Bloons TD 6 MOD APK v41.2 (Free Shopping)

Bloons TD 6 MOD APK v41.2 (Free Shopping)

February 15, 2024


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Enjoy yourself with one of the best tower defense games that are currently available for Android devices, Bloons TD 6. Take advantages of your powerful tower and tactical skills to take down the evil Bloons and protect the lands of your monkey. Find out all about this awesome game with our review.


The game takes place in the fictional world of the Monkey. With their hometown being threatened by the invading Bloons monsters, it’s your job to unite the monkeys and lead them into a defensive battle with the evil Bloons. Progress through many different levels with specific terrains, build your arsenal by recruiting more monkeys and upgrade their powers, or take on different challenges to earn yourself valuable prizes.


Being one of the best tower defense game, Bloons TD 6 offers a wide variety of different in-game features. The monsters are carefully designed with the most intimidating abilities. On the other hand, your monkeys would have their own skill trees for certain upgrades and power-ups. Here are more impressive features that you’ll love:

New 3D design

The game introduces completely fresh animations, skins, monkey designs, and many attractive features. The 3D elements are greatly enhanced to improve the overall experiences. You can even notice some blocking effects with the trees and clouds, which are always a nice touch. In additions, the developers at ninja kiwi have also introduced over 20 different maps with finest designs. This makes even the veteran Bloons gamers tingling.

Various monkey tower updates

To help you deal with the evil Bloons monsters, there are over 19 different types of tower available for construction, with two of them are completely new ones. On top of that, the towers also feature different upgrade paths can vary between different monkey. You can choose certain paths depending on your playing style. In additions, you can also have access to different upgrades from tier 1 to 5. With the legendary upgrades of tier 5, you can grant your tower with devastating powers to wipe your enemies off the map.

Having powerful heroes as your companions

Along with your main monkey towers, you can choose to use the powerful monkey heroes to give your squad a huge advantage. The heroes come with extremely powerful abilities with each of them having different powers and effects. In additions, the heroes also have their two main abilities which can be used to deal devastating blows to the incoming enemies. Most of them are wide-spread ability, thus they’re incredibly effective against swamps of Bloons. That being said, you should take advantages of the Mighty Heroes to create bold strategies that would help you win the level.

In-depth monkey upgrade system

The game requires the gamers to have a decent understanding about the monkey upgrade system which can have up to 100 meta-upgrades for your monkeys. This might sound intimidating, but believe, as soon as you open this game, you won’t be able to get over it for a long period of time. Bloons TD 6 is extremely fun and addictive, thus having in-depth gameplay would make it even more exciting. That being said, make sure you spend enough time studying the powers and strategies to come up with your brilliant plans to win the game. Decide which ability should you choose to upgrade from the 100 available meta-upgrades, and give your monkey squad some major advantages against the Bloons.

Accessible and interesting gameplay

Enjoy the accessible gameplay in which you can choose to enjoy your Bloons TD 6 anywhere with or without the internet connection. On top of that, new Bloons to challenges will be available for you every time you log in to your game. Complete them and you’ll earn many awesome prizes. And to make the game more challenging than it already is, you can choose to add difficulties to a certain level by increasing the Bloons health, using only a restricted number of monkey, and so on. Although the levels would be much more difficult, you’ll have more enjoyable gameplay.

Enjoy free gameplay with unlimited access

The current Bloons TD 6 on Google Play Store requires you to purchase it to have the full access, and the pricing is quite high. Hence, here at our website, our experts are willing to provide you the complete version of the game at no zero costs. All you need to do is go to our website and download the Bloons TD 6 apk file. Install it on your devices and you can enjoy all the available features just as the paid version on Google Play. In additions, we’ve also introduced a few useful mods on our app, which includes unlimited Monkey money, powers, unlocked monkeys, heroes, and many additional features. This would make your game a lot easier. However, you shouldn’t overuse these power-ups since it would make the game less exciting. Instead, you can only use them for dangerous situations only.


The game features a cartoony graphics style which is both friendly and attractive. You can comfortably play the game with your family member without worrying about the bloody effects since there is no such thing in this game. In additions, the bright colors also make the game accessible even for children. Throughout our tests, the game run quite stable with no lag or stutter was recorded even during crowded scenes.


Though it’s not a musical-demanding title, the developers of Bloons TD 6 have done an amazing job at combining the unique sound effects with the funky playing style. In additions, the peaceful and relaxing music throughout the game also reduces stresses for frustrated gamers, making them more addicted to Bloons TD.

Final thoughts

Thanks to the simple yet exciting gameplay, Bloons TD 6 has all it takes to become a successful title. And it has truly does. With Bloons TD 6, you’ll hundreds of relaxing hours playing through the interesting levels of the game.

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    I cant upgrade monkeys

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    Crashes when fire type monkeys hit MOABs

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