CyberSphere MOD APK 3.20.64 (Free Shopping)

CyberSphere MOD APK 3.20.64 (Free Shopping)

March 25, 2024


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CyberSphere is a 3D action game in the vast cosmic world. Game developed by Kisunja. The plot is like a fantasy movie. Humanity is at war and under attack from aliens, robots and cyborgs. You are a member of the “Cyber” combat unit, and your mission is to protect the base from the enemy. You are just one of the victims of the invasion across the planets. The game offers an arsenal of weapons such as rockets, energy weapons, assistive drones, camouflage and massive explosions to destroy powerful foes. You can choose to fight alone to complete a great career level. You choose to join forces with other pilots in multiplayer mode, and together overcome tough challenges. Remember that cosmic civilization is up to you, and do your best with luck.

About Gameplay

CyberSphere is about a fantasy world. Players will go to a fierce alien battlefield. Context of the game is suitable for anyone who loves large space. Your main task is to make use of all current weapons to win the enemy. You will accompany your teammates, and find a way to survive through the cruel battlefield in space. If you prefer to be alone, choose Single Player mode, and you can just rely on your own skills to stop the apocalypse. The game supports offline mode, and you can play the game without an internet connection. It’s convenient to enjoy the game anywhere.

CyberSphere offers a lot of different experiences through great gameplay. The game offers a variety of weapons, with more than 30 powerful guns. Players will be provided with a variety of weapons with all sorts of different types from machine guns, sniper rifles. In addition, if you shoot to death your opponent, you can take advantage of the weapons available to destroy the enemy. Your enemies can be other super warriors or even giant fighting robots. If you want more powerful weapons, the player needs to find, and unlock through the rewards, or the progress of the game. The game impresses with AI intelligence. You will get helpful support from many models of AI partner, and they are all very smart in battle.

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CyberSphere offers a wide variety of characters, and future tanks. You will meet smart characters like walking robots, cyborgs and modern soldiers. Each person has a unique special ability, and you need to practice using it to get the most out of each person. You face a variety of popular enemies like robots, aliens, and robots. Each opponent has its own special ability, and you must pay attention to win the opponent. If you like playing with multiplayer, then the game also supports offline mode. You can connect up to 6 players (iOS and Android) via Wi-Fi or Lan. The online connectivity is very stable, and everyone will have a lot of great experiences while playing together. What’s interesting is the game allows you to experience PVE mode with your friends. You join forces and enjoy fierce battles with your friends. Also, if you like the match type, the game has PVP deathmatch mode. You use your shooting skills to overcome other opponents, and become the best warrior in the universe. The game provides global rankings, and you can guess who will become the best robot killer in the game’s world.

Overall, the gameplay of CyberSphere is simple. The game offers simple and fun shootouts, so you always have a lot of fun when playing alone or online. In addition, the game adopts a top-down third-person perspective, and this makes it easy for players to cover, move and act with virtual keys on either side of the touch screen.

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CyberSphere has the same controls as other action games. You can easily control if you are familiar with action games on the phone. The game allows direct on-screen control, or using the gamepad. You use the left thumb to move your character. You use your right fingers to control action buttons (such as a aim button, a shot button, a protective shield activation button, a call-to-drone button for help, or a weapon switch button). In general, the control system has many similarities with other action games. However, the shooting mechanism is also quite difficult for first-time novices.

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Graphics and sound

CyberSphere is impressed by the quality of the graphics. The game has smooth, and extremely realistic 3D graphics. You will see realistic houses, planets, robots. The design of the game gives a compelling sense of the future of the universe. Plus, the third-person perspective allows you to fully enjoy the space. The character details, environment and effects are all built in a real way. The music of the game is very attractive with exciting battle music. The gunshots and sound effects are both meticulously scrutinized.

You can try “Robot Warfare” if you love action games in the future setting. You control a huge, powerful robot in online multiplayer shooting. You can choose a weapon, and build a robot in your own style. A powerful robot that helps you defeat your enemies in dynamic 6v6 battles. Amazing 3D graphics and extremely detailed.

CyberSphere screen 2


CyberSphere is a great third-person shooter game. The game is suitable for those who love fantasy universe. You can control the powerful character to fight against the endless wave of invading robots, and other aliens. The game offers a huge arsenal of weapons to use against enemies. You also fight your friends in difficult battles, or challenge other players. The game is bold science fiction, and interesting action style in sharp 3D graphics. Get ready to board the Spaceship and defend the base from alien enemies.

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