Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK 2.5.32 (Unlimited Money)

Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK 2.5.32 (Unlimited Money)

April 16, 2024


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144.23 MB
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Unlimited Money

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If you are a lover of tower defense and strategy battles, then download “Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games“. The game has addictive gameplay, and the game leaves you with hours of fun challenges.

Empire Warriors Premium offers powerful heroes, unique towers, epic challenges and funny moments. The game stands out in the great tower defense genre. Get ready to engage in tower defense battles with Empire Warriors Premium!

Great choice in tower defense

Empire Warriors Premium is not a very creative game, and the game has familiar tower defense gameplay. You make money by defeating enemies. You then use the money to build new towers or repair old ones. If you defeat all the enemies in each level, you will get cash and exciting rewards.

Empire Warriors Premium is made and developed by ZITGA – a game maker quite diverse in product genres. ZITGA also introduced other strategy games, like the action role-playing genre with Stickman Legends.

Empire Warriors Premium can download for free, but it will be great to buy the premium version. Players will receive the Strongest Hero- Miria. In addition, players also receive 1,500 gems, 300 crystals, 50 VIP coins and many other utilities.

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Discover the fantasy story of Ioria

Empire Warriors Premium introduces a wonderful continent- Ioria. The continent of Ioria is inhabited by various creatures, such as humans, trolls, elves and other strange animals. The game introduces exciting battles, and players will encounter more than 30 different types of opponents. Every kind of monster will have unique abilities and behaviors in battle. Each territory has its own unique history. Therefore, players have many exciting experiences after a long time of the game.

The origin of the game is in Ioria- a fantasy continent. Players will enjoy the story of each event, each location, each castle in the game. If you are a fan of the tower defense genre, you will love the magical empire of Ioria with tons of weapons, magic elements and mysterious aspects. So get ready to become the champion of Ioria.

Empire Warriors Premium offers a lot of epic battles in various fantasy environments. Players join the struggle in many places: the human plains, the goblin jungles, the dwarves’ mountain kingdoms, the deadly swamps, the frozen mountains, and many other unique locations.

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Create a defensive style to your liking

Empire Warriors Premium offers a variety of defense options. You perform a chain of actions including: Build- Fight- Defend. The game introduces 4 specialized castles, and this helps you create great strategies.

Empire Warriors Premium introduces the Barrack Tower. The Tower of Barrack trains strong warriors, and the warriors are led by the brave knights of Endia. Mighty warriors will help you block the way and destroy the enemy.

You build an Archer Tower to deal physical damage to enemies. In addition, Archer Tower also brings useful buffs to neighboring towers. The best wizards of Endia control the Magic Tower. You build a Magic Tower to deal magic damage. In addition, Magic Tower can also summon unique dragons. The Golem Tower is the mighty weapon of the kingdom of Endia. The Golem Tower can throw huge rocks at enemies, and deal massive damage in a large area.

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Complex and addictive gameplay

Empire Warriors Premium has different game modes. You can challenge skills from the most accessible way to the hardest. Besides the campaign missions, players can also enjoy endless challenges in endless mode – a long battle for the best. If you want to collect many gems, join the infinite way and become a legend.

The game also supports online mode, and this gives players a great experience. Try to become the best tactician, surpass global players and reach the top of the leaderboard.

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Control the hero and slay the monsters

Empire Warriors Premium lets you control mighty legendary heroes. You can choose and control 3 heroes at the same time to overcome any challenging missions. Each hero has one active ability and three passive abilities. You upgrade your heroes to increase their fighting power against your opponents.

Empire Warriors Premium offers tough challenges. The game introduces more than 30 different types of enemies. Each monster has a unique appearance. Some special monsters even have abilities that can cause a lot of trouble, like high health or the ability to move quickly. Each round has a large number of monsters, and all try to rush to destroy the player.

If you like tower defense, check out “Castle Creeps TD” to engage in combat with ferocious lords, giant goblins, and savage goblins. You can also try “Kingdom Rush Frontiers” with swift, and exciting gameplay.

Enjoy the fight from powerful towers

Empire Warriors Premium is an excellent 2D tower defense game. You build defensive towers with various characteristics, show your leadership skills and win. You create your style of strategy, and use your hero power to overcome the most difficult situations. In addition, you experience the campaign mode, and compete with players in the online way. You demonstrate wise leadership and become the top of the global leaderboard.

Download “Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games” to become the mighty winner of the battle for tower defense in the great continent of Ioria!

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