see Ginger’s interesting reaction. Talking helps relieve stress when you can talk to Ginger, and listen to what a little cat tells through a super cute voice. Then, you help Ginger go to bed by shower, drying the yellow fur brushing his teeth and lulling to sleep. In addition, you can play games with Ginger such as: smash bubbles from toothpaste, curl up toilet paper rolls, and play unique jigsaw puzzles. Through each game / event, you must be able to collect Ginger’s vivid dream jigsaw puzzles. You will have moments of fun and warm activity with Ginger. After that, you record all the cute activities of Ginger, and share with friends on social networks. The game makes you a cute companion of Ginger through the smallest actions. Talking Ginger is certified “PRIVO” – a safety sign from the COPPA testing system. This is to ensure the app protects the privacy of player information.

Talking Ginger is about a cute little cat in golden fur. Gameplay is very simple, the player helps the cat Ginger do his personal hygiene before going to bed. You can also take part in great games like: roll the toilet paper and challenge with your friends; Play with toothpaste foam. You challenge yourself through an intellectual puzzle game, and discover your great puzzle skills. The more points you play, the more you will be able to score for yourself to buy more home decorations for Ginger.

Explore the function keys. If you select the toilet paper scroll function key, it will have to pull as quickly as possible within 30 seconds to set the record. If you choose the shower function key, then you will bathe Ginger by touching and holding on the shower shape until the bar is full of energy bar. If you choose the dryer function key, then you use the dryer to dry Ginger’s cat body. If you choose the brushing function key, you will have to brush your teeth thoroughly. Alternatively, you can pull Ginger’s beard, make fun of, and lull it to sleep. The game has 50 pictures, and all are divided into 9 puzzle pieces each. Each time you complete the task, you will only get 1 piece of the puzzle, so it will take you a long time to complete all the pictures.

You discover many things by choosing the direct link to Outfit7’s website. The game supports the ability to connect with friends through social networks. You watch videos of Outfit7’s animated characters through the integration feature from YouTube. In addition, you purchase some in-app items using virtual currency. You earn virtual money by completing quests, and increasing Ginger’s rank. From here, you can easily access all the features in the app without using real money to buy any content.


Talking Ginger has very simple and convenient controls. You will see features such as video recording, video sharing already available on the old Talking Tom versions. Below the screen, you will see functional keys such as: toilet paper roll; shower picture; hair dryer picture; brush shape; toothpaste numbers, stopwatch pictures, puzzle pieces. You can complete the same tasks several times a day. You click on the icons on the screen and then drag them onto the cat Ginger to perform easy manipulations.

Graphics and sound

Talking Ginger is a great game about pets, like an adorable golden cat. You will participate in a great game in bright 3D graphics. You will see that the cat shows all the movements that are very realistic. All objects such as brushes, birthday cakes, food, bowls, … Players can explore the beautiful 3D image and interesting open space of the garden, or the toilet of the cat Ginger. . The game is completely free, and there are many things you can do in this impressive animal cat simulator. Music is mostly playful and pure songs. Get ready to experience the great game for your life filled with joy.

You can also try out similar games like “My Talking Tom Friends, My Talking Tom”. In My Talking Tom Friends, you will care and discover up to six amazing cats including Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca. You also do many great actions like eating, bathing and using fun toys. The game also has a great collection of interesting things.


Talking Ginger is a great game about kittens. You have many very attractive experiences with a golden kitten Ginger. Ginger cat is very sleepy and lazy to do personal hygiene before going to bed, and you will have to do the task of helping Ginger. In return you will have a bonus to unlock many items. The game will definitely bring a great relaxation for you after many hours of stressful work. The game is the right choice for those who love the series “Talking Tom Cat”. Through adorable cats, along with great actions, you have a lot of free laughter, and effectively relax your mind.

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