Evil Defenders MOD APK 1.0.20 (Unlimited Money)

Evil Defenders MOD APK 1.0.20 (Unlimited Money)

December 18, 2019


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Unlimited Money

The Android platform, or touchscreens in general, has always been a good place to find incredible tower defense games. Due to their unique features, you’ll find tower defense games relatively playable as well as extremely exciting in your Android devices.

This time, we’re introducing one of the latest tower defense games that you can add to your collections. Evil Defenders provides exciting gameplay and thrilling actions while remaining relatively humorous. Find out about this amazing Android game and why you must play it with our review.


The game takes place in a fictional realm where people are capable of using both magic and scientific inventions in their daily lives. This allows for major advances in technologies as well as promoting their living conditions. However, this didn’t last long as your lands are being invaded by the hateful and greedy enemies who’re trying to plunder your gold, destroy your cities, and enslave your people.

Take up arms, make use of your scientific advances as well as the mighty spells to defend your nation from the enemies. Give it all you’ve got to drive them out and bring back the peacefulness to the lands. Experiences an adventure like never before with Evil Defenders.


With Evil Defenders, you’ll have access to multiple features as well as game modes which makes the game more and more exciting the longer you play it. To deal with the powerful enemies, you’ll be equipped with powerful towers and spells to fence off their attacks.

In additions, tons of different upgrades and boosts can be made to increase the power of the towers, making them more capable of dealing with tougher enemies. However, don’t think of it as an easy task, the enemies will come at you with great powers and numbers, and it would take a long time before you reach your final goal by winning the final battles.

That being said, here are a few features that you would definitely love about Evil Defenders:

Different powers with powerful upgrades

You’ll have the access to a huge collection of different towers that can be built to defend your people from the enemies. Each tower comes with its own powers and abilities which can be extremely helpful in certain situations. In additions, you’ll have up to 60 constructible towers and dozens of different upgrades on each tower. This enables different upgradable abilities which you can take advantages to create different strategies. Using the Old Crypt, Poison Lord, Basilisk, Crossbow Goblin, and many other towers to protect your lands from these evils.

Multiple realms that need your help

As your world is divided into different realms, you’ll need to march your armies to each realm and defeat the evil forces that are ravaging the Lands. In each realm, you’ll encounter a new type of environment which result in different terrains to set up your defenses and different enemies to deal with. Make sure you study them well to come up with the best strategies that could bring you the final victory. Wasteland, Highlands, Island, Wasteland, and Inferno, don’t let your enemies settle there and cause any more destructions.

Challenge your skills in six levels of difficulties

For those who’re worrying that their skills might not be enough for this type of strategy-related games, don’t worry as Evil Defenders is a game for everyone. That being said, you’ll have different levels of difficulties to help you get used to the gameplay, feel challenged during each match, as well as don’t feel boring if you’ve finished your game. You can always replay the game with a more difficult setting or join the challenge mode for unlimited fun and enjoyments.

Upgrade your skill trees to strengthen the defense

As mentioned, to strengthen your defense against the enemies’ attacks, you can upgrade your towers to make them stronger. However, this might not enough for the toughest enemies. That being said, the game also provides an extensive Skill Tree which can be used to give your armies huge boosts and power-ups on a grand scale. Thus giving you more advantages than that of your enemies.

Complete achievements for valuable prizes

Aside from completing missions and quests, you can aim for the in-game achievements which are extremely difficult, yet quite rewarding. There are up to 100 different achievements, each requires completely different sets of requirements for you to complete. Make sure you fulfill them all to give your armies powerful items.

Compete with friends and online players

And to make the game as interesting as possible, you’ll also have access to the online gameplay which allows you to compete with online players including your friends as well as Evil Defenders gamers from all over the world. That being said, make sure you do your best to show them who is the better player.

Play the game in your languages

With the multi-language support, the game is extremely accessible for players from all over the world, even when English is not your main language. That being said, aside from English, the game is currently supporting Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Hence, you can comfortably play the game in your languages.

Free to play

The game is completely free to play as you can download and install it on your devices free of charges. Although there are still some minor in-app purchases, you can still make up for them by being a little more diligent to earn the similar rewards.

Visual and sound quality


The game features impressive 3D graphics which delivers dynamic and realistic gameplay. In additions, each realm in the game will have its own unique landmark, making them relatively recognizable. In additions, the battles are executed on a grand scale battlefield which greatly enhances your overall experiences.

On top of that, the beautiful graphics make the characters, buildings, and other contraptions in Evil Defense extremely vivid and impactful. In additions, the high-quality images also allow for a more completed gameplay.


With immersive sound effects, the game delivers a complete experience to gamers. You’ll feel like you’re in a real battlefield on the Realms of Evil Defenders. In additions, the matching music and soundtracks also make the game more intuitive.

Final thoughts

Evil Defenders features every aspect of a great tower defense game. You’ll have a huge collection of different towers to freely execute your strategies, powerful abilities that can be used against the incoming enemies, and vast gameplay to enjoy. That being said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t install this game right away.

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