Myth Defense LF MOD APK 2.4.0 (Paid for free)

Myth Defense LF MOD APK 2.4.0 (Paid for free)

June 29, 2020


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Paid for free

Experience the best of tower defense games with the latest title from Smartpix Games. Immerse yourself in the world of magical and mystical creature. Find out all about this incredible game with our review.


The game is set in a fictional ancient land where monsters and mystical creatures exist. We human live peacefully with these beings and each helps the others in certain ways. However, things start to turn bad when a few individuals think that their kins are being treated wrongfully. Hence, they start to wage wars to human, the dominance race on the realm.

To confront their incredible mystical powers, you must study the art of tower defense and apply it to your battles. Take advantages of the terrains and the powerful firearms that you possess. Show these beings your true power and bring peace to the land once again.


Here are a few features that you would love:

Easy to get used to

Unlike most other tower defense games, in which you have to figure things out by yourself. In Myth Defense LF, you’ll receive interactive help items right at the beginning of the games. This would provide a great help if you’re not quite familiar with the gameplay and mechanics. In additions, there are also tutorials and guidelines that would certainly be benefits for newbies.

Enjoy different maps in the Battle Mode

To introduce you with a few challenges, the maps are categorized into 4 different maps, each with their own traits and environmental conditions. On top of that, you’ll also have access to 3 special maps which allow you to collect incredible rewards once you finish them.

And last but not least, on certain occasions, there would be random maps which feature awesome collectible items appear on your maps. Make good use of the situation and earn some valuable prizes. Each map also consists of certain types of terrain including swamps, puddles, jungles, and likewise, you must make good uses of your tactical skills to come up with the best strategies for certain terrains.

Complete achievements and earn ranks for valuable prizes

Another way to look for valuable prizes is to complete many in-game achievements. Although the requirements can be quite difficult to fulfill, you’ll likely to earn incredible prizes once you’ve done it. In additions, you can also collect points and increase your ranks, thus giving you more rewards daily.

Follow the exciting campaign

The campaign map consists of 18 maps with different elements. You can choose to play through the map as quickly as possible to enjoy the story or put your skills to the test by completing them in different difficulties. Moreover, you’ll also earn more points after each victory to add up on your ranks.

Play in two separate profiles

To provide players with the most complete experiences, Myth Defense LF allows players to play the game in two different profiles using a single account. You’ll have the Casual profile to experience the features of the game at the beginning. And once your skills have improved, you can test them in the exciting Advanced profile.

Tough enemies with varied skills

Like every other great tower defense games, in Myth Defense LF, the enemies always come with great numbers as well as abilities. In facts, it would take a lot of effort for you to study and defeat them on the battlefield.

Powerful upgrades and enhancements

To effectively deal with the situations, the game provides you with various skills and enhancements which can be used to give your whole defense system powerful boosts. This can easily turn the tide of the battle if you use it correctly.

Incredible towers

And your most effective defense, the towers, come with 22 different tower types, each with their own powers and abilities. Hence, you can make good uses of them to come up with certain setups and strategies to defeat the enemies.

In additions, you’ll have access to 3 special types of trap that can effectively slow down the enemies’ advances or get rid of them for good. Make sure you set them up cleverly for having maximum effects.

Master the art of alchemy

Although they can be quite powerful if being placed properly, you’ll still need to power up the towers individually. That being said, the game features the majestic art of alchemy which allows you to create various power runes. These runes can be forged into the towers, granting them incredible powers.

Play the game in your language

For those who’re not an English or Russian speaker, playing online games on Google Play Store can be extremely annoying. You won’t be able to keep up with the story and gameplay, thus making you lose advantages against the enemies.

With Myth Defense LF, gamers are able to play the game under the multilingual interface. That being said, you can play the game in your native language or choose another language that you know, apart from English and Russian.

Enjoy more fun with the multiplayer

For worldwide commanders, you can join the multiplayer mode to compete with other players. Attack their base and defend your own from the frantic battles. Gain points to improve your ranks in the leaderboard and earn valuable prizes at the end.

Visual and sound quality


With awesome compatibility, the game supports most screen resolution as well as allowing you to play the game in the highest definitions. Thus providing an enhanced gaming experience. In additions, the 3D graphics and epic maps create a vast environment where you can freely build, locate, and set up your defense with ease. Lastly, thanks to its light graphics demands, players can enjoy the game on most of their devices without being disrupted by lags.


Thanks to the panoramic sounds from the battlefields, players would feel truly immersed in the world of endless tower defense battles. On top of that, the realistic sound effects also record every bit of actions on the battlefield.

Final thoughts

With awesome gameplay, it would be a shame not having this game installed on your devices.

Download Myth Defense LF latest 2.4.0 Android APK

Any Android devices that use Android 4.0 and up are able to download and install this game. You can start by going to and look for the keyword “Myth Defense LF Mod APK” in the games category.

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