Cyber Fighters MOD APK 1.11.76 (Free shopping)

Cyber Fighters MOD APK 1.11.76 (Free shopping)

May 12, 2023


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Set in high-tech sci-fi, Cyber ​​Fighters takes players into the battle of hack and slash with a quick beat. Cyber ​​Fighters takes place in 2077 when World War 3 ends, it redraws the world map. They divide North America into five intersecting areas in the city of Detroit. After a series of failed deals between countries, the city fell into turmoil.

In 2100, the anti-death penalty law was signed. They will deport all dangerous criminals from neighboring countries to Detroit. They will have a second chance of survival but will have to fight to maintain. Detroit becomes the largest solitary confinement prison in the world that you can barely get out of. Over time, in the forgotten city, the criminal force forms. They rebel and fight each other for influence over the city.

Detroit acts like an amoeba. If you cannot be a part of it, you will soon be prey. Collect a variety of cyberpunk weapons in the massive weapon system. From there, go through fighting, leveling up, learning skills, and being ready to confront others in dramatic duel modes. Cyber ​​Fighters possesses amazing graphics, cool character design with combat effects that create extreme excitement.

We can also play the game even without an internet connection. It helps you enjoy the feeling of Slash action. Going deep to explore Cyber ​​Fighters, players will also experience more interesting features. Cyber ​​Fighters is perfect for fans of classic fighting and action games around the world. You will not be disappointed by joining this game.

General Information

Cyber ​​Fighters is a cyberpunk-themed free stickman style game. It combines action, role-playing (RPG), and fighting games. The game offers a fresh experience for players who enjoy classic fantasy action fighting games.

It will surprise you that Cyber ​​Fighters is an offline cyberpunk game. It does not need the Internet to immerse yourself in fantasy worlds and fight in epic shadow battles. Fight in your way as you can choose from among five unique Cyber ​​warriors with a variety of skills and fighting styles. You can choose from Cyber ​​Officer Swordsman, The Punisher of God Thunder, The Queen Bee Archer Assassins, Cyborg Senseless Killer, and The Deathly Shadow Panther.

For fans of stickman action RPGs around the world, it will not disappoint you in joining this game. The game features a giant Cyberpunk world rife with gang wars, state-of-the-art weapons, hands-on cuts, fighting for survival, and many other exceptional experiences.

How to Play Cyber Fighters?

Are you ready to plunge into the Cyberpunk world with countless epic hack and slash battles? If the answer is yes, get ready to step into the dramatic adventures of the engaging Cyber ​​Fighters.

In 2077, the third war ended, and it redrew the world. It divides North America into five regions with Detroit as the meeting point. After a series of agreements between the states failed, the city fell into anarchy. Over 750,000 civilians have been forgotten by other countries in the world.

In 2100, the Anti-Death Penalty Law was signed. They will deport all dangerous criminals from neighboring countries to Detroit. They will have a second chance to survive but they must fight to maintain this chance. Detroit has become the largest confinement prison in the world. You can walk in here but you can hardly get out.

Over time, criminal forces formed in this forgotten city. They rebelled and fought each other to compete for the influence of this city. Now, everything in Detroit is operating like Amip. If you cannot be one of them, then you will soon become its prey. Will you have enough power to change all this?

Cyber ​​Fighters is ideal for lovers of classic action RPG and fighting games all over the world. Once you join this game, you will not be disappointed-a huge full of gang wars, cyber weapons, hacking and hacking battles, survival battles, and a more Cyberpunk world. Let’s start the adventure now!

Overall Assessments

They defined the official version of Cyber Fighters in 2077. When the world war ended, the pattern changed. Some cities became unmanaged areas. It also breeds many criminals. Now, you will want to go here to solve the hidden dangers that may exist. Gangs and hackers have already worked, and we must eliminate them before the accident occurs.

Cyber ​​Fighters offers smooth movements and a sense of blow to make the fighting more passionate. The game also comes with cool special effects of skills. The high-degree-of-freedom gameplay helps you to complete the task successfully. You can have any method but be aware of the limited time. And after upgrading, it will improve the attributes. Then, you can learn other moves to use in battle.

Following the success of the Stickman series, Zitga Studio continues to release another version of Stickman to the market. But unlike its previous versions in the Endless Runner gameplay comes with a bit of action. For this version, players will be engaged in actual battles with relatively interesting action.

This version of Stickman is called Stickman Legends. And Zitga hopes this game will be a version that brings the name of this series to legendary levels. Although it is not known whether there will be that day, Stickman Legends has transformed completely in the gameplay and made this game different from other Zitga Studio products.

Stickman Legends is an interesting story. The chief character revolves around a lonely young man on his way to eliminate evil, bringing light and peace to his homeland. The graphic design of the game is horizontal. They build the game on a 2D graphics platform but still produce a relatively excellent visual system. Image quality in the game has high resolution and sharpness. The game does not build too many details. But basically, the textures created are fascinating.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Stickman Legends is still in the style of a basic horizontal screen action game. Players will pass each stage with the next stage more difficult than the previous stage. They divide the game into different difficulty levels, and players can only unlock the level after completing the previous level.

To fight, players move the character to the left and right of the screen and attack all the enemies that obstruct the character’s progress. Combined with movement is of course the ability to attack. The game has a basic battle key next to the skill keys that will be opened when the player’s character is upgraded.

Final Words

Cyber ​​Fighters is one of the best RPGs in 2020. Besides the stand-alone check-in, there are also online battles. And you can fight against other players in proper time to see who is stronger. There is an enormous selection of weapons in the arsenal which can be strengthened and modified to increase attack power after purchase.

Many hidden Easter eggs need to be discovered by yourself. These are unlocked through the achievement system. The game is similar to the style of Stickman Legends. The quality and special effects do not belong to any game at all. Integrating some cultivation elements can change the form after training the character. The PVP mode is more passionate. And there are settings for ranking.

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